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May 18, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Shattered Me Into 16 Fragments











May 05, 2009

I Want Charles Stuart Platkin to Kiss My Fat A**

Charles_stuart_platkin I probably shouldn't be too surprised by We TV's latest offering, I Want to Save Your Life. After all, this is the channel that brings us Bridezillas (Horrendous Bitches Marry Douchebags), Platinum Weddings (Rich Horrendous Bitches Marry Rich Douchebags), John Edward Cross Country (What Did That Dead Bitch Say About Me?), and Amazing Wedding Cakes (Bitch, You Are Not Duff Goldman). In other words, much of their programming appeals to the basest of female gender role players. But I Want to Save Your Life is just creepy and wrong.


April 27, 2009

Eminem Kicks Assonance


I'm sorry about the title. I tried to resist. I failed.

Eminem's Relapse is ready to release on May 19th.

His first single, We Made You, has already made the rounds and you've already seen the video. Though the track, as expected, displayed his unparalleled verbal skills, I was kinda bummed out because who really cares about Slapsticky Goofy Eminem? I suppose it's probably necessary to take a breather and be silly here and there if you're the one who's Eminem. You probably need to make fun of celebrities and bust some silly rhymes from time to time so as to not slit your wrists. But as ee cummings once said about "everyone else", we are not Eminem. I don't care what Eminem needs to live with himself. That's what drug addictions are for. I want Crazy Eminem Who Doesn't Give A Fuck.

Because, yeah, Eminem scoped out whole new realms of assonance (he kicks assonance). He does shit with words that, if you care about language even a little bit, make you pause your iPod and say "Wait. Did he really just do that?". I don't think there's an argument against his fundamental brilliance. If I hear someone sassing Eminem, it's usually because they don't like rap or white rappers or crazy people.

But here's the thing. Sick rhymes need sick content. Marshall loses ground when he's being silly. I want Crazy Eminem Who Doesn't Give A Fuck. And then over the weekend I heard this. Go check it out and get ready to nod your head like you just got stoned because Dre brought some plants to the studio.

Then let's review 3 AM after the jump.


April 21, 2009

The Alternative Miss World Pageant To Celebrate 37 Years

Alternative miss world Tired of all the super-primped teens that strut runways and discuss how they'd save the planet in all those pageants that seem to be hitting television these days? For a fresh alternative, head to London on May 2 to attend the Alternative Miss World Pageant.

Started only a few years after public displays of homosexuality and cross-dressing were legalized in London, the Alternative Miss Universe Pageant celebrates counter-culture with one basic rule: there are no rules!

I only have one question: who wants to hop a plane with me to hit this fabulous event?!

April 15, 2009

Notes for Jimmy Kimmel: This Probably Should Have Been a More Uncomfortable Interview Topic

Lil_wayne_jimmy_kimmel Here are two topics I don't care too much about: Jimmy Kimmel and Lil Wayne. They both seem like perfectly fine guys, but from an artistic standpoint, nothing that either of them has ever done has really appealed to me.
But one aspect of Lil Wayne's recent appearance on Kimmel's show really has me skeeved out.


WTF? Keira Knightley's Anti-Domestic Violence Ad Labeled "Too Violent"

Keira_knightley The point of PSAs is to be provocative. They're meant to be seared into your mind, so as to get their point across. I can recall PSAs from my childhood that I can still describe in detail over 20 years later. But that's the idea. We're supposed to remember them.

But a new British PSA is coming under fire for being "too violent." It stars Keira Knightley as a version of herself, who returns home to an abusive boyfriend after a day of filming. The ad, which is under the cut, is very graphic and potentially triggering, but does a PSA ever "go too far?" Some critics have made the argument that indeed, some are too visceral, too disturbing for the viewers.

But I think that's the whole point.


April 14, 2009

Another for the WTF Files: "Observe and Report" Portrays Date Rape as Comedy

Seth_rogan_anna_faris Once upon a time, I had a crush on a dorky, curly-haired, kinda chubby stoner named Seth Rogen and declared him as my movie boyfriend. But, like most of the affable nerds I have loved (other than the one I married), he had to go and screw it up by turning out to be a douchebag. I mean, I guess I should have seen the signs — like maybe the last half of Pineapple Express  — that perhaps my movie boyfriend had a problem with the fine line between crude-but-funny and just-plain-not-funny. Like many a girl in love, I was a fool. I've come to my senses now, though, because touting rape as comedy is kind of a big dealbreaker for me. Sorry Seth — it's not me. It's you.

