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Gender Issues Archive

December 03, 2009

ELLE Magazine Will Honor Lady Gaga's Patented Awesome With a Magazine Cover

Lady_gaga_thumbnail Lady Gaga, née Stefani Germanotta, is set to be ELLE's January 2010 cover girl, and although I am loathe to admit my fangirl status for anything, because, you know, I am way too cool for school, this news sent a thrill through my jumping-up-and-down-screaming fangirl heart. 'Tis true. I want Lady Gaga to be the biggest, most famous performance genius off all time EVAR.

Check out her upcoming ELLE cover...


November 24, 2009

Five Things That Offended Me More at the AMAs Than Adam Lambert Kissing Another Guy

1258990496_adam-290 The Internet was most definitely abuzz with shock and awe and a little more shock after Adam Lambert gave the last performance of the night at the AMAs Sunday. For those who missed it, Lambert -- while performing his new single "For Your Entertainment" -- got all crotch-pushy on one of his dancers, kissed a band mate and then flipped off the audience. He also fell, apparently, but I missed that part completely. I wonder what COULD have been distracting me?


November 18, 2009

Oprah Teaches Us All About This New Thing Called "Porn"

Mudflapgirl Yes. Oprah, yet again, with the help of "investigative reporter" Lisa Ling, teaches us about a completely new phenomenon. It's called PORN.


November 10, 2009

Dear Hip-Hop: No Mo' No Homo, Plz

Kanye_pink As an unapologetic feminist, I have a love-hate relationship with hip-hop. While I love a great deal of both mainstream and underground hip-hop, I am often uncomfortable with the violent, misogynistic and homophobic themes in some (though not all) of the music I listen to. 


November 05, 2009

The Famous Faces of Domestic Abuse

Chris_Brown_Rhianna The Internet is abuzz this week with news of Rhianna's 20/20 and Good Morning America interviews (Jodi also wrote about Rhianna speaking out about her domestic violence experience here), the ones she's giving in conjunction with the release of her new album, Rated R. Now, on the eve of those media appearances, a few additional people are speaking out about what specifically happened to Rhianna and about domestic violence in general.


October 15, 2009

An Open Letter To Ralph Lauren: Women Are Not Bratz Dolls

Ralph-lauren-anorexic-pic Dear Ralph Lauren:

There has been a great deal of press surrounding your ex-employee Fillipa Hamilton, the model who was photoshopped to a ridiculous degree and then summarily fired for being too fat. I have to wonder aloud why someone who is 5'10 and 120 pounds can ever be considered overweight, as a BMI of 17, which Ms. Hamilton has, is actually considered underweight. By a lot. But that's not the world of modeling, right? Of course not. I should just go about my business and let you fire women who dare to have even a modicum of realism to their figures. 



October 09, 2009

Tori Spelling Isn't Sick. She's 12 Pounds Heavier Than Sick.

Tori_spellingTori Spelling graced the cover of a recent Star Magazine issue, looking bony and sickly-thin, with an accompanying headline that read: 95 lbs! Sure, this is Star Magazine, and factual reporting is not what they're known for, but it wasn't as if the claim that Tori Spelling weighs 95 lbs is such a far stretch that people automatically dismissed it.

Um, look at her.

Tori Spelling took to Twitter to set the record straight. She isn't 95 lbs -- horrible, awful, lie-spreading journalists -- she's 107 lbs. Which, yes, is more than 95, but isn't like SO MUCH MORE we're all wagging our fingers at Star. I mean, not over this. 107 pounds. That's ... very, very thin. But, then again, is it very, very thin for a woman who lives and works in Hollywood? Fine lines, gray areas, different environment, all that jazz. What's more, though, Tori is obviously proud enough of each of those extra 12 pounds that she wanted to clarify her weight for, you know, THE INTERNET (or at the least the 75,000+ people on the Internet who subscribe to her Twitter updates). 


September 02, 2009

Jon Gosselin, Raising His Douche Levels on a Daily Basis

Jon_Gosselin I know, another post about Jon Gosselin. We'd all be happy if we never saw his greasy, weaselly face again, sure, but he just keeps giving us reason to talk about him. This is probably as he wants it, but I'm weak and can't resist. I MUST COMMENT. Right after I roll my eyes exaggeratedly and then throw up after reading his tweets.

