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June 17, 2010

The Carrie Ann Inaba Interview!

Carrieanninaba  I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing Carrie Ann Inaba of Dancing With The Stars and now Housecat Housecall, presented by Purina Cat Chow on Animal Planet, beginning  this Saturday at 10:30 AM. We could have talked for hours about DWTS and our cats, but here's the YouTube of the interview, after the jump! 


June 04, 2010

Sneak Peek! Housecat Housecall on Animal Planet

-animal-planet  Move over, Dog Whisperer. Animal Planet's got a show just for us parents of feline troublemakers, and we've got a sneak peek!


May 28, 2010

Celebrity Kids Gone Bad: Brad Renfro, Dead by Heroin and Methodone Overdose [1982-2008]

Brad-renfro-thumbDiscovered by a casting agent of Joel Schumacher when he was only ten and continuing for years proving himself to have great promise as an actor, Brad Renfro had his entire life in front of him.

So, what happened?


April 01, 2010

Ryan Murphy and The Cast Of 'Glee' Tell All In This Week's 'Rolling Stone'

Glee Gone Wild  This week's Rolling Stone features interviews with Ryan Murphy and the cast of Glee, revealing that, just like the show itself, darkness lurks underneath their squeaky clean exteriors. Full cover photo and select quotes follow the jump:


February 23, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's Interview With The Sun: Perhaps Not Everything It's "Cracked" Up To Be

Lindsay Lohan shots_The Sun Oh, Lindsay. I just want to don a Haz-Mat suit and a pair of latex gloves and just hug the shit out of you.

Lindsay, for reasons only she knows *wink-wink*, granted an interview to The Sun, published February 22, 2010, in which she details her drug abuse and hitting "rock bottom."


February 16, 2010

Baba Wawa to End Iconic Oscar Interviews After this Year

Barbara_walters Barbara Walters' interviews with nominees on Oscar night are as much of an institution as the red carpet, "Who are you wearing?" circus. But this will be the last year.


February 10, 2010

John Mayer Doesn't Know When to Shut Up

John-mayer John Mayer just did a pretty personal interview (as far as Hollywood interviews go) for Rolling Stone where he talked about masturbating and Jennifer Aniston, not in the same sentence but fairly close together. I thought, "Well, hope he got all that out in the open and goes back to just tweeting his stupid thoughts." Apparently not. He has since done an interview with Playboy where he he goes on and on and on about things he perhaps should not be going on and on and on about.


February 02, 2010

Zero Days And Counting: LOST's Skeleton Key?

Lost-season-6SO excited for tonight's season premiere -- which, yes, we will be open threading right here starting at 9pm ET (honestly, I'll probably have the thread up and be here earlier than that, as I'm going to be watching last season's finale at 8pm to set the stage for the premiere at 9, so feel free to come on by early!). I'm quite literally counting the hours and can think of little else, people.

Stop looking at me like that! I do so have a life! Uhh, well, sort of.

Annnnyway! After the jump, I have an interesting tidbit from LOST executive producer Damon Lindelof to share...


January 29, 2010

Leno Discusses Conan and Letterman On Oprah. I Saw Some Of It.

1lenoBlaaaaahhhhhhh.  I'm so tired of hearing about the Jay Leno/Conan/Letterman talk show wars. I would watch them if they were actual wars with spies, ballistic missiles pointed at one another, the very real threat of mutually assured destruction and so on. 

Yes, guys, you're all pretty funny.  I'll even go as far to say you're almost as funny as many marginally successful comedians. However, this isn't 1994.  I've got 400 channels now. If I want to laugh or be entertained at 11:30, my options are endless.  You're not even on the long list anymore. 


January 19, 2010

Heidi Montag Isn't Addicted to Plastic Surgery But She Is Obsessed, Which is Totally Different

Heidi-montag-240 Oh, Heidi. As much as I find you ridiculously intolerable and also downright stupid, I also feel very, very badly for you because you are 23 and you have now racked up more plastic surgery than most celebrities twice your age. What's more, you see nothing at all wrong with that or the message it sends. And not that MTV reality stars are exactly known for their stellar role modeling, but I would say even the densest of the bunch (I'm looking at any one of the stars of the last ten seasons of The Real World) would call ten plastic surgery procedures in one day "addicted" and also "slightly messed up OMG."


January 08, 2010

Bite Your Tongue, Sharon Stone

Meryl_Streep_by_Brigitte_Lacombe_2 So, Sharon Stone was interviewed for the latest issue of Tatler Magazine, which, admittedly, I'd never heard of, but not the point. Anyway, I don't know how any interviewer would think to bring up Meryl Streep in a Sharon Stone interview (those two don't particularly go hand-in-hand in my mind), but she was brought up and Sharon had this to say about her in a half-compliment-but-take-THAT-dig, "Meryl looks like an unmade bed, and that's what I look like. To me, that looks true."


November 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson On This Morning's "Today" Show

Screen-capture Okay, he's freaking adorable.


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