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Celebrity Divorces Archive

April 27, 2010

It Is Official: The Gosselin Kids Are Back On TV

Kate-gosselin-with-children I would like to say it is not so, but I would be lying.  TLC managed to file the neccessary paperwork this time, and the Gosselin 8 are going to be back on the air in Kate's new show Kate Plus 8.  I know.  It is like a bad dream that will not end. 


April 26, 2010

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Have Separated

Charlie-sheen-brooke-mueller-sheen Well, that took long enough.  After the Christmas day attack Charlie and Brooke were still residing together, but now they are living apart.  His rep says they are still trying to work things out though.


April 20, 2010

Larry King's Divorce is "Off"

Larry-King-Shawn-Southwick I'm not really sure what to say about this news.  Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick are not divorcing after all.  Apparently she doesn't mind he is sleeping with her sister?  Allegedly.  


April 19, 2010

Mel Gibson Is Going to Have to Pay An Awful Lot Of Child Support

Mel-gibson-oksana-grigorieva-red-carpet So I know we are all shocked that Mel and his 12 year old girlfriend broke up.  (I'm kidding.  I know she wasn't 12.  She was like 20, right?)  And they were never married, so he isn't going to have to pay alimony or spousal support.  But man, are his child support payments going to be high.  Give me a minute while I wipe my crocodile tears.


April 15, 2010

Melissa and Tammy Etheridge Split

Melissa-etheridge-tammy-lynn-michaels  After nine years together and seven years of marriage, rocker/lesbian icon Melissa Etheridge and wife actress Tammy (née Michaels) are U-Haulin' to separate residences.


Has Larry King Been Having An Affair With His Wife's Sister For the Last Five Years?

I can't dSouthwick-kingecide whether to throw up or throw up a lot. I'm going to do both just to make sure. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, now... Larry King? And with his wife's sister? The question on the tip of everyone's tongue is, will Jerry Springer come to CNN Studios or will Larry have to go to Springer's set? So confusing. Either way, some guy named "Ice Trey" and his wives/cousins are going to be very upset when their story gets bumped for the King saga.


April 12, 2010

Jon Gosselin Wants Jon and Kate Plus 8 Back

Jon-kate-gosselin This man is such a hypocrite I can not even begin to explain it all.  So, right before the news of Kate's new show breaks, Jon files suit for full custody.  Now, he is saying he wants to be part of the show.  But he is the reason the original show stopped in the first place!  If I was the judge dealing with him I would just throw the court file on the desk and storm off the bench.  Stunts like these do not make friends.


April 08, 2010

The Gosselins Are Fighting Again: Wait, Aren't They Divorced Already?

Jon-and-kate-gosselin-at-press-conference It is like the divorce that will never, ever end.  Jon Gosselin is now suing Kate for full custody, which she was granted when they finalized their divorced in December.  Why, you ask?  Well, besides the fact that he is completely irrelevant and wants to stay in the headlines since she still is?  He claims she is an "absentee parent."  Pot, meet kettle.


April 06, 2010

Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Confirms Everything You've Already Heard About Scientology (Except the One Thing You REALLY Want to Know)

  Jason-Lee-Chipmunks-Poster  In "Hollywood Cult Confidential," an "Enquirer Exclusive," Jason Lee's ex-wife Carmen Llewellyn spills a bowl of beans that has already been spilled.  And yet this CoS dirt is always just as fascinating as it always is.  For me it's fascinating because the Church of Scientology allegedly employs some serious "U SHUT YER PIEHOLE OR UR DED" methods to quiet any negative comments about their <strike>cult</strike> church.  


April 05, 2010

Jesse James Quits Teh Sex Rehab

Jesse-james-leaves-rehab I guess Jesse James took The Donald's relationship advice to heart. He reportedly left sex rehab (it sounds sexy, but isn't!) over the weekend after a one-week stay. A moving van was spotted outside Sandra Bullock's home on the same day. Other stuff in the world happened, but screw it. Let's continue to devote valuable brainspace to this jackass...


April 02, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Kevin Federline.

Kevin Federline Album Playing With Fire  The former Mr. Spears ‘fessed up about his split from Britney Spears during a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, admitting that their divorce sent him in to a downward spiral that saw him fighting depression and getting up close and personal with his couch. 


April 01, 2010

The Greatest Relationship Advice Column in the History of the World By Donald Trump, Celebrity Cheaters Edition

Donald-trump-yells Donald Trump is a syndicated celebrity relationship advice columnist whose column The Greatest Relationship Advice Column in the History of the World By Donald Trump, has appeared on this website two whole times. He has given unasked-for relationship advice to such celebrities as Anne Hathaway and Rihanna and it was spectacular. DONALD TRUMP!


Tiger and Elin v. Jesse and Sandra: Dr. Drew Plays Judge

Dr. Drew Pinsky  Dr. Drew Pinsky has concluded that the Tiger Woods situation is completely different than the Jesse James situation.  Of course it is.  Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers women.  Jesse James cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers painted ladies.  Completely different.  But that's not Dr. Drew's point; that's just mine.


March 31, 2010

Van Der Beek's Divorce Settlement: Hey Dawson, Can You Spare A Dime?

James van der Beek Dawson's Creek crying  Oh, but I shall not rest until the Beek is in my clutches, I mean, my warm embrace. But I might re-think that, now that boyfriend is gonna be broke as hell. 


March 30, 2010

Where There's Smoke, There's Hopefully a Speidi Divorce

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt I once swore never to refer to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as Speidi because it made me want to vomit and why do that to myself? I wanted to throw up every minute of the nine months I was pregnant, why make the decision to feel that way one minute longer than necessary? But, those two crazy kids recently said this, "We are no longer Speidi but Spencer and Heidi" so I'm just totally denying their wishes and loving every minute of it.


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