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Nostalgia Archive

May 28, 2010

Who's The Baddest Woman In Movie History?

Lara-croft-cropped New and Improved. Now with special bonus question.


May 25, 2010

MacGruber Climbs on Top of Pile of Failed SNL-Based Movies

Macgruber Shocking to, perhaps, four or five people, MacGruber, the feature-length adaptation of the Saturday Night Live skit, is officially a box-office bomb.


May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday - Big

Big-tom-hanks-zoltar  This week's Flashback Friday is brought to you by geeky adolescence and Zoltar Speaks. 


May 14, 2010

Lil Wayne "Stomps" the "Yard" in Prison, Producers Scramble to Create "Stomp the Yard IV - Lil Wayne: SO MANY YARDS LEFT FOR STOMPING." Related News: Possible Dysentery.

Lil-Wayne-AP-Photo Lil Wayne, who began serving a year long gun charge in New York's Rikers Island jail complex in March, has gotten himself into trouble again.  Seems there's one fight he won't stop fighting, no matter how much trouble befalls our music star.


Flashback Friday - Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting, starring Vincent D'Onofrio's blond mullet  This week's Flashback is brought to you by Elisabeth Shue and the Baby-Sitting Blues.


May 12, 2010

A Love Letter to Andy Rooney

Andy-rooney  Dear Mr. Rooney,

Can I call you Andy? Will you rant on 60 Minutes for five minutes about how the "kids these days" don't have any respect for their elders? I would love it if you'd rant about me, can we make this happen?


May 07, 2010

For $16,000 You Can Look Like Jessica Rabbit - Sort Of

Annette-jessica_rabbit_makeover Annette Edwards has always loved Jessica Rabbit. Okay, maybe not always, but certainly since 1988.

What do you do when you adore and admire a cartoon character? Get a tattoo? Buy an original drawing? Oh, hell no. That is weak. You get plastic surgery to look like her. Duh.


Flashback Friday - My So-Called Life

Angela_chase  Continuing with last week's theme of misanthropic teen entertainment for the early 90s Gen-X/Millennial set, this week is brought to you by flannel and—*drool*—sexy, stupid Jordan Catalano.


April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday - Daria

Daria MTV logo  This week's flashback Friday is brought to you by MTV, misanthropy and stompy boots.


April 29, 2010

Who Is The Best Movie Villain Of All Time?

Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs I'm talking about the villains we hate to love. The ones who almost make the movie, and, in some cases, simply do make the movie. I have my own opinions, but which movie villain left you chilled and huddled in a corner? Or just captivated you with a gripping performance by the actor/actress? I'm sure some of my own choices will surprise you. 


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Back. The Internet Never Lies.

TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Donatello Michaelangelo LeonardoThe Internets are all a-buzz in anticipation of an all-new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.  Could it be true?  Are they bringing the lean, green, fighting machines back to the big screen?  It looks like it will be so.  I'm singing the theme song already.  And so will you be, shortly.


April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Fresh-prince-of-bel-air will smith  This is the story all about how a squeaky clean rapper's life got flipped, turned upside down, when—despite a complete lack of acting ability—he somehow landed a network television show that ran for six years.


April 21, 2010

Robert Downey Jr. To Star In The Wizard Of Oz Prequel - My Brain Might Explode

Wizard-of-Oz Production Weekly leaked some pretty significant news through Twitter yesterday:

'Sam Mendes is the front runner to direct "Oz The Great And Powerful" by Mitchell Kapner, with Robert Downey, Jr. circling to play the Wizard'

My computer nearly had a seizure, it was so excited. 


April 20, 2010

Top 10 Wheeled Vehicles of the 80s

A-team-van Yup, that's right, we're going to be counting down from 10 to 1 in an effort to show our love for the 80s and those awesome cars, vans, and trucks we all loved once upon a time.  That's a total lie, we still love them. We really do. So let's get down to it.


April 19, 2010

Bob Dylan Is Still A Communist Threat But The Beatles Are No Longer A Hassle For Jesus

Bob-dylan black and white bernard ratzinger Bob Dylan is such a badass that China still fears him. However, in other 60s counterculture news, the Vatican finally made peace with the Beatles. "With all these pedophiles running around in vestments, who's got time to worry about the Beatles?" asked the Pope. Not really. But burn, man - I just burned the Pope hard.


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