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October 29, 2009

I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About Kate Hudson's Sex Life Do You?: A Poll

Kate-hudson-alex-rodriguez Every morning, while the maids are cleaning my house and my chef is preparing my favorite breakfast of tartines and café au lait, I like to peruse the online tabloids to see what all the other rich, famous people are up to. Usually I'll find an amusing story about Jon Gosselin to share at bridge, or a tragic bit about Lindsay Lohan that always reminds me to make sure the nanny is raising my kids right.

But today the story on the front page of every tabloid was about how much Kate Hudson loves sex. I don't really care about Kate Hudson's sex life, unless of course she's sleeping with my pool boy.


May 06, 2009

Poll Smokin', Part Whatever

Smokin' Throughout the fabled history of MamaPop we've occasionally presented readers with a chance to let us know what they like, don't like, want to see more of, and want to see less of on MamaPop. We are, truth be told, your most humble and obedient servants above all else, here to dance for your entertainment like the trained monkeys we are. And so, as before, we have placed a poll-like item with clicky button thingies in the left-most sidebar on every page of this site, for your clicking pleasure. Please to enjoy.

Oh! Also! For those of you who like to use your words, we've created a page where you can leave us your thoughts, needs, desires, love notes, and hate mail. Go here, and get all verbal on our asses n'at.

You're the meaning in our lives, you're the inspiration,
xoxo Team MamaPop

PS: No one needs you more than we need you. No, seriously.

February 24, 2009

Help Team MamaPop Speak at BlogHer '09!

Picture_2 So, look. We've gone and submitted a conference session proposal to the folks at BlogHer to talk about pop culture writing (and reading) on the web, and whether we're all just gossipy harpies who should be ashamed of ourselves...or if we're all changing the very face of pop culture one Botox-laden post at a time. Or. Something. Catherine wrote it, and made it all smart. I'm just here to pimp it.

GO HERE to check out our pitch and please to click on the little link under the post title that says "I would be interested in attending this session." (You'll need a BlogHer.com login to do so, but you don't actually have to be registered for the conference or anything -- this is all a vague, squooshy process that just requires us to prove that people are interested in our idea. AND OF COURSE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OUR IDEA. Our ideas are magic. Like unicorns. Magic, sparkly unicorns. With butterfly tramp stamps.)

Catherine, Tracey and I would be leading the discussion, but gobs of other MamaPop writers will be there and present and participating. GOBS! I guess maybe I should learn their names.

Meanwhile, furious behind-the-scenes discussion about our team uniform for the session will continue. Some of the options we're currently kicking around, after the jump:


October 23, 2007

New MamaPop Poll: Please To Vote!

It's time again for you, the people, to voice your thoughts about the important issues of the day here on MamaPop. This time, we're addressing the matter of world hunger, and how to best address the impending global climate crisis. OH I KID! Actually, we're just wondering what low-rent celebrity masochist is going to offer up to the universe the next celebutrainwreck reality TV show... because we're DEEPLY CONCERNED about the future. Of our snarking.

The poll can be found over in the far-right column on this very page. So cast your vote and have your say, and in doing so promote liberty and freedom. Of snarking.

September 07, 2007

An Informal MamaPop Poll:


Who's gonna watch the VMAs this Sunday?

Who's gonna at least watch Britney open the VMAs this Sunday?

And lastly, give us your prediction: is Brit gonna rock...or roll off the stage in a hot mess o' fishnets and fake hair?

(The MTV Video Music Awards are this Sunday at 9pm ET for anyone who just plans to rubberneck.)

August 07, 2007

Poll: Which Of The New Fall Shows Will Tank?

Screenshot For better or worse, lots of great (and awful) shows are destined to die on the Fall Programming Schedule vine this season. The question is only which will go first, and how fast?

So we've put together a little poll on the matter, visible in the center column on this page, to get a sense of what You The People are feeling about the network's upcoming offerings. Please to vote only once, for the show you believe is truly destined for the television scrapheap. Oh, and if by chance you haven't yet edumacated yourself regarding the Fall line-ups, TV Week has a fairly comprehensive run-down of the season, complete with video clips from the new shows!

Now go vote, mah betches, VOTE!

May 30, 2007

MamaPopTalk Reminder: SYTYCD Open Thread Tonight (Plus New MamaPop Poll!)

Reminder Oooh yes, its going to be a two-hour parade of delicious dancing badness tonight (with a smidgen of goodness thrown in for good measure, no doubt)! So please be sure to join us for the second round of So You Think You Can Dance snarktastic open threadage over on MamaPopTalk, starting at 8pm ET sharp, y'all!

