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Dancing With The Stars Recaps Archive

June 17, 2010

The Carrie Ann Inaba Interview!

Carrieanninaba  I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing With The Stars and now Housecat Housecall, presented by Purina Cat Chow on Animal Planet, beginning  this Saturday at 10:30 AM. We could have talked for hours about DWTS and our cats, but here's the YouTube of the interview, after the jump! 


May 27, 2010

I Have A Beef With Dancing With the Stars

Dancing-with-the-stars  I have long held silent on this, but after this last season finale I will hold my tongue no longer.


May 26, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: The WINNAH!

Dancingwiththestars  You guys, we did it. We survived this bloody show. I'm nevah recapping it again, so let's go out with a bang, shall we?


May 25, 2010

Dancing With the Stars: The Finals! (A Very Zippy Recap)

Dancing-with-the-stars  The two night extravaganza begins tonight, oh joy of joys, so let's git toe-tappin'!


May 18, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: The Semi-Finals

Dancingwiththestars  Well well well, here we are again, with yet another installment of Dancing With the Stars, and it's the semi-finals! Only four couples left, so let's go dancing, cats and kittens! 


May 11, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: The Race For The Semi-Finals

Dancingwiththestars  We're back with a two hour show tonight, because TV hates me. It's Ballroom and Latin dances tonight, so let's hit it!


May 04, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Cha-Cha Chumps

Dancingwiththestars  Dudes, it's a sad, sad thing that absolutely no-one watches the results show, because when Jakey got eliminated last week? He BAWLED like a BABY. Or so my mom told me. I don't watch the results show either. It was hilarious, according to Mom Banshee. Anyway, it's yet another week of DWTS, and we're down to six couples! Let's get this nonsense started, shall we?


April 27, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Sexytimes And The Swing Marathon

Dancing with the stars  Hey cats and kittens! Last week we finally got rid of Kate Gosselin, and this week we have a DOUBLE dance: tango or samba and then a swing marathon. Whatever, it's still just an hour and a half, so I'm happy! Thank you, Alyssa Milano's new show!  Let's dance, daddy-o! This could actually get a little fun, but then again, I'm on a lot of caffeine! Exclamation points!


April 20, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Take Me To The Movies

Dancing with the stars logo  Hey, the movies! The movies sounds good! Much better than this bloody show, so let's do that, please. No? Fine, be that way. THIS Is Dancing With the Stars!!!!


April 13, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Passion Night!

DancingwiththestarsHey guys! Last week Buzz's "dancing mission" came to a merciful end, and tonight is the Double! Score! Showdown! And it's Passion Night! That means rhumba and tango. Live! This! Is Dancing With The Stars! Exclamation points! And your recap is right! Beyond! The jump!


April 06, 2010

Dancing With The Stars: My "Story" Is A Naughty One

DancingwiththestarsIt's story time on DWTS tonight, wherein our "stars" will tell a tale with their boogaloos. What will they create for you tonight?!??!? THIS is Dancing With the Stars! Aren't you just piddling yourselves with excitement? I know I am. Although it might be the energy drinks. Let's get started!


March 30, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: The Medicated Edition

Dancingwiththestars  You guys, I am VERY loopy tonight on medication (all legal and prescribed, calm down,) so this recap might just be a leeeeetle wonky. But it might just be the Best! Recap! Ever! So let's go! It might actually make this crap easier to watch. Ooooh, look, something shiny...


March 23, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Recap: I'm Being Punished For Something

Dancingwiththestars  Readers? Dear readers. You asked for it, you pleaded for it, and now you've got it. Your tiny little internet pal Miss Banshee is recapping Dancing with the Freaking Stars. This is my first time watching it, so I had NO IDEA WHAT THE HOLY FU...I mean, how interesting this show is. Hold me?


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