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June 16, 2008

Mole Open Thread Tonight


Come join the coolest party in town, The Mole open thread tonight at 10 pm.  My leading candidate is still Mark.

June 09, 2008

The Mole Open Thread Tonight!

204x83_redmole It's time to sprout our conspiracy theories.  Me, I think the mole is the crying history teacher Mark.  Come tell me why you think I'm wrong as we discuss that and all other things The Mole in our open thread at 10.

June 02, 2008

New Open Thread: The Mole

Mole Mole watchers unite!  And if you have never watched The Mole, you need to start!  You can learn all about the show here, but here is a quick and dirty: 12 people compete in various contestants to win money, but one is THE MOLE, a saboteur.  Every episode includes a quiz on who is the mole.

And no, Anderson Cooper is not hosting anymore.  I'm sad too.

Join me at 10 pm for an awesome open thread and


May 22, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Premieres Tonight @ 8, Open Threading to Commence

Sytycd_2 So I don't know if everybody is as burned the hell out on competition-based reality shows as I am, but what with EVERY SHOW ON TELEVISION airing their finales already in spite of the strike-ravaged seasons, I also don't know what the hell else I'm supposed to watch BESIDES competition-based reality shows.

A new season of So You Think You Can Dance kicks off tonight at 8 pm ET, and as we have done since the beginning of time, there will be an OPEN THREAD over at the MamaPopTalk forums for anyone who cares to watch and snark on the show live. You KNOW you can't handle Mary Murphy alone, so join us! Jooooooin usssssss!

May 21, 2008

Regarding Your American Idol Finale Open Thread


Alright, I'm going to lay it all out on the line here, people.

I have ZERO ZILCH NADA interest in watching dewy, doe-eyed David Archuletta win American Idol. The entirety of his being grates on me like razor-sharp fingernails on a chalkboard. If I gaze upon his visage too long, I start feeling an almost uncontrollable desire to find a couple of red hot pokers and plunge them into my eyesockets. Luckily, red hot pokers are hard to come by, at least in my household.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that in light of last night's evil confluence of bad song choices and what appears to be an epidemic of bad taste, it seems fairly apparent to anyone with a pulse what the outcome of tonight's show is going to be. I mean, Simon (of all people! THE TRAITOR!) practically CROWNED Archie last night. Tonight's two-hour coronation seems kind of moot, honestly.

That said, this is MamaPop, and we promised an Open Thread, and if you want it we'll give it to you. I also understand the desire for some closure on this season, and so, despite my reservations, I will indeed host a thread tonight provided at least 10 people comment here claiming 1) they want such a thing, and 2) promise on all they hold dear they will show up and participate. In light of all I've said above about my feelings of disgust and disappointment, that seems fair, yes?

So! Comment with your yay or nays. If we hit 10 people I'm in. If we hit less than 10, I'll still have an open thread up for anyone who wants to participate.... I'll just be off drowning my sorrows elsewhere. (weeps)

What say y'all?

May 20, 2008

American Idol Season Finale Part I Open Thread TONIGHT!


That's right: it's a DAVID VS. DAVID BATTLE ROYALE SUPREME SMACKDOWN MANO Y MANO TO THE DEATH (omg I wish -- how awesome would THAT be?), and we'll be right here watching along with you, tonight and tomorrow! Are you excited? I know I am!! MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS EXCITED!!!!

Who will reign supreme: My boyfriend, the awesome-and-not-annoying-clearly-superior-David, or the David that is a dark-haired inferior knock-off of (vomit) Clay Aiken (vomit)? Oh yeah, you NEED to be here tonight to make sure the righteous prevail, people! C'mon!! ARE MY ALL CAPS AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS NOT CONVINCING?!?!!!!

So please, lawd please, join me over at the American Idol Open Thread Forum tonight starting at 8pm ET, for our second-to-last (weep) open thread (weep) go round (weep). BYOB and don't puss out, man. America is counting on you. I'm not kidding. DO I LOOK (sound? read?) LIKE I'M KIDDING? No, I'm SO not.

See you then! I has mah wines ready!

May 13, 2008

American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderWe're down to THREE, betches. I'm thinkin' this might finally get interesting!

So join me over in our AI forum starting at 8pm ET for one of the last open threads of the season. No excuses -- you NEED to be there to help me will DC into the final two! If you look away from your TV all will be lost! Only your eyeballs can save us from the terrors of Clay Aiken DEUX! HALP!!

See you then!

May 06, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!


