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August 11, 2009

This One Goes Out To... (Psst, Wanna Win A SlotRadio?)

Sandisk Oh, hey, you know you want this. Like seriously, you totally want this. Behold, the Sandisk slotRadio digital music player. It's small, it sounds great, and it comes pre-loaded with 1,000 songs, so you don't have to worry about loading just the right music on to it. All the right music is already there! GENIUS.

So you want one? For yourself, or, you know, for that someone who means so much in your life that you are willing to give up something so awesome? BECAUSE WE HAS ONE FOR YOU. All you have to do is tell us, in the comments, what song you would you choose to dedicate to the one you love (be it your significant other or dog or aloe plant -- because aloe plants need love too!) and why.

Leave your answer in the comments anytime before noon this Friday (EST) - that would be August 14th - and we'll pick a winner.

(And I promise not to tell if you decide to keep it for yourself. I know it would have to be a pretty special aloe plant if I was going to give that puppy up.)

The winner has been selected and congratulations: Bitchilla from Me Me Me

June 22, 2009

Away We Go (And Do Another Giveaway!)

Away_we_go-poster I totally want to see Away We Go. I really, badly, seriously do, because, um, hello? JOHN KRASINKSY AND MAYA RUDOLPH. Starring in a movie directed by SAM MENDES and written by DAVE EGGERS AND VENDELA VIDA.

JOHN KRASINKSY. DAVE EGGERS. Yes, this warrants ALL CAPS, because seriously: here is my TV geek crush working with a script from one of my biggest contemporary lit crushes and his totally also-lit-crushable wife and directed by a crush-worthy director who is married to one of my biggest all-time girl crushes and also starring another totally crushable girl and also? It's about becoming parents, which, come on. This movie was made for me.

That said, we don't have a regular babysitter, so it might be a while before I have the pleasure. So I'll probably just mope over the soundtrack until it's released on DVD or Planet Nanny starts making regular deliveries to Earth, whichever comes first.

So, what are we giving away?


April 16, 2009

Ashton Kutcher Races CNN to Get One Million Twitter Followers

CmKUTCHER_rainbow_vest Ashton Kutcher is such a douche.

He has challenged CNN to see who can get 1 million followers on Twitter first.

He also said that if he wins he is going to "ding-dong ditch" Ted Turner's house.

(His words, not mine. I am not 8 years old.)


December 03, 2007

Nip/Tuck Poster Contest Winner!

Niptuck Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the signed Nip/Tuck poster is... Marmite Breath!

Congratulations, Miss Breath!

November 15, 2007

CONTEST ALERT: Win a Signed Nip/Tuck Poster!

Niptuck For all you Nip/Tuck fans out there, MamaPop has a really fab giveaway going on!

See the pic to the left? One random and very lucky reader will win that poster except THEIR copy will be signed by Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh!

Obviously, it will become a collectible and someday be worth millions on eBay so you should enter right now via the comments!

Entries accepted until midnight on November 26th. [US residents only, please]

Click here to enter!

November 13, 2007

Win a Signed Nip/Tuck Poster!

Niptuck For all you Nip/Tuck fans out there, MamaPop has a really fab giveaway going on! Deets after the jump...


October 11, 2007

Congratulations Jamie!

Testify The results are in...and the winner of The Simpsons: Testify! is reader Jamie. While everybody who answered at least one question correctly was eligible to win (translation: worthy of having their name written on a small slip of paper, folded up, tossed over my shoulder onto the floor, with the winner's name chosen randomly from the pile), Jamie was actually one of only two people who got both right.

1) What was inside the box that wouldn't lie to a person?

As anybody with Google could find out: A jigsaw puzzle. Of a concert in Golden Gate Park. A perfect way to spend a day...and why would a box blah blah blah.

2) What Simpsons quote was the ORIGINAL tagline of amalah.com?

Much tougher: Live from the Hammock District down on Third. (From "You Only Move Twice.")

