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January 27, 2010

MamaPop Loser Q&A With Their Trainers

KristinSo, barely thinking, I started flapping my jaws and challenged our trainer, Corey, to a half-marathon race and you can see Kristin's reaction to the left. Oh shut up, Kristin.

After the jump, Corey & Kristin answer our fitness questions.


January 22, 2010

The MamaPop Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 2

The_biggest_loserThe Week 2 totals are in and MamaPop is getting thin. It makes you wonder: Where do all the pounds, you know, go? They must just evaporate into love or something trippy like that. Love and sparkling pride. Check out the leaderboard. (The top 2 are from Canada and they live together.)


January 18, 2010

Tiger Woods: Sex Addict

Tiger Woods muscle nike I know you guys are sick to death of him, but just one more quick thing about Tiger Woods. Last Monday Tiger checked into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Mississippi for sex addiction.

I swear to Lemmy I didn't even know sex addiction existed until I read "Choke" in 2004.


January 15, 2010

The MamaPop Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 1

The_biggest_loser I was humbled by your response and participation in MamaPop's commitment to becoming way hotter. We're already smoking hot on the inside. And we're all smoking hot on the outside too, beneath all the fat. So let's work together to find our hotterness. Here's some advice from our new fitness consultants and also how Week 1 treated MamaPop.


January 11, 2010

MamaPop Losers Want You To Join Them In Their Quest For Pride

The_biggest_loserThe MamaPop staff is just like you. Fat. But enough is enough. If 12 Step groups have taught us anything, it's that we need each other. So that's why the MamaPop staff started their own Biggest Loser competition. If we can't motivate ourselves, then we need to resort to clashing egos in search of bragging rights. AND YOU'RE INVITED. Unless you're scared.


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