Yes, it's getting down to the wire on AI, thank god, and I can only hope either David Whiney McAikenpants or Suckesha are out this week... but we all know who's going to win at this point, don't we? DO NOT CONTRADICT ME. YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY.

So join me and my boyfriend David Cook for the big final four smackdown over in our AI forum starting at 8pm EST, and be sure to BYOB -- lawd knows we're gonna need it. See you then!

April 29, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderWe're down to FIVE. Not that Carly -- who was clearly a decorative plant of some sort and not an actual human being, at least according to MamaPop's own Jodi -- really counted or anything. cough.

Soooo...who's going down this evening, ya think? Any pre-game bets, m'ladies?

In any case, tonight we has Neil Diamondz, nom nom nom! Sadly, I know just about every song by Mr. Diamond, having grown up with a father who was borderline obsessed with the man. But then I must admit that I went on to independently purchase the Rick Rubinified "12 Songs" back in '05, if only because we cannot escape our past, my friends (incidentally that album kicks ass, so bite me).

Honestly, I cannot wait to see what DC selects from this particular catalog, and what he does with it. Also, who else is willing to bet Brooke picks "Sweet Caroline"? BO-RING.

So please to join me tonight over in the American Idol Forum starting at 8pm for all the Hell Yeahs and Cherry Cherrys and Holly Holys... See you then, betches!

April 22, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderIt's the final six, people. SIX, can you believe it?

Not that anyone stands a chance next to David Cook at this point (Team Cook represent!) -- am I right or am I right? Or, you know, RIGHT?

(By the by, I feel compelled to mention that DC's favorite quote, according to the AI site, is "Pain don't hurt." - Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse" (I don't know whether to find this hilarious, adorable, or disturbing. Or perhaps all three?).)

ANYWAY, this Earth Day we have some Andrew Lloyd Webber shizzle in the hizzouse, which I'm sure DC will find some obscure-yet-engaging way to rock. So please to join me tonight over in the American Idol Forum starting at 8pm for all the laffs and tears and delicious snark... See you then, mah betches!

April 15, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderWell now that that loser Aussie is out of the way (dude, hottness cannot compensate for consistently middling performances, sorry), we're left with the pothead (boy THAT was a shocker!) and the egotist (who may get some additional play by way of sympathy vote). It's a coin-flip, I know.

Fear not, we're only down to seven, so there's still a chance for miracles and crazy underdog antics to liven things up. So, with that in mind, join me tonight over in the American Idol Forum starting at 8pm, because anything can happen, right? *FINGERS CROSSED*

PS: Maybe we'll even get an extra-speshal dose of post-breakup incoherence from our Paula! Somebody make the contents of that red plastic Coca-Cola cup a double, pronto!

April 08, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderWe're down to eight, and feelin', errm, great? Great-ish? YEAH! ish!

So suck it up and join me and my enormous bottle of wine tonight over in the American Idol Forum for the continuing saga of endless mediocre mediocrity (with a teeny tiny sprinkle of goodness thrown in for good measure). The frothy stew of pain, embarrassment, and dashed hopes will be served promply at 8pm, BE THERE PEOPLE (I'll share mah wines).

April 01, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderJust a wee reminder for y'all to please join us over at MamaPopTalk's AI forum tonight, 8pm ET for more open thread awesome. Tonight the Top 9 will be under the tutelage of Dolly Parton and her breastises, though it sounds like all three of them will be about at helpful as Paula after a week-long bender. Parton recently said of her appearance on Idol:

I won’t be a judge. I couldn’t do that... I can’t tell people they aren’t doing a good job even if they ask me. To tell someone if they’re good or bad, or if they suck isn’t me.

Greaaaaat. I wonder if she'll start telling the contestants which of her favorite colors they are. Gaaaaaah, I feel can feel my head exploding already.

Please be there tonight to help me through this difficult time. And please bring extra alcohol.

March 25, 2008

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderIt can only get better, right? RIGHT?

Join me tonight over in the American Idol Forum, and gufaw with me through all the probable musical horror(s) (sprinkled with one or two decent performances, just to get our hopes up a little so they can then be cruelly dashed on the hard, jagged rocks of incompetence), starting at 8pm ET.

Okay, I'll be blunt: I need you. Hold me?

See you then!

March 24, 2008

Reminder: The Bachelor Open Thread Tonight!

ReminderLast week we learned that biting holes out of beer cans does not turn men on. Who knows what this week has in store?

Join us at 10 PM EST in the MamaPopTalk The Bachelor forum! See you then!

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