(warning: potentially triggering stuff behind the jump)


FAIL! Artist Uses Rhianna's Police Photograph, Says "There Is No Message"

Rhianna_art I have always thought that artwork represents emotions that words cannot convey. Whether it is a photograph or a painting, digital or in charcoal, art speaks without words. but what if a piece of art, provocative art at that, is prefaced by saying it has no meaning?

What if that art was the representation of a woman's beaten face?

According to artist Sham Ibrahim, his digital art of Rhianna's infamous police photograph, in which the singer is beaten and bruised, her eyes closed in a position of defeat and pain, has no message behind it at all. In fact, it's all about the pretty colors he got to use.

Well you can use all 64 crayons in the box to color me pissed.


April 13, 2009

Amazon Removes Books From Search As "Adult Content," Book Lovers Are Not Amused

American_psycho_unfriendly_fire Authors were surprised and shocked this weekend to find that their work had been removed from Amazon.com's popularity ranking of books. The ranking, which shows where an author's book fits in the vast collection of tomes that Amazon offers, is a great indication as to the demand the public has for a particular book, and many authors were left without that popularity index due to a new guideline for "adult content."

Their books were TOO DIRTY.


April 06, 2009

Viewing the Sex and the City Movie a Year After the Fact

Sex_and_the_city_movie I had a pretty rough week last week. My 9 to 5 was extremely hectic, I have big projects coming up for both classes that I'm taking this semester, I haven't seen my kid or my husband in what seems like forever, and I'm so SO worn out that when I do have time to catch up on homework on the weekends, all I want to do is sleep and watch crappy TV. Anything to get my mind to stop goinggoinggoing about all that I should be doing.

So when I saw that the Sex and the City movie was now on OnDemand, I eagerly turned it on, ready to revel in some mindless but funny and entertaining antics from the four ladies who gave me such joy in the rosy early 00s.


March 30, 2009

"The Cougar" Further Proves The End of the World Is Nigh

The_cougar Oh, TV. Yet another show about women seeking men, women portrayed as desperate, clueless, dependent on labels and stereotypes regarding their age, their social status, their career choices and taste in men? Really? Really.

The latest show to join this fray premieres on April 15th on TV Land, of all places and is called The Cougar. I'll give you eleventy million imaginary dollars if you can guess what this one is about.


March 23, 2009

In Praise of Veronica Sawyer; or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Heathers

Heathers The 80s were rife with teen coming of age movies, and we look fondly upon movies like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, pretty much anything of the John Hughes genre as representations of teen life and angst. But there was one movie, lo, one incredibly fantastic and agonizing film, that more than any other, showed the ugly side of teen life. There was no soaring ending, with Judd Nelson getting Molly Ringwald's diamond earring, or Ferris Bueller winking at the camera. There was death, destruction, and the reminder that teenage life was an ugly, painful thing. That movie was, of course, Heathers.

And in Heathers, the truly angst ridden found a hero in the character of Veronica Sawyer. And everything changed in the world of teen movies.


March 17, 2009

Play Nail Shop with Barbie's Disembodied Hands

Barbie_totally_nails_stylin_handsAs a parent of a boy, I will admit that my son's toy interests have fallen pretty much in line with gender expectations: trucks, trains, Bionicles, etc. And, you know, that's fine. He's into what he's into. As a woman, and obviously a former little girl, I'm still intrigued in the toys that are targeted to girls. Some of them make me furious, some of them make me wish I was still 8 years old, and some of them just...baffle me.

Which brings me to the...things at left: Barbie Totally Nails Stylin' Hands.


February 19, 2009

Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Alternative Menstrual Products


Does the title of this post have you scratching your head? Well, just hear me out...

Guys and other non-menstruating types might find this a little uncomfortable, but I invite you to read anyway and gain some interesting information.


February 12, 2009

The Real "Mad Women" Say "Pshaw" To Mad Men


Forget Don Draper. Forget the swaggering men with greased hair and glasses of scotch, smoking their lungs black as secretaries wait on them hand and foot and...other places. Nonsense, says one of the real higher-ups in the 1960's advertising world. Too tame! Not enough ego! No one cared about what anyone else was doing because they were all so self-absorbed! If there wasn't crying and screaming in a meeting, the product was no good! This was true, balls to the wall, seriously celeb-quality life these Mad Women were living.

That's right, betches. Screw the Mad Men. The ladies were the ones in charge.


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