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Celebrity Fashion Archive

June 09, 2010

Miley Cyrus' Camel Toe (I Was Going to Be More Subtle About It, But Why Beat Around the Bush)

Miley-cyrus I am going to be very up front and honest and confess that I am irritated by Miley Cyrus. I don't mean her personally, of course, because who of us even knows who that is. I mean her celebrity-making-the-news self. Also, I am feeling pretty cranky, which makes me even more prone to Miley-related irritation, so, bear that in mind when I show you the latest in my personal list of yucky Miley Cyrus moments...


April 27, 2010

Hot or Not? Iron Man 2 Premiere

Robert Downey Jr at the Iron Man 2 Premiere  Today's Hot or Not? is a double feature: Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow, both wearing white in two starkly (see what I did there?) different looks. Which of these red carpet looks gets your electromagnetic pulse generator running?


April 22, 2010

Consider Pants, Pamela Anderson!

 Celebrities have a lot on their minds. Even with their PAs and entourages there to help them, sometimes they can end up leaving the house looking less than put together. Sometimes? They forget their pants. It appears Pamela Anderson is having one of those days:


April 21, 2010

Lady Gaga vs Grace Jones: Who's Original Now?

Lady-gaga-grace-jones-thumbnailAh, Lady Gaga: the most shocking semi-androgyne to ever break out of the usual pop star mold while almost never wearing any pants. Oh, wait, that's not right. Wasn't there someone else? There was!

Who has been recording music since 1977? Who hung out with the likes of Brian Eno and played a muse to Andy Warhol? Who delved into the insanity of gonzo fashion when Gaga was not yet even born? Who has a film career that spans four decades? Who frightened me as a child with her segmented head on her 1985 "Slave to the Rhythm" album cover?

Grace Jones.

Lady Gaga seems to have it now, but Grace Jones had it first. The question is, who really has it?


Katy Perry Wearing Toddler Couture

Katy-PerryThis is actually kind of cute!  I might go get a matching pair for my two little girls.  I didn't know they made clothes like these in grown-up sizes.  You learn something new every day. 


April 19, 2010

Celebrity Crimes Against Pants Watch: Ashley Olsen Edition

Picture 87 This is some impressive tight-rolling. I feel like there might even be an actual scrunchie involved. My seventh-grade self would be all, TUBULAR SKILLS, DUDE.


April 15, 2010

Wait: Lady Gaga is ABSTINENT?

Lady_Gaga_Hot_Sexy_Nude-stickers-boobs Lady Gaga says she is abstinent. Well, I'll be damned.

Either that or we are all being punk'd.


April 14, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Disgusting, or Was She? It's a Hairy Situation When It Comes to Mo'Nique, Amanda Palmer, and Their Shaggy Sisters

Julia-roberts-hairy-armpit We have been conditioned to see body hair on women as brazen and unpalatable. While men's armpit, leg, and chest hair is out and about all over the globe, an otherwise pulchritudinous Julia Roberts is suddenly seen as unclean, her hirsute armpit a shameful slap in the face of social decency.

In an age when remaining as hairless as a nine-year-old girl is seen as a nearly mandatory social requirement for women, there is a slow swell rising against the tide of our present definition of femininity. Who are these women who have dared to bare their hair and brave the finger-wagging masses?


April 12, 2010

Rihanna And Her Fancy Pants...

Rihanna ... and hat and shoes and shirt.  All so fancy.  And where do we wear fancy things?  Of course.  A ball game!


April 09, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's 6126 Fashion Shoot

Lindsay Lohan 6126 Photo ShootMan, when I look at these photos, all I can think is, "Wow. Now that's one classy line of clothes for a classy broad like me."


April 08, 2010

Photo in Search of a Caption: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Chanel  Don't ask me which one is which. I give up on that shit. 


April 07, 2010

Ashley Simpson is Pantsless and Undead

Ashley-Simpson-no-pants  Oh, my!  This is simultaneously frightening and fascinating.  I'm coming up with all kinds of possible scenerios for this ensemble.  I think it's just an unfortunate romper, but that's not nearly as interesting a conclusion as it could be.  Allow me to indulge myself.


April 05, 2010

Mischa Barton Needs Help, Clearly

Mischa-Barton-bad-pants The first person to point out one single part of this ensemble that isn't horrendous gets a prize.  It's an imaginary prize, but you get it.  And because it's imaginary, it can be whatever you want, but I'm guessing no one will win the prize, because nothing is ok with Mischa Barton's outfit.  Right? 


April 02, 2010

JLo Teaches Us a Valuable Lesson About Distressed Jeans

Jennifer Lopez candid street torn ripped distressed designer jeans  I begrudgingly accept that people are still charging obscene amounts of money for jeans that look like they got caught in the garbage disposal, but this is decidedly not a good look no matter where you stand on the issue:


April 01, 2010

Madonna is a Hypocrite

Madonna-daughter-lourdes Madonna wants her 13 year old daughter, Lourdes, to dress more conservatively.


I myself am the parent of a young girl. I agree with the sentiment that thirteen year olds shouldn't dress like sluts. However, I do not feel like this particular woman has a leg to stand on.


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