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March 10, 2010

LOMGST! Lost Recap - Dr. Linus

LOST-dr_Linus-Ben  Previously on LOST: Once upon a time, on an island far, far away (OR IS IT?), Ben stabbed Jacob and Faux Locke pushed him into a giant, indoor firepit. Jack and Hurley found a lighthouse with space-time-continuum-bending mirrors encircled by a wooden ring with names and numbers written on it, several of the names being those of Losties, whose corresponding numbers match The Numbers (ie, 4 8 15 16 23 42). Jack, who is more than a little freaked out by this discovery, got all staring-out-at-the-vast-ocean-whilst-contemplating-life broody, while Hurley conversed with Dead Jacob about how "someone bad" is coming to the island. DUN DUN DUH! The smoke monster destroyed the temple and killed off a bunch of superfluous Other-Hun extras, and Ben ran into -- and got suitably creeped out by -- the newly-minted murderous Zombie Sayid. BOOM!


March 03, 2010

LOMGST! Lost Recap - Sundown

Sundown-2 Previously on LOST: Once upon a time (which time, we're not quite sure, mind you), Greasy Others shot Sayid dead in Dharma Village. A short while later, Hun-like others -- including that dude from Deadwood -- try to revive him by holding him underwater in a giant, poopy jacuzzi. This bizarre resuscitation technique appears to fail... until later, when the presumed corpse of Sayid sits up, looks around, and is all, WTF? You guys totally drew on my face with a Sharpie while I was out, didn't you? No they didn't, but Fu Man Chu (aka Dogen, just roll with it) decides that while magic marker humiliation of Sayid may not be in order, divination by way of actual physical torturing of him is, and it is through this methodology that he determines that Sayid is "claimed" and has ookie dark creepies in him. Fu tries to poison bad cootified Sayid, but -- SURPRISE! -- is foiled by Jack being... well, Jack. A bit later on, in a CLASSIC Jack move, Jack goes to Sayid and tells him, Oh by the by, the Other-Huns tried to kill you because you have, like, creeping death or soul rot-gut or something... Pie? BOOM!


February 25, 2010

Jack & Kate Plus 8 (LOMGST!)

Jackandkateplus8smPosted without commentary. Because I think if I'm extra quiet, I might be able -- even at this distance -- to hear all of your screams.


February 24, 2010

LOMGST! Lost You-Recap - Lighthouse

Lost-lighthouse-hurley-jackFriends, internet citizens, Lost fans, I will sadly not be able to recap Lost full and proper today due to a confluence of unfortunate, time-taxing circumstances... HOWEVER! There is MUCH to discuss, and I won't be able to sleep tonight if I don't get to WTF??? with y'all. SO.


February 17, 2010

LOMGST! Lost Recap - The Substitute

Lockesubstitute Previously on LOST: Bitter Sawyer is bitter. Bitter Sawyer is also guilty-feeling, self-flagellating Sawyer, and Kate is still all, "Look at me! I'M PRETTY TOO!" Faux Locke is creepy and (as Ben saw, up close and personal) the smoke monster, and God (and Jacob) only knows what else. Richard with the FABULOUS eyeliner recognizes Faux Locke as Jacob's nemesis, so Faux Locke promptly punches him in the throat and carries him off into the jungle, but not before admonishing everyone that he's VERY disappointed in all of them (Jeez, Dad, way to break up a party). Real Locke remains dead, though in Dimension #2 (D2) -- the one in which the plane never crashed -- he's very much alive, if still quite wheelchair-bound. But keep in mind that whatever you do, don't tell him what he can't... BOOM!


February 10, 2010

LOMGST! Lost Recap - What Kate Does

LostFinalSeasonPoster Previously on Lost: Once upon a time, Sawyer happily played house with Juliet in the Dharma village of the 1970s, until she got sucked down a electromagnetically charged shaft and died in Sawyer's arms (OR DID SHE? That's in Dimension #1, you'll recall). Sawyer is PISSED at Jack and blames him for Juliet's death (though isn't he really in love with Kate? Whatever, I can't keep track of all the romantic triangles and quadrangles and other odd geometric shapes at this point). Everyone gets captured by island Huns, who seem simultaneously sinister and helpful, as they bring Sayid back to life by holding him face down in a giant poopy jacuzzi, and then continue holding him down until they drown him, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but then again, really, how much of this show does? Unsurprisingly, an hour later, Officially Proclaimed Dead Sayid inexplicably sits up, looks around, and is all, Dude, WTF? BOOM!


February 02, 2010

LOMGST!1!!! LOST Season Premiere Open Thread!

Lost-season-6The night is finally upon us! Join us in comments NOW!



Zero Days And Counting: LOST's Skeleton Key?

Lost-season-6SO excited for tonight's season premiere -- which, yes, we will be open threading right here starting at 9pm ET (honestly, I'll probably have the thread up and be here earlier than that, as I'm going to be watching last season's finale at 8pm to set the stage for the premiere at 9, so feel free to come on by early!). I'm quite literally counting the hours and can think of little else, people.

Stop looking at me like that! I do so have a life! Uhh, well, sort of.

Annnnyway! After the jump, I have an interesting tidbit from LOST executive producer Damon Lindelof to share...


February 01, 2010

One Day And Counting: LOST "Message In A Bottle" Sneak Peek

Lost_final_seasonThe first four minutes of the season premiere after the jump!


January 29, 2010

Four Days And Counting: Previously On LOST

Screen-capture Oh man does watching this make me all itchy for the premiere (FOUR DAYS, PEOPLE! FOUR!1!!!)


January 28, 2010

Five Days And Counting: Are You LOST Too?

Lost_flyer-detail An actual flyer found posted in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden last year:


January 27, 2010

Six Days And Counting: Super Awesome Fan-Produced LOST Posters

Lost-Poster-05So I'm pretty much obsessing over the LOST season premiere (squee!) (have I mentioned we'll be open threading that, here, live?) (squee xINFINITY!). And I'm not the only one. Not by a long shot.


January 06, 2010

LOST's Last Supper Promo Photos

Lost_last_supper2 ...And then, just when I thought I'd freed myself from its skull-crushing pain and torment (LOMGST!), ABC goes and releases two promotional images for the new season of LOST (starting February 2nd! Mark your calendars!), and makes my brain all owie and hurty... AGAIN.


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