This time he's taking his own turn on Good Morning America, in response to Kate's recent interviews. His interview will run next week, September 8 and 9, but pieces have leaked, and, rest assured, HE BRINGS THE DOUCHE.


August 18, 2009

Who Exactly Did Sandra Bullock Piss Off?

Sandra_bullock The husband and I went to see Funny People last night (which was, indeed, kind of crappy) and saw a preview for the newest Sandra Bullock vehicle.

I've been mostly ambivalent about Sandra Bullock. She never did anything extremely offensive and she's entertaining enough. But the preview for All About Steve made me wonder if she had made someone angry during her early years in Hollywood.


August 04, 2009

Twisting Time is Here! Now With More Jack Nicholson!

JACK-NICHOLSON-DOING-THE-TWIST-1 They say that a picture tells a thousand words, which is good, because this post is going to be pretty short and I could totally use the padding.  We get paid by the syllable. 

That man you see dancing.  He is 72-years-young.  That woman working the karaoke like it's never been worked before, she is not.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that she is a little bit younger.  Like decades younger.  Possibly an entire century.


Weeds Uncap, Revisited...Because I Want You to Argue with Me

Weeds_lounging2 I'm writing this noon post much later than I should be and much later than I normally do, because I've been fretting over Weeds (and other stuff because I'm not totally shallow) all morning and thinking a lot about the comments from my last Weeds Uncap.


July 15, 2009

5 Reasons Julie and Julia Is Going To Be Awesome

Julie-and-julia Julie and Julia hasn't been released yet, so consider this a pre-review. Even though I haven't seen the movie yet, I HAVE seen the trailer, which makes me an expert at all things J&J, at least in my scary little mind. If you haven't heard of it yet, Julie and Julia is the dual story of Julia Child's rise to culinary power, and how a young woman with a copy of Mastering The Art Of French Cooking started a blog documenting her attempt to cook all 524 recipes in the book in 365 days. The movie stars Meryl Streep as Julia and Amy Adams as Julie. It's going to be fantastic, I have decided, and I'll give you five reasons why.


June 23, 2009

The Royal Fall or Some Such Catchy Title

Cinder 3 Did you know there's a recession going on?  I read about it on Twitter.  Apparently people have fallen on the collective hard times including the handsome devil that lives in my mirror- Fairest. Of. Them. All.  I vote that we all fall on the collective High Times should this happen again, the one with Willie Nelson on the cover.  I think Studs Terkel would back me on this.  Also, Snoop Dogg.

Perhaps it would make you feel better to see someone else suffering.  I know that I always enjoy it.  Well, you're in luck.  It seems that some others have slipped from their pedestals and landed in a little thing the kids call life.  Not the cereal.  The slippers?  Princesses. 


May 25, 2009

Shed Pounds Fast With The Red Bull Diet Plus Mild Heart Attack, Cramped Bowel, Etc. Fast More Better Free

Red_bullWhen Brooke Robertson, 23, chugged a couple Red Bulls one day, she made an unusual discovery.

She wasn't hungry.

This discovery snapped into place in the context of Brooke's depression about weighing 231 pounds. 

And this, in the haphazard way all scientific discovery stumbles into its own light and Truth, led to the following logical (though the discerning reader will probably note some flaws) hypothesis:

If all I do is drink Red Bull, I will never be hungry. If I'm never hungry, I won't need to eat.

Granted, all true. Though the hypothesis kinda flounders in leaving out the part about people needing food to live.

Brooke Robertson ingested nothing but Red Bulls (and reportedly a handful of dry cereal here and there) FOR 8 MONTHS. Results are after the jump. They're not so hot. But she looks great.


May 19, 2009

Cynthia Nixon Engaged To Girlfriend

Cynthia_Nixon_Christine _Marinoni Cynthia Nixon announced her engagement to girlfriend Christine Marinoni at a rally in New York City on Sunday to support same-sex marriage.  But you know, they can't actually get married.  Because same sex marriage is bad. 

Gov. David A. Paterson, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Kristen Davis, David Hyde Pierce and Audra McDonald were also in attendance.  Christine is an education activist and works to improve New York City public schools, which is how she and Cynthia met. 

I was in New York last weekend and saw all the flyers promoting that rally.  I'm glad it got such a big crowd with big names.  But if the people making the laws support same sex marriage, why can't they just legalize it.


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