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Lindsay Lohan Archive

May 18, 2010

Parenting Lindsay Lohan [Celebrity Kids Gone Bad]

Lindsay-Lohan-Rolex-Thief Hey, it's Tuesday!  Guess what time it is?  That's right, it's that time for a series I just made up in my head: Celebrity Kids Gone Bad, wherein we play the hypothetical game.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and BAM!  You're suddenly Lindsay Lohan's parent?


May 06, 2010

New Machete Trailer Released

Machete One of the best parts of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse was the fake trailers that played in between Planet Terror and Death Proof. And of those trailers, Machete stood out for being so over the top and awesome.


April 02, 2010

Is Lindsay Lohan Broke? Hi Lindsay, Welcome To The Club. We Meet on Fridays.

Lindsay-lohan-drunkWe've all given Lindsay Lohan a hard time (ok, maybe not you, but me, maybe a lot - I may have done a video in where I dressed like her and cried while singing Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of the Heart'), but now when I hear the news that she may be running out of money, I still don't feel too badly about it.


March 24, 2010

Paris Hilton Is Working On a Project No One's Ever Heard Of, Except For That Time When She Mentioned That She Doesn't Know What It Is, Either

Paris_hilton_thumbParis Hilton's brand of celebrity — privileged, slightly porny princess gone wild — has always annoyed me.

She and Lindsay Lohan seem to have the same marketing plan: make less-than-stunning attempts at a career in television and film and music, follow that up with photos that cement their ability to mimic soft-core porn, semi-regularly make displays of public drunkenness to give people something to look at when they've gotten boring, and then, when they find themselves moving out of the cuteness of their early twenties and their partying starts to make them look pathetic, make claims that they are "working" on "projects".

Maybe Paris Hilton really is "finalizing" a project. Maybe I'm jush jellush.


February 23, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's Interview With The Sun: Perhaps Not Everything It's "Cracked" Up To Be

Lindsay Lohan shots_The Sun Oh, Lindsay. I just want to don a Haz-Mat suit and a pair of latex gloves and just hug the shit out of you.

Lindsay, for reasons only she knows *wink-wink*, granted an interview to The Sun, published February 22, 2010, in which she details her drug abuse and hitting "rock bottom."


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