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I Love VH-1 Archive

April 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Strikes Back at Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab Dr. Drew PinskyDr. Drew shared some strong words for Lindsay Lohan in a recent interview, which apparently bristled the broke-down party queen herself.


February 12, 2010

Paging Dr. Drew: Dude, Were You Smoking Crack or What?

Tom-sizemore_heidi_fleiss  I am totally addicted to VH1's Celebrity Rehab. However, as fascinating as the current season is, I'm beginning to question Dr. Drew's scruples, and it's totally harshing my ability to enjoy the show guilt-free, because I believe Dr. Drew and his crew made an incredibly irresponsible decision this season, one that favored ratings over the health and well-being of his high-profile patients.


January 15, 2010

Adam Lambert Announces His New Video's "Leak"

Picture 1 Call me a cynic, but I never believe these "leak" stories. Anyway, Glambert's new video OOPS! accidentally fell into the hands of his adoring public.


August 24, 2009

Murdered Model ID'ed By Breast Implants; Reality Star Suspect Commits Suicide

Ryan-jenkins-jasmine-fiore It would all make a fantastic CSI episode, and I'm sure it will be one, as soon as they can get a script.

The remains of model Jasmine Fiore were identified using the serial numbers on her breast implants, and the international manhunt for the lead suspect in her murder continues, Authorities have deduced that Ryan Jenkins walked across the Washington/Canadian border to flee authorities. Jenkins' body was found today. 

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on VH1's reality show Megan Wants A Millionaire, and the upcoming VH1 show I Love Money 3. Both shows have been cancelled in light of the arrest warrant.

I always knew reality contestants were shady, but could this guy really be a murderer?

this story has been updated after the jump


July 07, 2009

Watching "The Bachelorette" For The First Time

The_bachelorette_jillian_harris The lengths I go to for you, dear readers. I usually have very strong convictions about what I will and will not watch. As such, I have never seen one episode of the following television shows: Survivor, The Bachelor, The Apprentice, Big Brother, or The Bachelorette. Until last night. It's not that I have anything against reality TV. Au contraire, mon frere. It's not that I think these shows are trashy or beneath me, but rather that I like my reality TV without the pretense that the participants are anything but a bunch of asshats pursuing their 15 minutes, and that's why I watch VH1.

Anyhoo, because of the great MJ-ocalypse of 2009, pop culture stories are pretty thin on the ground unless you want retellings of people's close encounters of the King of Pop kind, which I think we can all agree there's been enough of this week. So I'm watching The Bachelorette tonight for the first time, a show my research indicates has been on the air since 2003, which boggles the mind. Below the fold I will share my thoughts with you on a timeline. Because I care. Shall we begin?


May 11, 2009

Charm School 3 and My Super Rad Idea

Charm_school_3 I will admit upfront to being rather ignorant to the Rock of Love/Real Chance of Love/Charm School phenomena. I have precious few brain cells at this point in life and I need to preserve them for things like eating and tying my shoes. Plus, my interest in reality TV pretty much stopped around the London edition of The Real World, so these weird spin-offs of spin-offs of spin-offs of shows, featuring the dregs of reality stars, just don't grab me. Well, I'll watch a few episodes here and there, but I can't really get into them.

Anyway, I was just watching the official preview of Charm School 3 and had a sweet idea, inspired by host Ricki Lake.


May 05, 2009

Janet Jackson's Bewb Is Back In Court, But I Have More Horrific Crimes To Report

Atticus_finch Oh PEOPLE. Oh my precious Rhythm Nation. You're sane, are you not? You realize that the showing of a woman's breast on national television is hardly a crime, do you not? You have a sense of reason, do you not???

Well apparently, the SUPREME COURT thinks otherwise. And the case has been appealed in the Philadelphia court system in order to 're-examine' the case against Janet Jackson and her boobie during the 2004 (that's five years ago, y'all) Super Bowl. 

The Supreme Court versus a boobie. Damn, America, we certainly give pause to what constitutes a legal case, do we not?

So in celebration of Janet's ta-ta and all the hullabaloo surrounding it, I give you five things more heinous than a knocker on teevee.


April 07, 2009

Hulk Hogan Shocks Me by Showing Some Tact

Hulk_hogan I was a kid in the 80s and for whatever reason, professional wrestling was really big at my elementary school. Not wanting to be totally left out of every conversation at the lunch table, I attempted to watch those Main Event shows that features the superstars of the day, Hulk Hogan and...uh...the other one...and those guys. Roddy Piper. And that guy Cyndi Lauper was friends with.