But wait! THERE'S MOAR! Check out our brand spankin' new poll in the lower center column of this very page, and cast your vote for your own most anticipated show of the summer... And if by chance you don't see your favorite listed, leave us a comment here and let us know what you'll be watching!

May 11, 2007

New MamaPop Poll: Should Paris Hilton Have To Go To Jail?

Parisjail_2 Now I KNOW y'all have strong feelings about this one, so vote and let us know what YOU THE PEOPLE want for Ms. Hilton in our new poll, visible in the lower center column on this page!

And if you'd like an additional outlet by which to express your opinion, go sign either the Free Paris Hilton Petition or the No Clemency For Paris Hilton Petition. I did! (and GUESS which one! snort.)

May 01, 2007

New MamaPop Poll: Who's Gonna Get It On Lost?

Lost We've all heard the rumors that there's some head-choppin' a-comin' on Lost this season, right (if not, then you heard it here first! NEWS FLASH! bwahahahaaa!)? And so we must ask you, The Majestic MamaPop Braintrust: just who do you think its curtains for this season, hmmm?

Enlighten us as to your selection in our brand-spankin-new poll, located in the lower center-column of this very page (well, of EVERY page)! Don't see your personal nominee for Dead Man Walking among the choices? Comment here and let us know who the soon-to-be dead guy or gal is that we missed!

April 09, 2007

New MamaPop Poll: How Will The Sopranos End?

Cast your vote now and let us know how you think things will conclude for one of TV's all-time-greatest anti-heroes, Tony Soprano, at the end of this, the final season of the show.

Just do it. Don't make me come over there and fit you with a pair of cement galoshes, a'right, paisan?

March 27, 2007

Reminder: American Idol Open Thread Tonight + New MamaPop Poll!

AI fans, how long can Sanjaya's bizarre reign continue? Tune in tonight, starting at 8pm EST, to see the horrors Sanjaya's hair stylist hath wrought, and wonder at America's taste and/or the power of Vote For The Worst.

We also have a brand spankin' new MamaPop poll available for your voting pleasure: Is Larry Birkhead Baby Dannielynn's Daddy? It seems we'll know the Official DNA-Verified Answer soon (we hope?), but in the meantime let us know what YOU think over on yonder polls page!

March 07, 2007

New MamaPop Poll: Moar Moar Moar!

Dearest MamaPop readers,

First, have we told you how pretty you are lately? Because man, you're smokin'!

But down to business! Inquiring minds wanna know: what would you like to see more of on MamaPop? More celeb news? More music or movie coverage? More amusing web junk, or perhaps some additional open thread fun? Please make your thoughts known by submitting your preference in our new poll, visible in the center column of this page beneath the ads, or over on yonder polls page.

Don't see what you'd really like more of as an option? Leave us a comment here letting us know your deep, dark (but hopefully not too dark) desires.

Your most humble and obedient servants,
Team Mamapop xoxo

February 22, 2007

New Mamapop Poll: Britney's Meltdown: What should happen next?

Make your opinion heard! Poll is displayed in the center column below Mamapop's advertising section, or in the Polls Archive here.

Got a different idea of what should happen next? Tell us in the comments!

February 06, 2007

Reminder: American Idol San Antonio Auditions Open Thread Tonight! (Plus New Mamapop Poll)

Get yourselves ready for another carpal-tunnel-inducing evening of American Idol Audition insanity! The fun and frolicks start at 8pm EST, and be sure to don your wholly appropriate (and HOTT!) Mamapop Limited Edition tees if you got em', folks.

ALSO! We have a new poll up and running, asking You The People to weigh in on what you've missed most about LOST (OMFG, new episode TOMORROW NIGHT! Can you even believe that shit?!). Check it out in the center column, beneath the Mamapop Festival Of Ads (alternately, you can hop over to our polls page).

That is all. As you were.

January 18, 2007

Poll Smokin'

Mamapop readers, we need your input! Since our recent open threads and liveblogging experiments have been so popular, we want to hear from you about which shows/events you'd like to see covered in this fashion in the future, so I've created a handy-dandy poll sos we can get your feedback. The poll is located in the center sidebar, just beneath our "Supported By" advertising (and fyi, this is where any/all future polls will reside). Please vote! And also please feel free to add clarifying comments/suggestions/etcetera in the comments here -- we really want your thoughts on this one.

Gracias, my peoples!

EDIT: On the subject of site bizness: A number of people have emailed us recently inquiring about possibly writing for Mamapop. And though we're incredibly flattered and humbled by the interest, we wanted to let people know that at this time we aren't taking on any additional authors. However, that certainly might change down the road, and if it does, we'll keep ya'll in mind for sure. Alright? S'alright. And thanks!

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