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Celeb Couple Watch Archive

April 26, 2010

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Have Separated

Charlie-sheen-brooke-mueller-sheen Well, that took long enough.  After the Christmas day attack Charlie and Brooke were still residing together, but now they are living apart.  His rep says they are still trying to work things out though.


April 23, 2010

Guy Ritchie Gets a Retro Madonna

Guy-ritchieFormer Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, appears to be enjoying the single life while his children are off opening some school somewhere with their mother. In fact the tabloids have pointed out that his latest date kind of looks like Madonna, which is a wee bit creepy in my opinion. I wonder WWMD? What Would Madonna Do? (That was for the Glee fans.)


April 20, 2010

Larry King's Divorce is "Off"

Larry-King-Shawn-Southwick I'm not really sure what to say about this news.  Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick are not divorcing after all.  Apparently she doesn't mind he is sleeping with her sister?  Allegedly.  


April 19, 2010

Mel Gibson Is Going to Have to Pay An Awful Lot Of Child Support

Mel-gibson-oksana-grigorieva-red-carpet So I know we are all shocked that Mel and his 12 year old girlfriend broke up.  (I'm kidding.  I know she wasn't 12.  She was like 20, right?)  And they were never married, so he isn't going to have to pay alimony or spousal support.  But man, are his child support payments going to be high.  Give me a minute while I wipe my crocodile tears.


April 16, 2010

Shia and Carey: Still Don't See It, Part Two

Shia-labeouf-435 My week has straight-up sucked and while I planned to write the best post you've ever read (seriously, it would have left you speechless), I have to save that little piece of brilliance for another time and give you this instead. Another installment in the Are You Sure You Find Him Attractive? series, except we're recycling because this post is about Shia Labeouf. Again.

I know. Some horses need a few more kicks before you let them die in peace.


Mel Gibson Left His Girlfriend. Guess They Weren't Soulmates After All.

Mel-gibson-oksana_sm Can't say I'm surprised by this split. Mel Gibson and his piano playing pop singer girlfriend Oksana Grigoriev have parted ways six months after the birth of their daughter. The rumor mills are say that they had this huge fight where Oksana accused him of cheating and finking on the marriage promise and with that, Mel said 'later'.


Larry King and Shawn Southwick Don't Have a Prenup: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Larry-king-shaun-southwickIf the title hadn't indicated it, I'm somewhat pleased to hear this news. It seems when Larry hit his 8th wife (I use this term both literally and figuratively), he'd decided she would be the last in the long list of women whose doorsteps would be darkened by the most overrated television personality in history.  I guess he hadn't considered that there would soon be tremendous breakthroughs in erection technology and that he would want to have sex with his wife's sister all of the time.


April 15, 2010

Melissa and Tammy Etheridge Split

Melissa-etheridge-tammy-lynn-michaels  After nine years together and seven years of marriage, rocker/lesbian icon Melissa Etheridge and wife actress Tammy (née Michaels) are U-Haulin' to separate residences.


Has Larry King Been Having An Affair With His Wife's Sister For the Last Five Years?

I can't dSouthwick-kingecide whether to throw up or throw up a lot. I'm going to do both just to make sure. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, now... Larry King? And with his wife's sister? The question on the tip of everyone's tongue is, will Jerry Springer come to CNN Studios or will Larry have to go to Springer's set? So confusing. Either way, some guy named "Ice Trey" and his wives/cousins are going to be very upset when their story gets bumped for the King saga.


April 08, 2010

Gossip Girl: Where Inter-Office Relationships Go To Die

Ed Westwick Jessica SzohrIt's going to be awkward at the office come Monday morning...

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has apparently dumped girlfriend and Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr after, and I mean immediately after, hearing she might have possibly done something that perhaps was vaguely and/or completely uncouth with one of his friends.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  NEVERMIND ABOUT FACTS, JUST DUMP.


Too Bad Ladies, Prince William is Off of the Market

Prince William Kate Middleton Rumors have it that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting hitched. The word on the street is that June 3rd and 4th are blocked out on the royal calendar and somehow that indicates that these kids are going to announce the engagement in June. If this is true it means what you think it means.

That's right ladies, Middleton wins. She just scored the most eligible bachelor in the world. I mean, now that Tom Brady is married the second in line to the British throne isn't a bad catch.

He is cute too.


April 07, 2010

Michael Lohan To Marry Jon Gosselin's Ex, Kate Major

Michael Lohan and Kate Major engaged  Kate Major, former tabloid reporter and Jon-Gosselin-dater, is engaged to marry America's #1 Dad, Michael Lohan. Um, mazel tav? No, wait, what I meant to say was...ugh.


Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Announce Breakup on Twitter

Jim-Carrey-Jenny-McCarthyLove is a beautiful and timeless thing -- except in the hearts of onetime bigtime film star Jim Carrey and his now ex-paramour/former Playboy bunny/occasional comedic actress/anti-vaccine zealot Jenny McCarthy, who announced yesterday via the magic of Twitter that the roaring passion that once existed between them has, alas, been snuffed out.


Sarah Jessica Parker Consults Psychic For Marriage Counseling

Sarah-jessica-parker-wedding-dress-carrie sex in the city Sarah Jessica Parker is seeing a psychic to save her marriage.

She told a British magazine that she pays $105 an hour to a psychic named Serena to help get her marriage back on track.


April 01, 2010

Tiger Woods Paid Rachel Uchitel... What? I Just Threw Up. Twice.

Rachel-unitel It's hard to remember all the women that Tiger defiled, but Rachel Uchitel was the first we would learn about. And while we were learning, back-room discussions were taking place on how much money it would take for Uchitel to keep the affair and all of the freaky things that Tiger loves hush-hush. The whole thing is just so romantic it makes me want to curl up with a Harlequin Romance novel and have a good cry.


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