Anyway, I obviously couldn't get that into it. The whole high theatrics of the, erm, sport just seemed unnecessary since actual professional sports are overly dramatic as it is. And Hulk Hogan just creeped me out. The hair and the mustache and the tan and the aggro...I really didn't get the appeal. So I'm sure you can imagine how hard my eyes rolled back in my head when he became a reality TV star and his freakishly blonde offspring started making records and doing unspeakable things to jeans.


March 31, 2009

Online Media, Social Networking Changing How We Watch TV

RuPaul_drag_race Today, I return to the establishment of higher learning where I work and study after a full week of sloth. I would like to say I did only things that engaged my mind, body and spirit — read classic literature, did Iyengar yoga or learned to rock climb. But those would be lies.

No, poppets. I watched RuPaul's Drag Race with Miss Banshee. And we LAUGHED and LAUGHED and made snarky comments about Shannel's big ego and Jade's big cock. What's so special about watching TV and wise-crackin' with your best girlfriend? Well, it's kinda different if one of you resides in New Jersey, whilst the other represents Washington State. Yet watch together we do, and it's all thanks to the magic of the internets and Logo Online, which has the entire season of Drag Race available online.


March 30, 2009

Taming Your Topiary

TopiaryEvery once in a while, a commercial comes along that renders me speechless and unable to think and I find myself going through a diagnostic, troubleshooting procedure with my brain. Am I offended? I don't think so. Am I amused? Kind of (?). Am I going to buy this product? No, but there was never any danger of that. What exactly do I think of this commercial? I may never be sure.


March 25, 2009

VH1 to Revive Behind the Music

Behind_the_musicExciting news for pop culture junkies: VH1 is producing brand new episodes of their classic series, Behind the Music, which will premiere this summer.


March 24, 2009

Dr. Drew Labels Celebrities As Narcissists, In Other News, Grass Is Green And The Sky Is Blue

Dr_drew Science!!! We LOVE science, don't we? Okay, maybe we don't, ever since we handed in that chemistry test sophomore year without a single answer on it. But today we're talking about science that pertains to celebrities, so on we go. I promise there will be no test at the end.

SO! Our dear Silver Fox Dr. Drew Pinsky has written a book, called The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America, describing how many celebrities are narcissists, and therefore dangerous as role models for young people. It's an interesting concept, and says a lot for the behavior that some celebs participate in that make us say "whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut???"


March 12, 2009

Is Coolio Trying Out for Celeb Rehab 3?

Coolio Just in time for the final episode of VH1 Sober House, Coolio was charged Tuesday with possession of crack cocaine. I can't help but wonder — is the "Gangsta's Paradise" singer gunning for a spot on the next Celebrity Rehab?

I mean (duh), there is obviously going to be a Celebrity Rehab 3, right? That show is like crack — pardon my insensitivity to those actually addicted to crack — and the ratings are through the roof, so they'd be fools not to renew. It's really just a question of when and, of course, who will be checking in. Coolio is a definite contender now, but who else might we next see checking into Pasadena Recovery Center?


February 03, 2009

Steven Adler Makes Me Want To Cry


You know, when Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew started, I clapped my hands with glee. THIS would be the pinnacle of VH1 entertainment, right? Well, the first season was pretty good, mostly concentrating on Jeff Conaway and his batshit insanity, and season two graced us with both Conaway and Gary Busey, whose insanity is so incredibly deep I went through the entire dictionary trying to come up with a word for it, and I failed miserably. So anyway, it was a good time.

Then we met Steven Adler. And things became less funny. Aaaaaaaand less funny. Now? Adler just got booted out of VH1's Sober House and seriously? He positively makes me want to weep.


January 08, 2009

IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: Bret Michaels Admits He Has Hair Plugs Extensions


duuuude, Barbie hair on 45-year old dudes is fuckin' AWESOME!!!!

So, because I just CAN NOT SHUT UP about Bret Michaels and his general nastiness, I thought today we could zero in on one of his more superficial areas of nastiness: his hair.

Jezebel had an interesting Bret Michaels hair retrospective yesterday which indicated that, in an interview last April, Bret admitted that his hair-don't is "combined of [his] hair and the finest extensions Europe has to offer." While you may not have heard this admission, you may have heard me high-five Miss Banshee from across the country as we simultaneously shrieked, "HA! I KNEW IT!!"

Ladies and germs, please feast your eyes on the FINEST EXTENSIONS IN ALL OF EUROPE:


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