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November 09, 2007

NME Releases Long List of People I've Never Heard Of


Britain's New Music Express released their 2007 "Cool List" this week and who the hell are all these people? Are they all British or something?

I find it hilarious that the head of the list, the Teutonically-tattooed Frank Carter of the band Gallows, is allegedly making punk "cool" again, because last I heard punk was so 1977, kids, and no matter how many eyes you poke out with your faux-hawk, you're still the cultural equivalent of a tie-dyed Deadhead crying himself to sleep clutching a bootlegged cassette of Winterland '78.

Amy Winehouse rocketed up the list (she was dead last in 2006) to land in the #8 spot, but my favorite ranking is the fact that Brandon Flowers' mustache comes in at #18, while Flowers himself was only able to claw his way up to #44. So let's take a look at the rest of the list, shall we?


November 06, 2007

Armstrong and Miller, Too British For BBC America? (That's, like, disrespecting of my trousers)


As a Brit living in the midwest, BBC America was a mainstay for me--filling in where PBS reruns of Are You Being Served? and Benny Hill could not.  Now I am back in Blighty where it's all BBC all the time--four channels of it, by gum!  There are lots of excellent shows on there that have never seen the light of day on BBC America and its endless reruns of Cash in the Attic and Footballers Wives.

One such delicious gem is the The Armstrong and Miller Show, which is not available for your enjoyment anywhere in the United States, I am sad to say.  I am not sure why Little Britain gets play but Armstrong and Miller hasn''t, but if you like your BritComedy dry, twisted and positively inane, Armstrong and Miller are the blokes for you. 

Now, thanks to the miracle of youtube technology, I bring you some of the best bits.  Go forth and lobby for it to air!

(seriously hilarious funny bits after the jump)


November 05, 2007

The Heather Mills McCartney Story, or How to Become A Public Relations Disaster


Not satisfied with ranting her way across the UK television circuit last week, Heather Mills McCartney has opted to spread the love on the other side of the pond, and pretty much kill any collective American good will she might have garnered post her Dancing With the Stars stint.  Well, that's how it's being reported UK-side.

I will admit that Heather Mills McCartney (dubbed "Mucca" over here) has received a seriously bad rap by the press.  By having the cheek to divorce British national treasure, Paul McCartney, she is as good as saying to the public "the Beatles?  they's crap."   She has been routinely flayed in the vicious tabloids as a result.  Not necessarily fair. Rumours surrounding her ever-escalating demands for alimony have been wildly exaggerated, and I believe her when she says that she's not been offered anywhere near the amounts that the press has reported. 

Nonetheless, the woman is *not* helping herself at all by yelling like a harpy all over the UK and now US media.  Her attempts to defend herself have backfired horribly in Blighty, and provided simply more fodder for the press to condemn her.  They're having a field day with this one.


October 29, 2007

Pop Britannia: Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Royals

An undisclosed member of the royal family has become the target of blackmail, according to Scotland Yard.  The British media is all atwitter over the identity of this (disappointingly) 'lower-ranked' blueblood, especially as case involved a good bit of naughty behaviour, naughty behaviour caught on tape... (allegedly) The two men have been named as Ian Strachan, 30 (a 'socialite' who lives with his Mum, pictured below) and Sean McGuigan, 40. 

The two men claimed to have caught the royal member on video--engaged in drug-taking and sexual acts with an aide.  For their silence, they demanded £50,000 from the Royals, who swiftly turned to the police for help, and helped ensnare the blackmailers.


Ian Strachan, 'Socialite.' Lives with Mum.


October 22, 2007

Pop Britannia: England's Loss Inspires Princely Drinkfest

England suffered a devastating loss in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday night, in case you didn't know. South Africa beat our arses soundly, and the grave sense of loss triggered booze-fests across the nation, nay Europe... 

The nice thing about Rugby is that it's a decent, upright and middle class sort of sport.  Sure, the players beat one another to a bloody pulp on the pitch itself, but so far there is no whiff of Rugby Hooliganism gripping the nation.  That doesn't mean things can't get a bit rowdy, in a "boys-will-be-boys-let's-dress-up-as-english-crusaders" kind of way.


Princes Wills and Harry were there to cheer on the players during the game and to console them on their defeat at the follow-up p*ss-fest with the team at swanky Paris nightclub, L'Etoile.


October 15, 2007

Pop Britannia: Rugby, Literature, and other Contact Sports

I'm not sure how much play the Rugby ***WORLD*** Cup has gotten in America lately--you know, hampered by the fact that it's not a competition where "World" is actually a shorthand for "North America (But Not Necessarily Canada)" and all. 

The English Rugby team pulled an amazing last minute win against France this last Saturday in the semi-finals, and this after the team lost a humiliating 0-36 to South Africa last month.  Oh. And guess who England gets to play next week in the finals?  South Africa.  Uh. Huh.  It's enough to make a sports-phobic lassy like me tune in for the drama alone.  That and the outfits.  Did I mention the outfits?  It's come a long way from baggy shirts and floppy shorts, ladies.  May I present to you Rugger Gear For the 21st Century?


