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May 13, 2008

Hot Topics!

PartyrollingWhat's going on over at MamaPopTalk, you ask? Well where shall we start?

Let's go with Things That Come Out of Michelle Duggar's Vagina, for 1000 please Alex. Whoa Nelly, it appears that baby number 18 is upon us. The audience just sighed with a collective, "Seriously?"

On to better, less gynecological topics, let's try Really Great Diet Friendly Recipes for 500. NotaMeanGirl is a kickass dieter but she needs some new ideas to kick up her repertoire. Any idea will do just so long as it's something new.

Let's come back around and try Marriages Guaranteed to Last Less than 18 Months for 200, and talk about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's wedding.

Oooh, Head-Shattering, Stomach-Turning News for 800! And it looks like Perez Hilton is getting his own clothing line.

Let's head right into Trainwrecktastic Awesomeness for 1000 as learn about the upcoming reality show I Love Money.

To wrap things up we're going to delve into Personal Shame for 800 as we look for the most embarrassing song on your iPod. Come share. You know you want to.

May 06, 2008

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

PartyrollingIt's time to check in and see what people are talking about over on the MamaPopTalk forums. Come all ye betches and chatter away with us!

April 29, 2008

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!


Tis time for all the MamaPopTalk news that's fit to print. Hold onto yer bee-hinds, betches!

  • We have reopened registration at MamaPopTalk! YAY! Click here to register and be able to participate in open threads and our daily conversations!

  • Tonight at 8 PM you can chat with Sweetney and others all about American Idol in our weekly open thread, as the remaining contestants prepare to butcher sing Neil Diamond songs. Alcohol is not required, but clearly it is strongly encouraged.

  • Angela recently introduced us to a USB eyeball massager, and other various USB devices. You know you're wondering about the eyeball massager and you're kind of curious that there are massagers that plug into USB ports.

  • LauraJT777 brightens up our Mondays with fun YouTube videos.

  • We also divulged our favorite not-traditionally-hot celebrity crushes.

  • Kristabella is talking about Rock of Love II's reunion show. Are you experiencing withdrawal yet?

  • And finally, we're reintroducing ourselves. Come say hi! We only bite if you taste like chocolate. (Well, or bacon.)

January 29, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderJust a wee reminder for y'all to please join us over at MamaPopTalk's AI forum tonight, 8pm ET -- BYOB, betches!

See you then!

January 22, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderJust a wee reminder for y'all to please join us over at MamaPopTalk's AI forum tonight, 8pm ET, for your bi-weekly fix of bad singing and calls to DRINK! BYOB, betches

See you then!

January 16, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderOooooh yeah, the awesome awfulness of the AI auditions continues! Please join me and mah fabulous betches over at MamaPopTalk's AI forum tonight, 8pm ET, for a hefty dose of tasty snark served with copious amounts of alcohol. Newbies, don't be shy!

See y'all then!

January 15, 2008

Get Ready For Some Filler: American Idol Returns TONIGHT

AmericanidoljudgesDespite being ALL KINDS OF TALKY at crucial voting results moments, American Idol is writer-free and strike-proof and is coming back to crush every other show in its path. Tonight!

Also returning: the famed and fabled MamaPop American Idol Open Thread. Tonight! Over at (captcha-free, refresh-friendly) MamaPopTalk. So dust off your login, gussy up your avatar or just create an account already and join us. It really is a rocking good time, even when we're listening to the 27th person butchering that damn Edwin McCain song that is just never, ever going to die.

Details on one of the more iiiiiinteresting plotlines to watch for this season after the jump. (Warning: Possible spoilers for a couple of the singers in the Top 50.)


January 10, 2008

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderFriends don't let friends watch trainwrecks alone. Join Tracey, Angela, and I in our impromptu open thread for the premiere of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. We will be over at MamaPopTalk promptly at 10 p.m.

Some of us are already drinking!

December 19, 2007

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

Partyrolling TV as we know it is almost gone, and we don't have a dearth of summer shows to lift our spirits, and we don't know when it's coming back, and and and... ARGH! We do, however, have some reality TV in the hopper, some stuff that's nice and high on the trashy scale. And of course, we have the fabulousness that is Tim Gunn. (Take a moment to swoon, everyone.)

So, to keep ourselves busy we're chatting it up over at MamaPopTalk.

Jamie Lynne Spears is all knocked up and well, there's just a lot we need to say.

Some of us are breaking out like we're in middle school and looking for help.

We're all looking forward to some time off next week, though some of us are already busy getting ready.

C'mon over and chat!

December 12, 2007

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

Partyrolling Over at MamaPopTalk, we're getting ready for the holidays.  What to make for dinner?  Or brunch? Or maybe just some cookies, because isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Or blow off some steam in our daily open threads. Having a bad day?  We'll sympathize.

And Wednesday means more than just Humpday Quarters; with ANTM's finale and another week of the fabulousness that is Project Runway, there may be a wine shortage in many MamaPop households.  Just sayin'.

cough cough OPEN THREADS cough

Projrun4 So it has come to my attention that without the occasional poke and reminder, some of you actually FORGET about the open threads at MamaPopTalk. It's like you people have LIVES and LEAVE YOUR COMPUTERS or something.

What is that like? Do you ever go outside? Is the atmosphere breathable?

Anyway, blah blah blah America's Next Top Model and Project Runway threads tonight! Tonight! Both shows have broken my heart in recent weeks, with the ousting and the auffing of Heather and the adorable Chris, but still. I stick with them. Stick with me, please? We still have Elisa!

(Watch out, she spits.)

ANTM thread starts at 8 pm; ProjRun starts at 10 pm, over here, snark required, shirts and shoes optional.

December 05, 2007

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

Partyrolling Come join us over at MamaPopTalk for fun, food, and adult conversations.

About robots.

And scary hotels.

And Chicken Poop.

And lots of other stuff! C'mon down, betches!

November 21, 2007

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

PartyrollingOver at MamaPopTalk we're thankful for many things, including, in no particular order:

But there are just some things we're not-so-thankful for:

The good outweighs the bad and at the end of the day, and more than anything we're thankful we always have friends over at MamaPopTalk to share with.

November 14, 2007

Hot Topics For Hot Mamas!

Partyrolling It's Wednesday, and here at MamaPopTalk, that means it's time to find out what the hot mamas are talking about!

Just a week until Thanksgiving.  Is your menu planned?  Do you have a Thanksgiving from Hell story to share?  Bring it on!

Please just take the kids and give them to Kevin.  Is there anything more to say about this?

Lip balmProducts that didn't live up to the hypeNail color trends?  We're ready to look great for the holidays!

What are your favorite TV moments, ever?  Will this season make any new memories, or will the writers' strike leave us reading or writing books?

Come on by and join the conversation!  If you've just been lurking, join on in!  We're extra friendly and we'll even share our wine.

Project Runway Premiere & Open Thread TONIGHT


It's Project Runway Time, y'all. I could not be more excited.


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