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Celeb Legal Woes Archive

May 28, 2010

Celebrity Kids Gone Bad: Brad Renfro, Dead by Heroin and Methodone Overdose [1982-2008]

Brad-renfro-thumbDiscovered by a casting agent of Joel Schumacher when he was only ten and continuing for years proving himself to have great promise as an actor, Brad Renfro had his entire life in front of him.

So, what happened?


May 19, 2010

Roman Polanski Is Accused of More Child Sexual Abuse; Woody Allen Continues to Defend Him

Woody-allen Amid new allegations that rapist Roman Polanski sexually abused another teenage girl, Woody Allen leaps to his defence with the words "[he is] an artist and is a nice person."


May 18, 2010

Parenting Lindsay Lohan [Celebrity Kids Gone Bad]

Lindsay-Lohan-Rolex-Thief Hey, it's Tuesday!  Guess what time it is?  That's right, it's that time for a series I just made up in my head: Celebrity Kids Gone Bad, wherein we play the hypothetical game.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and BAM!  You're suddenly Lindsay Lohan's parent?


May 14, 2010

Lil Wayne "Stomps" the "Yard" in Prison, Producers Scramble to Create "Stomp the Yard IV - Lil Wayne: SO MANY YARDS LEFT FOR STOMPING." Related News: Possible Dysentery.

Lil-Wayne-AP-Photo Lil Wayne, who began serving a year long gun charge in New York's Rikers Island jail complex in March, has gotten himself into trouble again.  Seems there's one fight he won't stop fighting, no matter how much trouble befalls our music star.


May 03, 2010

Polanski Issues Statement; MamaPop Responds: "Boo Friggin' Hoo, Roman"

Roman-polanski  After months of silence, child rapist director Roman Polanski issued a statement wherein he says he does not wish for pity, then launches into a diatribe about his Hollywood martyrdom. Hang on, Roman, let me get Amnesty International on the line, k?


April 27, 2010

Tito Ortiz Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend, Needs To Look For A New Job

Tito-Ortiz-Jenna-Jameson Mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz was arrested Monday after allegedly abusing his retired adult film star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, in their Huntington Beach, California, home.

This could spell major trouble for the disgruntled gorilla's future in the UFC.


It Is Official: The Gosselin Kids Are Back On TV

Kate-gosselin-with-children I would like to say it is not so, but I would be lying.  TLC managed to file the neccessary paperwork this time, and the Gosselin 8 are going to be back on the air in Kate's new show Kate Plus 8.  I know.  It is like a bad dream that will not end. 


April 26, 2010

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Have Separated

Charlie-sheen-brooke-mueller-sheen Well, that took long enough.  After the Christmas day attack Charlie and Brooke were still residing together, but now they are living apart.  His rep says they are still trying to work things out though.


April 23, 2010

Ritzy Malibu Rehab Goes After Casey Johnson Estate

Casey Johnson blows a kiss  Renaissance Malibu, An exclusive rehab facility, has filed a claim against the Casey Johnson estate—and the bill they've issued is so big, it would virtually clean out the late  socialite's estate.


Police: Photographic Evidence That Lindsay Lohan Stole Rolex

Lindsay-lohanI started feeling bad about the hell I've been giving Lindsay Lohan. I've been raking her through the coals and I started to believe I was being a little unfair, so I decided to give her a break. Then she had to go and make me not feel guilty again. It seems that in addition to alcohol and drugs, she might also be addicted to fine, Swiss craftsmanship and perpetual movement.


April 22, 2010

Heather Locklear Arrested for Hit-and-Run

Heather-locklear Heather Locklear was arrested for allegedly hitting a no-parking sign near her home early Saturday morning and failing to stop after the accident.  She was cited for misdemeanor hit-and-run after Ventura County Sheriffs examined debris left at the scene and traced it back to her car, sheriff's spokesman Ross Bonfiglio said.


April 20, 2010

Larry King's Divorce is "Off"

Larry-King-Shawn-Southwick I'm not really sure what to say about this news.  Larry King and his wife Shawn Southwick are not divorcing after all.  Apparently she doesn't mind he is sleeping with her sister?  Allegedly.  


April 19, 2010

Mel Gibson Is Going to Have to Pay An Awful Lot Of Child Support

Mel-gibson-oksana-grigorieva-red-carpet So I know we are all shocked that Mel and his 12 year old girlfriend broke up.  (I'm kidding.  I know she wasn't 12.  She was like 20, right?)  And they were never married, so he isn't going to have to pay alimony or spousal support.  But man, are his child support payments going to be high.  Give me a minute while I wipe my crocodile tears.


April 16, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland Gets Thrown Out of Strip Club: For Stripping

Kiefer-sutherland No, no, no, Kiefer. When you go into a strip club the people who work there take of their clothes. You and the other patrons are supposed to keep your clothes on. Jesus, Sutherland, how do you expect a stripper to pay her way through college if you do her job for free?

I don't know what was going through his mind - maybe he thought he was in the champagne room, but a topless Kiefer Sutherland got thrown out of a "lap dance club called Stringfellows" in London on Thursday night.


Mel Gibson Left His Girlfriend. Guess They Weren't Soulmates After All.

Mel-gibson-oksana_sm Can't say I'm surprised by this split. Mel Gibson and his piano playing pop singer girlfriend Oksana Grigoriev have parted ways six months after the birth of their daughter. The rumor mills are say that they had this huge fight where Oksana accused him of cheating and finking on the marriage promise and with that, Mel said 'later'.


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