As some of you found out, even the Wayback Machine will lie to a person sometimes. You really can only trust the boxes these days.

Congrats, Jamie.

October 05, 2007

Win It: The Simpsons: Testify: Original Music from the TV Series

Testify (Now with extra colons!)

I love The Simpsons. Always have, always will. I've seen every episode dozens of times and I don't think a day goes by where I don't quote the show at least once. (Upon discovering an essential part was missing from my son's birthday present I called my husband, screamed "WHY WOULD A BOX LIE TO A PERSON?" and then hung up, because really, why WOULD a box lie to a person?)

(Asshole box.)

Anyway, I particularly love the music of The Simpsons. Remember the musical versions of Planet of the Apes (Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want To Get Off!) and A Streetcar Named Desire (Oh, Streetcar!)? Oh, God help me, brilliant.

If you're as big of a geek as I am, keep reading for your chance to win entire gobs of Simpsons-style musical weirdness and parody.


July 25, 2007

MamaPop MySpace Challenge Perhaps A Bit Too, Err, Challenging?

Myspace So by now I assume ya'll are aware of our MySpace contest, which was supposed to have ended yesterday. But apparently you people don't like to have to actually DO THINGS for free stuff -- a conclusion we've come to in light of having only received, like, TWO measly contest entries (DISAPPOINTED!), and flipping a freakin' coin to determine a winner seems, well, more than a bit anticlimactic... so we're changing things up a bit.

One week from today (8/1) we'll select a winner randomly from our pool of MySpace friends. Thus, to enter the contest, you simply have to make MamaPop a MySpace friend (If you're already a MamaPop MySpace friend, you're already entered). That's it. Short, sweet, simple. If you don't already have a MySpace, make one. Its easy. If a twelve-year-old can do it, so can you, man.

Let me remind you of the fabulous prizes in store for our winner -- over $500 worth. Oh yeah.

Get on it mah betches and bestards, and tell your friends!

July 08, 2007

Reminder: MyMamaPopSpace Challenge! Over $500 In Prizes! DoitDoitDoit!

I know we live in an ADD society with the attention spans of gnats, so lemee break it all down for ya simple-like:

1. Make a parody MySpace of any living or dead celebrity, famous person, or fictional character -- be creative and make it FUNNY

2. On said parody MySpace, friend MamaPop

3. Submit a link to said parody MySpace to contact@mamapop.com by July 24th and be entered to win over $500 in prizes

Done! Simple, right?

You can submit up to 3 entries before July 24th. After July 24th we'll share all the submitted MySpaces to be voted on by MamaPop readers, and the submission with the most votes will win.

Full contest details here.
Full winner's prize list here.


C'mon betches, make us proud!

PS: Examples: Slate did a nice parody page of Rupert Murdoch here. Then there's always Borat as a good example of parody, as well as this one of a giant squid.

What are your favorite parody MySpace pages? Anyone?

July 03, 2007

New Contest Awesomeness: The MyMamaPopSpace Challenge!

All right. Spill it. Who's got a MySpace page?  OR, perhaps a better question, who has a teenager or preteen in the house who is spending all their time "friending" as many people as possible? (Should we be afraid, be very afraid?)

The MySpace phenomenon has Team MamaPop in intrigued for other reasons, especially as we notice that some pretty high profile celebs have gone and got themselves a MySpace account (even if they didn't actually know it...)  There's the brooding, dark, and sexy-lipped MySpace pages of Angelina Jolie  that contrast starkly to the fresh-faced and stripped down simplicity of Jennifer Aniston's. While Jennifer has a mere 1126 friends, Angelina has a more substantial 2436, among whom are David Letterman, Alanis Morrisette, and David Beckham (who knew?!). But this is nothing, nothing, compared to Paris Hilton (that wh*re) who has amassed a whopping 165281 friends, including Madonna (that wh*re).

In light of these findings, we at team MamaPop have been busy hatching plans for a counter attack for MySpace World Domination. And, also, we thought we might be able to have a little fun with it, with your help.


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