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Lost Recaps Archive

April 16, 2009

Lost Recap: "Some Like It Hoth"

Miles I've been throwing around some possible subtitles for this episode. These include:

-Dammit, Kate!
-Dude, I like, totally see dead people too and stuff
-Blue VW Bus Fever: Catch it!
-Dead bodies and daddy issues
-You say Circle Of Trust, I say THIS FUCKING SUCKS

-Kate you ignorant slut!

aaaand yada.

So here we are again, confused and yet inexplicably enraptured. I have a theory that Lost taps into some primal need we all have to feel humbled before something apparently greater and more complex than ourselves or what we can wholly grasp with our teeny-weeny humanoid monkey brains.

Sort of like organized religion. Here our friend the Smoke Monster stands in for the Holy Spirit. Or something. Stop looking at me like that.


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