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October 01, 2009

Flavor Flav Returning to High School


Rapper, reality TV star, and all-around master of eccentricity Flavor Flav is heading back to high school to complete his junior and senior years. Flav's return to school will, of course, be part of a new reality TV series.


September 14, 2009

The VMAs: Win Vs. Fail, When Win = New Moon Trailer And Fail = Kanye

Kanye-taylor Whooooooooa buddy, were the VMAs out of control this year. By now everyone's heard about Kanye's douchebaggery, but trust me, that wasn't the only OMG moment, by far. There were a lot of missteps at the VMAs, as there are every year, but there also were some highlights, so let's go through the show and dissect the chaos, shall we?


August 25, 2009

And I Know God Because of KRS-One

Krs-one-gospel-hip-hop Do you like your religions fresh?  Do you like the word of God dropped? What did you think of R.E.M.'s Radio Song?

If you answered any of the above questions then you are in luck.  KRS-One is starting a new religion and it's both hip and hop. Introducing The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, coming soon to a hotel dresser near you.

The tome is 600 pages about the divinity and spirituality of hip-hop, and according to Rev. One, "I'm suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth."


August 18, 2009

Breaking! Funny Stuff on the Internet is Still Funny! Sometimes.

Dramatic_chipmunk_prairiedog There's a lot of funny on the web right now.  This isn't part of it.  Yet.

That's right, buckle up, reader!  I'm bringing funny back.  Those other bitches won't know how to act.  Unless they laugh, which is pretty much what I'm aiming for.

And by bringing funny back I mean I'm going to show you videos and such that other people made and that I find funny.  That's so much easier than being funny myself.

They bet me I couldn't write the word "funny" 10 times in one post. Ha, that's funny.


June 08, 2009

Hammer Pants Flash Mob FTW

Hammer_pants The early 90s were a weird time in the U.S. We were emerging from the ickiness of the 80s and the 90s spread in front of us, full of possibility and the promise of a new millennium. The optimism of the that time was a breeding ground for trends like Hypercolor (why have a shirt that's just one color when it can be multiple colors depending on who's fondling your boobs?), wearing clothes backwards (Reagan's gone! I'm totally Krossed out!), and, of course, Hammer pants (it's the 90s! Let's get billowy!).

Hammer pants were brought to us by super-positive rapper MC Hammer, whose career became a cautionary tale of quick fortunes when, just six years after the mind-boggling international success of his album Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, he filed bankruptcy due to being $13 million in debt.


May 25, 2009


Kanyefied_mamapop  In a perfect world, Kanye West would follow MamaPop closely, fuming or laughing with us whenever we give him a hard time. In reality, we can only imagine that the image to the left is what Kanye might see if he was a loyal MamaPop reader.


May 20, 2009

You Can Find Me in the Picnic...

50_cent_bette_midler ...bottle fulla punch...and maybe some prosciutto-wrapped melon. This picture just made my day.


May 10, 2009

Mother Lover

From last night's SNL: Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake do it again... and by "do it" I DO mean "DO IT":


UPDATED VIDEO from Hulu.com shoud work!

May 05, 2009

Eminem Gets Clean, Makes Peace With His Mother

Eminem-vibe I have to admit that reading about Eminem's 20-pill-a-day prescription drug habit was not all that surprising to me. I mean, he's rapped extensively about doing drugs, canceled tours, had stints in rehab, gone on hiatus, his new album is called Relapse...gee...I just...damn, it's all so SUBTLE, Eminem. Why won't you be straight with your fans?

Following his first stint in rehab in 2005, the rapper, 36, tells VIBE he nearly overdosed after an acquaintance gave him unidentified blue pills, which a doctor later told him were actually methadone. "My doctor told me the amount of methadone I'd taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin," Eminem says, noting that had he known, "I probably wouldn't have taken it. But as bad as I was back then, I can't even say 100 percent for sure."

But this quote did surprise me:

"It never once hit me that drug addiction runs in my family. Now that I understand that I'm an addict, I definitely have compassion for my mother. I get it," he says.


April 27, 2009

Eminem Kicks Assonance


I'm sorry about the title. I tried to resist. I failed.

