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Britney Spears Archive

April 02, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Kevin Federline.

Kevin Federline Album Playing With Fire  The former Mr. Spears ‘fessed up about his split from Britney Spears during a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, admitting that their divorce sent him in to a downward spiral that saw him fighting depression and getting up close and personal with his couch. 


March 05, 2010

Ke$ha Insults Britney

Kesha Do you know who Ke$ha is? If not, are you wondering how the hell to even pronounce that name? It's KESH-A, like ketchup but.....well, not. She's the WILDLY TALENTED singer of the WILDLY GENIUS song "Tik Tok" (oh, can't you just imagine how off the charts this girl's SAT scores were). But aside from all that talent and intellect, she's also got herself some opinions about another pop singer.


February 02, 2010

Britney Spears Was at the Grammys?

BRITNEY-GRAMMYS I thought I watched the Grammys pretty closely. I even rewound a few moments, including Pink's performance and Beyonce's acceptance speech, so I could try to determine what the hell her dress was made of (soda can tabs?), but I must have missed just enough of the red carpet to miss out on Britney Spears' arrival with (boyfriend?) Jason something-or-other. That's a shame, too, obviously because look at her. That's worth catching a glimpse of.


December 25, 2009

Santa's Not the Only One Watching Britney Spears

Britney_spears_blue_christmas Britney Spears returned to court this week and the judge extended her conservatorship.  Daddy will be watching over his daughter for at least 6 months to a year longer than expected.


November 27, 2009

Kevin Federline Gets a Job With Ed Hardy

Kevin+Federline+girlfriend+Victoria+Prince+lqhYgIWCNnyl Look, I'm just trying to stop myself from eating more leftover pie, okay?


November 24, 2009

Britney Spears' Ex-Boyfriend Adnan Ghalib Goes To Jail

Adnan-ghirab-papapazzo-11 Remember when Britney's dad tried to serve Adnan with a restraining order and he decided it was a good idea to run the process server over with his car?  Yeah, me either, until I dug around for the stories I wrote about it. 

Looks like Adnan is spending some time in the  pokey for that bright idea.


November 12, 2009

Britney Spears: "Glory to Satan!"

1112_britney_twitter_new_01 Ha ha, this is rich.


Britney and Her Boys in Australia

Britney-boys-3 Jayden James and Sean Preston arrive in Melbourne Australia to meet up with Mom Britney Spears.  They arrived with Britney's boyfriend Jason Trawick and bodyguards.

They're getting so big!  At 3 and 4 years of age, you'd think they'd also be getting heavy - I know I couldn't carry around my kids at that age.  Course, I was never chased around by paps and afraid to let my kids down to walk, either.

I wonder what Mama Brit-Brit thinks about K-Fed producing yet another child?

More pictures of the boys after the jump.


November 10, 2009

Britney Spears & Other Lip-syncers Forced To Disclose To Ticket Buyers

Britney_spears_lip_sync Apparently Australians don't take kindly to not getting what they think they're paying for.


August 05, 2009

An Actual Conversation Between Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears

Britney-spears-lindsay-lohan Britney: HEY Y'ALL! Look who I'm hanging out with!!!!

LiLo: Heh heh. Hey.

Britney: Betcha never thought you'd see the two of US together again, huh??

LiLo: Or at least, never see us together without fire raining from the sky, right??

Britney: But here we are!!

LiLo: Yep, the Two Weaveheads of the Apocalypse.

Britney: Blondes have more fun, YAY!


July 30, 2009

German Tabloid Calls Britney Spears Fat

4jrn6a I can't believe I am writing about Britney Spears again either. Even more shocking is the fact that I am about to defend her.

You see, after Britney put on a shitty show in Germany her angry fans told a tabloid magazine that her concert wasn't worth the price of a ticket and that she was fat.

I believe the first part of that. While I will begrudgingly admit that some of the tunes Max Martin wrote for her were infuriatingly catchy, I think Spears is a pretty mediocre singer at best and what I've seen of her stage show on television bores the crap out of me.

But do I think she is fat?


July 20, 2009

Death Threats, Britney Spears, and Russia

Britneyspears_kids_x17_oct012007_500x250 Which one of you is e-mailing death threats to Britney Spears? I have a guess but I'm not just going to call you out right here on MamaPop.

Somebody somewhere has been e-mailing Brit Brit death threats. They are bothering her enough that she has decided not to take Sean Preston and Jayden James with her on the Circus tour when she goes to Russia.

Finally. Britney shows some signs of brain function when it comes to parenting.

Because really - who here wants to see their mom wearing this anyway?


July 14, 2009

Britney Spears' Ex Adnan Ghalib To Stand Trial For Assault

Britney_spears_adnan_ghalib Aw, Britney and Adnan.  It has been so long since I wrote a Britney story.  When I first started writing for MamaPop that seemed to be all I wrote. 

Adnan Ghalib will stand trial for felony assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and hit-and-run stemming from an incident at Ghalib's apartment in which Ghalib allegedly tried to assault a process server by running into him. The process server was attempting to serve a restraining order obtained by Britney's father.


July 09, 2009

Is Britney Heading Toward that 19th Nervous Breakdown?

Britney-spears-hair You people want celebrity gossip? How is this? Friends of Britney Spears are saying that she is hearing voices again and ex K-Fed says “Britney’s speaking gibberish baby talk.”

My favorite quote from Bitten and Bound is:

Another insider said that Spears is also obsessed with unicorns at the moment and truly believes that they are real and live in a zoo in New Zealand.



June 10, 2009

Britney Spears is Dating Her Agent

Britney_Spears_Jason_Trawick And the world sighs because her agent's name is not Adnan Ghalib.

It's been reported than Britney is happily dating Jason Trawick, her agent (it's impossible for me to hear about a star's "agent" without thinking of Ari Gold), and the big revelation comes after a couple months of speculation. Although apparently I've been either not paying attention or just don't care enough to retain the information because this was the first I'd heard about the relationship or that Britney even had an agent.


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