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June 16, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

IMG_0473Click Here "That's Daddy's camera!" I explained as I swiftly wrestled the over-priced SLR camera out of my two-year old son's sticky hands. The kid had become obsessed with the brand new purchase after my husband had shown him how to take pictures and make them show up on the "magic window" on the back of the camera. "But I want a cam-er-uh, too!" he pouted as he stared at the one now resting safely on a high shelf."Well, why don't you ask Santa for one?" It was the middle of November and still a little bit too early to start talking Christmas with a toddler who has all the patience of a celebutante at the back of a nightclub line, but sometimes putting off the tantrum now is worth risking a tantrum later.


June 03, 2010

Watching TV With Your Kids Creates Deep Familial Bonds If You Have The Proper Components

Sony-flat-screen-tv I'll be honest with you. Unless I'm in one of those whimsical kindergarten teacher moods with animated blue birds perched on my shoulders, I don't like talking to my kids that much. We don't share many interests. Except one. Click Here


May 25, 2010

The Family Ties That Bind Also Record

Mamapop-gigiClick Here
'And there's a built in webcam...' my husband's voice trailed off as he started playing with another awesometastic feature on the shiny new laptop he had presented to me for my birthday. I remember those words loud and clear; now I had my very first webcam.


May 17, 2010

Sometimes Getting Shot In The Face Can Bring You Together

PongClick Here
There I sat, marveling at the technology before me. I took the rectangular-shaped device on the end of the wire, turned the dial, and a digital bar moved up and down at my command, reflecting the ball away before my computerized opponent scores a point.

Oh my God. PONG is magical and it's going to change everything.


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