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Friday Eye Candy Archive

April 16, 2010

Sneak Peek - Neil Patrick Harris on Glee

Neil Patrick Harris on glee Um...squee?  Neil P. on Glee?  Here, have a look-see.


January 15, 2010

The MamaPop Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 1

The_biggest_loser I was humbled by your response and participation in MamaPop's commitment to becoming way hotter. We're already smoking hot on the inside. And we're all smoking hot on the outside too, beneath all the fat. So let's work together to find our hotterness. Here's some advice from our new fitness consultants and also how Week 1 treated MamaPop.


November 20, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Bossy Edition

Eye candy (You all know and love Bossy, right? RIGHT? Yeah.)

Bossy would like to open with this caveat: what is eye candy to some may not be sweet and delicious for all. The candy Bossy covets may be the rejects in the bottom of your Halloween bag, like an ignored box of malted milk balls stuck to the lint-covered oatmeal raisin cookie and sister mercy what was Bossy saying again?


November 06, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Apocalypse Edition

FEC-apple I don't know about you, but between swine flu, the upcoming release of the movie 2012, and the continued existence of Spencer and Heidi, I'm a little concerned about the apocalypse. By which I mean, I'm a little concerned that THE END DAYS ARE NIGH.


October 30, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: All The Pretty Monsters

FEC-apple Tomorrow is Halloween. Who among you is headed out with a fake Edward attached to your neck? Don't look at me that way. You totally know that you would.

Or are you more of a werewolf girl?


October 23, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Not-So Mousy Girls Next Door Edition

FEC-apple I love the television show Glee. I make no secret of this. I make no secret of the fact that I think that it is chock-full of candylicious awesome. I make no secret of the fact that I would quite happily lick Mr. Schuster, Finn or Puck.

(Ah, Puck. Last night, as you sang Sweet Caroline, I wanted to reach through my TV screen and grab you by the collar and EAT YOU WHOLE.)


October 16, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: More Hot Scholastics

FEC-apple Because, seriously. I didn't do last week's edition justice. I forgot two of the THE MOST YUMTASTIC academicky hero types in television history.

Can you guess who they are?


(*taps chalk on blackboard*)


October 09, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Hot Adventuring Academics Edition

FEC-apple So the other day I reviewed the latest Dan Brown novel over at our sister shopping site, WeCovet, and I was bitching a little bit about the main character, Robert Langdon, when it occurred to me that my real problem with the character isn't so much that he's a preening, unlikable doofus with a totally made-up academic specialization, but that he's all of those things when he could have been so much more! I mean, really. The swashbuckling academic-slash-adventurer? The buttoned-up professor who all of sudden becomes a hero when he's compelled by some fascinating intellectual mystery or opportunity for world-changing discovery to become a bad-guy whupping hero? That guy (or gal, although there aren't many female versions of this character) is AWESOME.

Robert Langdon is not awesome. He's wishy-washy and totally bad at making decisions and is really no better at symbol reading or code-breaking than were the Hardy Boys. And he can't read Latin. Which, really, even if there were such a thing as Symbology as an academic field - which there's not - one wouldn't even get past the qualifying stage of one's doctorate without being able to read the language that is central to the field of one's study. (/academic rant.)

All of which is to say: LOSER. His adventures are cool; him, not so much.

But it got me thinking: who are the awesomest Professor-Adventurers in pop-culture history?


October 02, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Team Letterman Edition


Yeah, I know. It maybe wasn't the most prudent thing, indulging in hanky panky with people he worked with while he was in a long-term relationship, but bad judgment or not, David Letterman is still our Late Night Television Boyfriend, for now and for always.

Because, seriously. There is just no-one, NO-ONE, cooler than him. Wandering penis or not.


September 25, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Fall's A-Sizzlin' Edition

Eye candy

You know what's awesome about fall? The crisp air, the brightly-colored leaves, the opportunity to hide your muffin-top under cable-knit sweaters... and television. The sweet, sweet bliss of a new season of television.

The fall season brings a crop of shiny new shows to bite into and this fall season has brought us a bushel of television entertainment that is chock-full of yum.

To wit...


September 18, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: AlphaMom Edition


A big FEC welcome to Isabel of AlphaMom, who so enjoyed giving confession here the other day that she was just compelled to KEEP ON GIVING...

(The lady has a serious thing for crime procedurals and kicky singer/dancer types. There's a joke here somewhere about CSI: The Musical! but I can't quite find it.)

Presenting... Isabel's crime fighting, ditty-singing, high-kicking candy!


September 09, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Super Special Wednesday Cougar Bait Edition!

Friday_eye_candyBecause why wait until Friday to contemplate cougar bait?Stefania (aka CityMama) and Cat (aka BadKitty) are loud and proud 40whatevers and clever girls, and their taste in young men, as you'll see, sometimes runs to the controversial (note well - nary a Cullen among their choices. I KNOW.) Herewith, courtesy of Stefania and Cat: cougar bait!

Take it away, ladies...

You know what's creepier than being 40-whatever and having crushes on men half our age? NOTHING! And yet, thanks to Anne Bancroft, who was younger than we are now when she vamped it up as Mrs. Robinson (best. hair. ever.), we think it's okay to admit  that we're crushin' just a little bit (we're not proud, okay?) on these dudes. Dudes who are so young, so pretty...and in 4 out of 5 cases, so incredibly puerile and vapid that we just...just want them to shut up and look pretty. 


September 04, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: WhiteTrashMom Edition

Friday_eye_candyOn Wednesday we heard the Pop Culture Confessions of Michelle Lamar, WhiteTrashMom and Editorial Director of MyGloss. Her sins did not disappoint and for this edition of Friday Eye Candy she knocked it out of the park. Let's just say that she turned Friday Eye Candy on it's ear this week.

From here on in it's all in Michelle words:


It's hard to be a modern mom. As card carrying slacker mom, I try to find reasons to find the glass half full, as far as evaluating my performance as a mother!


August 28, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Mom-101 Edition

Friday_eye_candyEarlier this week you read the Pop Culture Confessions from Liz of Mom-101 fame. Her sins included gems like Rock of Love and Fish Heads and that's not exactly eye-candy material right there. But Liz's last confession on that list was very revealing and plays a huge role in her ideas of visual confectionery.

So without further ado, I present Friday Eye Candy: Mom-101 Edition.


August 21, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: The Bloggess Edition

Friday_eye_candyRemember how earlier this week we tricked Jenny The Bloggess into spilling her pop culture confessions, all without even having to buy a single drink? 

Yes, well obviously Jenny can be fooled twice and now we are proud to present Friday Eye Candy: The Bloggess Edition.

Her list only came with a warning:
My idea of hot is probably not the same as everyone else's.


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