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March 23, 2010

Inglorious Basterds Star and General Hottie VonHottenstein Eli Roth Urges Release of Marine Animals

InglorioEli Rothus Basterds star and sexy bitch Eli Roth, 37, has fired off a compassionate, rather well articulated letter to Hamilton James, President and COO of The Blackstone Group, otherwise known as the folks who own SeaWorld.  He writes his thoughtful letter on behalf of himself and PETA, which makes this the first PETA-related piece of news I've supported wholeheartedly in, Christ.  A year?  (I'm an animal rights supporter and will fight a clawing, hair-pulling, groin kicking ghetto fight on behalf of animals, but something about PETA's methods just don't sit right with me.  But I digress.) 

In the wake of last month's SeaWorld tragedy, Roth writes:


March 18, 2010

I Saw the Worst Movie Ever and Lived to Tell About It

New_york_city_serenade Late Wednesday night, I tweeted, "I have just watched the worst movie ever. The search is over. Holy crap." Within seconds, thousands (okay, eight) people @-replied me, dying to know what perversion of film I was referring to. I told them. And now I'll tell you, lest ye find yourselves in the bowels of your cable package.


March 16, 2010

Corey Haim's Family Sells His Stuff on E-Bay

Haim_shirtless_corey As if the fact that Corey Haim died at 38 while battling drug addiction wasn't sad enough - now his family is raising the money for his funeral by selling the cuter of the two Corey's belongings on eBay.


So you know, you have about a day and a half left if you want to buy Corey Haim's used toothbrush.


February 26, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba and Anthony Bourdain - No, Not Just in My Fever Dream

Yo-gabba-gabba My kids have liked a lot of show that I have loathed in their five short years, but there are standouts, shows that I love. One Is Phineas and Ferb, another is Yo Gabba Gabba. So yesterday when my sister in-law sent me a video of one of my favorite celebrity chefs on Yo Gabba Gabba I almost soiled my drawers.

Really. Anthony Freaking Bourdain on Yo Gabba Gabba!


February 17, 2010

Spartacus: Blood and Sand — The Olympics of Sex and Decapitation

Spartacus_Blood_and_Sand Work with me here. You may have heard through the grapevine that there's some kind of sports... something... going on in Vancouver. Which is apparently in Canada. Extensive research tells us that these sports... things... are called the Winter Olympics, and apparently in some circles they're kind of a big deal. Skiing may be involved, as well as something that involves brooms. The broom thing may be apocryphal, however, so don't hold us to it. All of this, of course, leads us into a discussion of Starz' brand spankin' new series of swords, sandals and - yes - softcore porn, Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


January 28, 2010

From Paris with Love Shaping Up to Be My New Favorite Movie

John_travolta_from_paris_with_love Early last year, images of a bald and goateed John Travolta dressed in some kind of militant hipster outfit began circulating the internet. It seemed safe to assume that the get-up was for a movie, but I couldn't be sure. Perhaps the whole Scientology thing was moving into some next level business. Who knows?


December 31, 2009

Tooth Fairy Trailer Makes My Head Hurt

Tooth_fairy I don't even know what to say about this.


December 30, 2009

Rumors Of Vision Quest Remake Are Giving Me Diarrhea.

Taylor_lautner_1203457045 Word on the street, is that Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner, is up for the leading role in the remake of the 80's classic, coming of age movie, Vision Quest. The role was originally played by Matthew Modine. Lautner who is riding the wave of success from the popular Twilight saga movies, is rumored to be excited by the script and his possible involvement. The word from me, is that I think this whole idea sucks ass!


December 09, 2009

Death Match: Lee Majors VS. Patrick Dempsey

Dynamite Patrick-Dempsey-Clean Two of TV's all-time sexiest hunks square off, in what could prove to be a Mantastic Battle Royale. Will Dr. McDreamy write Steve Austin his final prescription? Or will the Fall Guy make this Lover Boy, do his own stunts? It's time to find out. So, hold on to your hot pants. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE...


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