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June 21, 2010

True Blood Recap: Beautifully Broken

True-blood-tommy Nina Simone wrote this great song called "Mississippi Goddamn," which is an upbeat little tune about how messed up Ms. Simone's experiences in Mississippi were at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Considering how Bill's visit to the Show Me Hospitality State* has gone so far, I'm thinking he may be borrowing a few bars from the High Priestess of Soul before too long.


June 14, 2010

True Blood Recap: Bad Blood

True-blood-sookie-jessica-1Ah, at last. The long-awaited premiere of the third season of True Blood...when all of our shapeshifter/vampire sexual fantasies come true.


June 02, 2010

New Extended Trailer for True Blood Season 3

True-blood-season-3 The new season of True Blood will begin in 12 days and about 10 hours. Not that I'm counting or anything...


May 07, 2010

Katee Sackhoff: Destroyer of Dreams

Katee-sackhoff-starbuck Fellow True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse fans, picture this, for a moment: The part of Debbie Pelt, the psychopathic batshit crazy wereanimal ex of Alcide, being played by the always awesometastic Katee Sackhoff. Starbuck the Shape-Shifter, if you will. Isn't that just perfection? Doesn't the mere thought of that casting decision make you feel all warm in the naughty bits? 



April 19, 2010

True Blood "In Production" Sneak Peeks and Minisodes

 True-blood logo There are exactly 55 days until season 3 of True Blood begins. I'm not, like, counting or anything. It was just some little tidbit that I heard. Somewhere. Ahem.


April 15, 2010

Treme Review

Treme-hbo On Sunday night, the much anticipated series Treme premiered on HBO. David Simon and Eric Overmyer, both creators/writers/producers of The Wire, created the series.


March 31, 2010

New True Blood Season 3 Promo Posters

True Blood True Blood season three doesn't start until June 13, but new teaser posters are dripping out week by week and HBO better put these on some damn t-shirts like, yesterday. Despite being bloodier than pretty much anything else on TV, this show has an absolutely fantastic sense of humor:


March 23, 2010

Did You Miss Nurse Jackie or United States of Tara Last Night?

Nurse-jackie Season Two of Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara both aired at 10 p.m. on Showtime last night.  If you missed them, (or care to watch them again because they are so damn amazing yo,) then here you go.  Don't say we never give you anything.


March 15, 2010

David Simon's "Treme" Trailer Is Here!

Treme Seems like we've been waiting on this forever, but The Wire creator David Simon's new HBO series about post-Katrina New Orleans starts April 11th. Trailer after the jump!


Getting Down To Pacifics

Band_of_brothers_hbo_miniseries__1_  Tonight was the premiere of HBO's new miniseries The Pacific and unlike Band of Brothers, I did not expect this one to be a documentary about those adorable Jonas boys. Why would I watch a documentary on The Jonas Brothers? Mind your own business. The point is The Pacific looked pretty much like Saving Private Ryan except with more palm trees and Asian people and no Tom Sizemore.  So at least it's off to a good start. Having Tom Sizemore attached to a project these days is like waking up after surgery and finding you've been accidentally stitched onto the belly of a grizzly bear who hates humans and is feeling a bit peckish and also does a lot of meth.


March 09, 2010

An Interview with United States of Tara Consultant Leah Peterson

Wallpaper2_800x600 Set your DVRs!  Season Two of United States of Tara begins March 22nd at 10:30 p.m. and we are so excited!

While we await the return of one of our favorite shows, I thought it would be interesting to show you what makes Tara tick.  


March 08, 2010

Big Love Recap: End of Days

Big_love_margene_nicki Honestly? This season finale was kind of tamer than I had anticipated. I think Lois chopping off Very Truly Yours Hollis Green's arm kind of spoiled me. Henceforth, any Big Love episode that doesn't end in some samurai action is kind of dull.


March 01, 2010

Big Love Recap: Next Ticket Out

Big_love_henricksons I'm concerned. There's only one episode of Big Love left and someone has already lost their arm to a machete. What can we expect for the season finale? Tarring and feathering? Disembowelment? A musical number? The horrific possibilities are endless.


February 22, 2010

Big Love Recap: Blood Atonement

Big_love_margene_barb_ring Late last night, after taking in the latest Big Love episode, I thought back to my more innocent days. Namely, my more innocent days of last week, when I naively thought that seeing Nicki pull up to a seedy motel/creepy marriage factory in a mini skirt and side ponytail and then seeing her proceed to kick ass and take names was one of the craziest things that I had seen happen on this show. Oh, what a fool I was.


February 15, 2010

Big Love Recap: Under One Roof

Big_love_bill I'll be honest. I had a really hard time tearing myself away from coverage of the Olympics to watch Big Love. I mean, how could the shenanigans of the Henricksons compare to the drama of mens' moguls or womens' speedskating? Well, after last night's episode, I'll never doubt Bill and Co. again.


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