Eminem's Relapse is ready to release on May 19th.

His first single, We Made You, has already made the rounds and you've already seen the video. Though the track, as expected, displayed his unparalleled verbal skills, I was kinda bummed out because who really cares about Slapsticky Goofy Eminem? I suppose it's probably necessary to take a breather and be silly here and there if you're the one who's Eminem. You probably need to make fun of celebrities and bust some silly rhymes from time to time so as to not slit your wrists. But as ee cummings once said about "everyone else", we are not Eminem. I don't care what Eminem needs to live with himself. That's what drug addictions are for. I want Crazy Eminem Who Doesn't Give A Fuck.

Because, yeah, Eminem scoped out whole new realms of assonance (he kicks assonance). He does shit with words that, if you care about language even a little bit, make you pause your iPod and say "Wait. Did he really just do that?". I don't think there's an argument against his fundamental brilliance. If I hear someone sassing Eminem, it's usually because they don't like rap or white rappers or crazy people.

But here's the thing. Sick rhymes need sick content. Marshall loses ground when he's being silly. I want Crazy Eminem Who Doesn't Give A Fuck. And then over the weekend I heard this. Go check it out and get ready to nod your head like you just got stoned because Dre brought some plants to the studio.

Then let's review 3 AM after the jump.


April 21, 2009

Kanye West Track Selected as Official Soundtrack of 2009 NBA Playoffs



April 15, 2009

Notes for Jimmy Kimmel: This Probably Should Have Been a More Uncomfortable Interview Topic

Lil_wayne_jimmy_kimmel Here are two topics I don't care too much about: Jimmy Kimmel and Lil Wayne. They both seem like perfectly fine guys, but from an artistic standpoint, nothing that either of them has ever done has really appealed to me.
But one aspect of Lil Wayne's recent appearance on Kimmel's show really has me skeeved out.


March 16, 2009

Biggie Smalls Tells Lil' Kim to "Just Do You" Plus Thumbs Down On Notorious Movie

Lil_kim In an interview with RapRadar, Lil' Kim was asked if she thinks Notorious B.I.G. would've been pleased with Notorious, the recently released film about his life.

Lil' Kim has been very vocal about her opposition to the film. However, she was now asked to speculate about Biggie's potential opinion of the film, had he not been shot dead in 1997 (and what I mean to imply here but will make explicit to fully illustrate the scope of Lil' Kim's stupidity: dead people do not really have opinions about movies).

Lil' Kim first assured the interviewer that she is "a very spiritual person". This is one of my favorite distinctions. People will tell you they're spiritual as opposed to religious, meaning that their unorthodox God thinks it's totally dope when they flash their tits in everybody's eyeball or when they spread their legs to flash that animal print. Get money! Usually, when someone assures you that they're very spiritual, they're getting ready to tell you some crazy shit that doesn't make any sense. Lil' Kim did not disappoint.

"I know for a fact he's not happy." Lil' Kim is not here talking about her opinion of what Biggie might think. Lil' Kim knows what Biggie does think for a fact. She knows this because, via her super potent spiritual powers, Biggie told her in a dream.

I'm totally serious. Lil' Kim goes to sleep. And then Notorious B.I.G. talks to her in dreams. AND THEN, Lil' Kim presents this dream content as representative of what Biggie thinks. Sometimes when I write, I make things up. But I swear to you that I did not make this up. Biggie Smalls tells Lil' Kim factual stuff in her dreams. And it's all made possible by her highly spiritualized nature. I know I'm being redundant. It's like I don't believe myself. I'm trying to convince myself that Lil' Kim really said these things and meant them and didn't expect us to laugh until we cried.


March 15, 2009

Roxorloops Beatboxes His Way Into Your Heart

Doods. This is just amazing:

A little fun for your Sunday afternoon.

This kid is from Belgium, and has apparently won a few beatboxing championships with those mad, mad skillz. More about him and additional video on his MySpace page.

March 10, 2009

Diddy Faces Off with Kanye on the Interwebs

Diddy_0Well, not officially. But I've noticed that there seems to be some hint of competition between the two artists and their approaches to social media tools.


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