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Grey's Anatomy Recaps Archive

November 02, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Explores The Fundamental Ignorance At The Base Of All Science

Derek_sheperd DEREK SHEPHERD IS SUCH A TOTAL BADASS. He makes your brain surgeon look like a little school girl with a plastic green stethoscope like my daughter has. DAMN, I loved this episode. All I want to do is write "damn" and use caps. Burn your self-help books. Quit your 12-Step programs. Shepherd taught you everything you need to know about life in ONE episode of Grey's Anatomy. DAMN!


October 26, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Probes Mystery Of Being

Derek_sheperd I would love to write my recap of GREY'S ANATOMY, but as many of you know, Grey's Anatomy was canceled this week for some big hospital game of Clue. Was it Karev in the O.R. with the cricothyrotomy? Yang in the waiting room with a morphine prescription? God in His Heavens for creating these throbbing lives of strife and suffering?

Let's scrub in, Encyclopedia Brown.


October 19, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Continues To Accept Homosexuality But Discriminates Against People With Cancer


Mercy West residents have stormed Seattle Grace. Owen keeps snubbing Yang, favoring some Mercy West goon's ideas AND picking him over her for a surgery. I can't stay objective in this week's plotline review. OWEN'S BEING A DICK!


October 12, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Embraces Homosexuality While Perpetuating Hatred Of Nature

Sandra_oh Alex sees a bear outside the trailer and wants to move back to the city, but Izzie thinks that moving back in with Meridith would be a step backwards. An old man, who met a woman at his nursing home 20 years after his wife's death, wants surgery so he can get a boner. Meredith's Dad shows up at the hospital puking blood. The drunk needs a liver. Lexi is willing, but she can't be a donor. Meredith's a match, but she hates her Dad. Drama drama drama. She does it. Everybody's fine. Callie gets to keep her job at Seattle Grace. Izzie goes overboard trying to save a cancer patient, urging Owen to try an unlikely surgery. He does. Kills the guy. Writhes around  in guilty agony.

YANG OFFERS TO QUIT?!? I threaten to storm Seattle Grace and flip over operating tables in a blind rage.

So much for the plotline. Let's scrub in.


October 05, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Cures Paranoia With A Prescription For Baseball

Greys_anatomy The hospital merger means jobs will be cut and no one is safe. Paranoia haunts the halls of Seattle Grace. Izzie comes back to work both prematurely and with a wig. The Chief is hiding in his office, deciding the fates of doctors and nurses and interns. A woman comes to the ER accompanied by her schizophrenic son. Yang tries out pediatrics. Alex is practically babysitting Izzie and her cancer treatment. Callie is looking for work in Portland. A doctor takes a C-Section way too far and cuts off a baby's arm. The first round of job cuts are announced. No major losses, except Izzie looked like she might be lying. Oh, and they got rid of that one slutty nurse who, I think, banged Geroge AND Alex, though not at the same time. Then the cast plays baseball.

So much for plot. Time to explore the richly layered symbolic structure that animates Grey's Anatomy. Let's scrub in.


September 28, 2009

George Was A Nerve On Grey's Anatomy's Spine, So He Had To Be Killed


Dead dead death. George O'Malley is dead. But we knew that already because we knew TR Knight quit.

But sometimes you know your grandma has cancer. And then she dies. Did knowing she had cancer soften the blow? No.

Oh, George.

What will I do? Will I wail in agony? Will I act like nothing happened? Will I find someone with whom to have compulsive anonymous sex? To hell with Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Reactions to death are like fingerprints.


September 21, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Becomes Yang's Anatomy And Other Predictions


Thursday looms. Grey's Anatomy returns. And this Monday column? Soon to be a Grey's Anatomy column. Why? Because Grey's Anatomy isn't just some fictional television drama about a hospital in Seattle. Grey's Anatomy is about you. And each week I'm going to probe the deep structure of Grey's Anatomy and uncover its general relevance to you, humanity, and our collective destiny. So it's like Greek myth. Only sexier.

I'm also going to reveal my little gift to MamaPop readers, which is that I can see the future. So each week I'll pretty much tell you what's going to happen next week. But for now, here's some general season long predictions.


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