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April 09, 2010

Katy Perry's Bachelorette Planned by Rihanna. Do You Think There Will Be Strippers?

Rihanna Katy Perry Bachelorette Russell BrandAs proof of how absolutely clueless I am about some celebrities, I had no idea that Rihanna and Katy Perry knew each other, much less were close enough to be planning major events -- like a bachelorette party -- for each other. I mean, I'm not so completely clueless that I have completely no idea who they are, I just didn't know they were friends.


April 08, 2010

Gossip Girl: Where Inter-Office Relationships Go To Die

Ed Westwick Jessica SzohrIt's going to be awkward at the office come Monday morning...

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has apparently dumped girlfriend and Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr after, and I mean immediately after, hearing she might have possibly done something that perhaps was vaguely and/or completely uncouth with one of his friends.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  Possibly.  NEVERMIND ABOUT FACTS, JUST DUMP.


Too Bad Ladies, Prince William is Off of the Market

Prince William Kate Middleton Rumors have it that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting hitched. The word on the street is that June 3rd and 4th are blocked out on the royal calendar and somehow that indicates that these kids are going to announce the engagement in June. If this is true it means what you think it means.

That's right ladies, Middleton wins. She just scored the most eligible bachelor in the world. I mean, now that Tom Brady is married the second in line to the British throne isn't a bad catch.

He is cute too.


April 07, 2010

Michael Lohan To Marry Jon Gosselin's Ex, Kate Major

Michael Lohan and Kate Major engaged  Kate Major, former tabloid reporter and Jon-Gosselin-dater, is engaged to marry America's #1 Dad, Michael Lohan. Um, mazel tav? No, wait, what I meant to say was...ugh.


Sarah Jessica Parker Consults Psychic For Marriage Counseling

Sarah-jessica-parker-wedding-dress-carrie sex in the city Sarah Jessica Parker is seeing a psychic to save her marriage.

She told a British magazine that she pays $105 an hour to a psychic named Serena to help get her marriage back on track.


April 02, 2010

Charlie Sheen is Threatening to Leave "Two and a Half Men"

Two-and-a-Half-Men Charlie Sheen Jon Cryer Angus T. Jones Charlie Sheen is spreading rumors that he will be leaving "Two and a Half Men" which begs the following questions: 


Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Kevin Federline.

Kevin Federline Album Playing With Fire  The former Mr. Spears ‘fessed up about his split from Britney Spears during a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, admitting that their divorce sent him in to a downward spiral that saw him fighting depression and getting up close and personal with his couch. 


April 01, 2010

Ryan Murphy and The Cast Of 'Glee' Tell All In This Week's 'Rolling Stone'

Glee Gone Wild  This week's Rolling Stone features interviews with Ryan Murphy and the cast of Glee, revealing that, just like the show itself, darkness lurks underneath their squeaky clean exteriors. Full cover photo and select quotes follow the jump:


March 29, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard "Butt"ler Strike a Pose

Picture 2Um, Gerard? What is going on in this photo exactly?


March 26, 2010

Robert Pattinson Hits Like Girl

RobertPattinson Ah, Robert Pattinson. He may be dreamy, he may be sparkly, he may be sexy and rich as hell, but he punches like a little girl.

RPattz said that the stunt personnel on the set of "Remember Me" laughed at him. They laughed at him when he had to punch them in the face for a fight scene.


Bryan Ferry: Creepy or Lucky?

Bryan-Ferry I must admit it has been a while since I thought of Bryan Ferry, but apparently Mr. 'More Than This' is still crooning with his 80's hair and making the ladies wish that someone would ask them to dance already. Sorry, he makes me revert back into my ninth grade self at a Friday night dance playing the typical wallflower with Avalon blaring from the wall of speakers beside me.


March 24, 2010

Paris Hilton Is Working On a Project No One's Ever Heard Of, Except For That Time When She Mentioned That She Doesn't Know What It Is, Either

Paris_hilton_thumbParis Hilton's brand of celebrity — privileged, slightly porny princess gone wild — has always annoyed me.

She and Lindsay Lohan seem to have the same marketing plan: make less-than-stunning attempts at a career in television and film and music, follow that up with photos that cement their ability to mimic soft-core porn, semi-regularly make displays of public drunkenness to give people something to look at when they've gotten boring, and then, when they find themselves moving out of the cuteness of their early twenties and their partying starts to make them look pathetic, make claims that they are "working" on "projects".

Maybe Paris Hilton really is "finalizing" a project. Maybe I'm jush jellush.


Is 'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Dating Taylor Swift?

Taylor_swift_cory_monteith_3  Frankenteen is dating America's sweetheart Taylor Swift, or at least that's what the rumor mill would have you believe. The two were recently spotted bowling together, and as any Glee fan knows Bowling=TWOO WUV. I'm a subscriber to the "Pics Or It Didn't Happen" school of thought, so let's review the photographic evidence, yes?


March 19, 2010

J-Lo Has Gone "Overboard"

J_lo_on_a_boat The first time I read that Jennifer Lopez had signed on to do a remake of "Overboard" I dismissed it.

That is silly, thought I. Sure, "Overboard" is funny, but it is only funny because of Goldie Hawn's delivery. Other than that it is a stupid, and dated movie.

But then I saw the rumor again, and it was all - Will Smith is producing a remake of "Overboard" and is in talks with J-Lo.


Padma Lakshmi Baby Daddy Revealed: There's a Daddy in the Dell

Padma That has to be the lamest title I've come up with but seriously, when I read that the father of Padma Lakshmi one-month old girl was a Dell family member my first association was with The Farmer not The Computer. Could I be any more of a parent? Here, let me cut your meat for you while you listen to the story.


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