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Mad Men Recaps Archive

June 22, 2010

Subtext Pr0n: The Poster for Mad Men Season 4

Mad-men-season-4-poster The premiere of the fourth season of Mad Men is still over a month away. But the folks behind the promotions for the show are experts at the long tease. The poster for the new season was just released yesterday and doctoral candidates in Media Studies programs all over the country have already added a new chapter to their dissertations, loosely titled "Mommy Said You Broke the Hi-Fi: A Contextual Analysis of the Work/Life Balance of Mid-Century Upper Middle Class Americans and the Socioeconomic Impact of Smoking While Pregnant."


February 04, 2010

Bad News for Fans of Mad Men's Sal

Mad_men_sal Grr. Today I am more petulant than usual because it looks like Salvatore Romano's dismissal from Sterling Cooper was also a dismissal from Mad Men for Sal actor Bryan Batt. Word is that when the call to return to work went out, Batt's phone was silent.


November 09, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: Shut the Door. Have a Seat.

Mad_men_season_3_episode_13_don_1 Sterling Cooper is dead! Long live Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce!

Also, the most depressing sight last night was during the AMC promo for all of the cool stuff coming in 2010, including a new season of Mad Men. NEXT SUMMER. After I peeled myself off the floor and wiped the snot off of my face, I flailed, punching the air and cursing the cable TV gods for feeding me crack rocks in the form of quality programming and then making me go a year in between hits. JERKS.


November 02, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: The Grown-Ups

Mad_men_season_3_episode_12_assassination_1 Ever since we got a glance at Margaret's wedding invitation, listing the wedding date as the day after the assassination of JFK, I've been bracing myself for this episode. And as soon as I saw Harry turn down the TV in his office to discuss Pete's relatively unimportant career angst, I knew it was upon us.


October 26, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: The Gypsy and the Hobo

Mad_men_episode_311_don_3 Whoa. So things really came to a head last night, eh? I'll be honest. Despite Betty discovering Don's secrets, I honestly expected them to drag out their confrontation for at least another season. The fact that they didn't kind of gives me a newfound respect for the story arc. And for Betty.


October 19, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: The Color Blue

Don_award_mad_menSo, man, some fairly serious stuff went down this episode, no? Or rather, the beginnings of some fairly serious stuff went down, just in time for them to announce that there are only three episodes left in this season. Noooooooo!!!!


October 12, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: Wee Small Hours

Mad_men_salvatore Is anyone else totally depressed this morning after watching last night's Mad Men? It was so...unsettling.

In a way it sort of dovetailed with a lot of emotions that I've been experiencing lately, since the theme of the episode seemed to be somewhat pessimistic with regards to things changing and how they seem to stay the same or revert to what's comfortable, even if what's comfortable sucks. And I've been really wrestling to find reasons to get out bed in the morning some days.


October 05, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: Souvenir

Mad_men_betty_bouffant Oh, Mad Men. Only you can take the glory of a whirlwind trip to Rome and turn it into this depressingly bittersweet memory. I don't know why you have to bum me out like that.

So, it's an August weekend in New York and I guess the staleness and stagnation of that part of summer kind of got to everyone and they took action with mixed results.


September 28, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: Seven Twenty Three


Hello. kdiddy here, filling in for Sweetney for this week's Mad Men open thread.

I am pleased that no limbs were lost during this week's episode. However, the general WTF theme of this season was going strong.

There are two overall things that I want to address before we get into the meat of this episode...


September 21, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency

Mad-menPardon my my bluntness and excuse my French, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say, regarding last night's episode: HOLY CRAP.


September 14, 2009

Mad Men Open Thread: The Fog

Mad-menSorry about missing last week's episode, Mad Men super fans! We sure have a lot to dig into this week, though. MANY, MANY WEIRD THINGS.

So just to start us off, some thought-provoking(ish) questions:


August 31, 2009

Mad Men I'm Too Sick To Write A Recap: My Old Kentucky Home

Mad-menI know, I'm failing you. Or rather, my body is, being that I have a fever and body aches and congestion, but more importantly that surreal out-of-body feeling that often accompanies fever-inducing pestilence. And this, as you may or may not know from experience but can I'm sure imagine, makes coherent writing a bit difficult. (You have no idea how many times I rewrote just those two sentences, and I'm still not entirely certain that they make any kind of sense.) (And honestly, at this point, I don't want to know, thanks.)

Who wants to come over and dab my forehead with a cool, wet wash cloth and fetch me delicious fruit juices? Anyone?

None of this has anything to do with Mad Men. YES I DO REALIZE THAT. JEEZ. But I do, in fact, have some thoughts about last night's show to share. Okay more like "thoughts" phrased in the form of a question -- but dammit, at least I'm trying!


August 25, 2009

Mad Men Recap(ish): Love Among the Ruins

Peggy_mad_men_s3_ep2Hello! Kdiddy, here, filling in for Sweetney for this week's Mad Men recap(ish). "Ish" because for the other shows that I recap, I take detailed notes. For Mad Men, I just watch and drool, so forgive me if I miss something huge, but please feel free to mention/discuss such things in the comments!

So, with that out of the way, let's check in with our friends at Sterling Cooper. Pete and Ken are hard at work on their first campaigns as co-heads of accounts. Pete is working with Paul on the Madison Square Garden campaign and Ken is working with Peggy, Harry, and Sal on the campaign for Patio, which was the first version of Diet Pepsi. I agree with Don's later quip about the name: "Everyone wants a drink that sounds like a floor."


August 17, 2009

Mad Men Recap: Out Of Town

Mad-men It seems like an eternity since Mad Men Season 2 ended, and I've rarely been as excited about the return of a television show as I was about last night's season premiere. But did it live up to all the hype and expectation? Let's take a spin in this inaugural episode and kick the tires of Season 3 a bit together, shall we?


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