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Friday Combo Platter Archive

October 02, 2009

Friday Combo Platter: It Takes a Willage Edition

Friday_combo_platter It's time once again for the Friday Combo Platter, the weekly feature in which we highlight our favorite LOL-or-WTF-worthy comments and our favorite email thread from the past seven days.

This week's best email thread was actually born out of what was originally our comment of the week. But the ensuing snark was too funny and another comment came along to take its place. So, let's get to it, shall we?


September 25, 2009

Friday Combo Platter: Shity Gettho Edition


You are regularly treated to the wit of your beloved MamaPop writers here on the site. But did you know that behind the scenes we crack each other up via our email distro? At least once a week, an email thread brightens the days of your resident pop culture mavens through the cunning use of sarcasm and absurdity. Not too long ago, someone had the fantastic idea of picking the best thread of the week and letting the readers get a peek inside the insanity, er, brilliance that keeps this place going.

We also receive some very special comments from you, our dear readers. Comments that give us some insight into the quirky inner workings of the emotional roller coasters that you ride when reading about shark movies and Top Chef and Speidi.

So, as material permits, we're going to start bring the best of the distro and the comments in a new feature called the Friday Combo Platter.


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