Yes. Quite. This is what we could be enjoying if the NFL dispensed with the whole "protective body gear" nonsense...


October 08, 2007

Pop Britannia: Diana, Dodi...and other Dead Horses

I've been bringing Mamapop readers a little bit of British flavour for a few months now, but such is my relentless dedication to this noble task that I have opted to move back to Britain in the tireless search for fresh, edgy Anglo news.

So far I have discovered a British media thoroughly obsessed with the Madeleine case.   The "serious" news is less about the abduction of the poor girl, and more about the fact this this is *still* news. News about the obsession with Madeleine news is everywhere.  That and alarming stories about Blue Tongue disease, and the wearisome and beleaguered state of The British Farmer (poor buggers that they are).


But some attention has shifted to another dead horse--the Death of Diana, and the darkly ironic fact that on the first day of the inquest, Wills and Kate (apparently reunited) were chased all over town by the Paps. Will the pair get the Diana and Dodi treatment?


September 03, 2007

Pop Britannia: Diana Still Dominates


Brit-news this week has been dominated by all things Diana, in light of the official tenth anniversary of her death (last Friday) and the Memorial Service held by the Royal Family on the same day.  In attendance, Sir Elton John (natch) but most decidely *not* Camilla.  She "gracefully" opted out of the proceedings in a whir of press speculation over whether her presence would be a blight on the whole affair.  When I found myself watching a fair amount of the service on BBC America Friday morning, and I must say that Camilla's absence was almost glaring as her presence.  Bit of a lose lose, that one--PR nightmare either way, what what?


August 27, 2007

Pop Britannia: Simon Pegg, Doing Very Nicely, Thank You Very Much...


Those of you who giggled your way through Shaun of the Dead much as I did will be interested to know that Simon Pegg has a new film coming out in October, bringing you more of that hapless and oddly attractive pale British charm.  Run, Fatboy, Run is directed by David Schwimmer (yes, Ross) and written by Michael Ian Black (that hilarious dude off Ed, and I Love the 80s) but if this trailer is anything to go by, this is solid British black comedy fayre of the Four Weddings variety, and I say "Hoorah!"  And, let's face it, there is something universally funny about skimpy shorts on hetero men. (see the trailer after the jump)


August 20, 2007

Pop Britannia: V Festival is Yobtastic!


What better way to spend a Sunday than to head to the British countryside, take in a little music, and then get yourself arrested for the drugged up ruffian you are...  The day before yesterday saw Britain's 2007  (That's V for Richard Bransen, just so's you know) which promised a rather stunning lineup of artists (many of whom I have never heard of) (God I feel old).  But joining the fray were James, Sinead O'Connor, The Goo Goo Dolls, Primal Scream and lots of other artistes who hit their game in the late 80s/mid 90s, and so I have TOTALLY heard of.


August 17, 2007

Friday Drive-By


Here's a few of the stories we didn't find time to cover this week!

More after the jump!


August 13, 2007

Pop Britannia: Lily Allen Pulls a Sickie and Other Sugary BritBits...

This week in Blighty News, Lily Allen, has canceled a string of gigs.  In preemptive move to avoid backlash from fans (perhaps to stem any rumors that she's gone off the rails Winehouse style?) the singer has opted to post her sick-note on her MySpace blog.  Apparently she's got a touch of strep and sinusitis, and is now back in London eating her Mum's chicken soup. (Bless).



August 06, 2007

Pop Britannia: Kylie, Knickers, and a Couple of Kates...

Kylie Minogue has never quite reached the superstar status in the U.S. as she has in Blighty, but across the pond this gal is a strong contender to Madonna when it comes to bringing down the house at your friendly neighborhood gay bar. 



July 16, 2007

Pop Britannia: Pottermania, Parks, and Pants...

Have you pre-ordered your copy?  And, more to the point, who gets first dibs in your household?  Husband and I are currently engaged in Battle of the Wills over who gets their filthy mitts on it for the inaugural reading.  Thanks God we don't have any middle schoolers in the house, because the "parenting" could get seriously ugly.

DeathlyThose of you who care not one jot for Potter are now rolling your eyes.  Yes. We're sad fanatic geeks. We know. And we embrace it... 

Those of you who are with me, read on...

What does Pottermania look like in England, you ask?  Well, pretty much the same as in the U.S.  But the books have different covers and illustrations (I'm not sure about this one, to be honest. Looks more like a very chaotic 1970s fantasy art pic to me.  You?)   and people are much more orderly and noncomplaining about queuing for hours.  Pre-orders for The Deathly Hallows have apparently exceeded all records (surprise surprise).  And Asda (AKA Walmart) have been squawking over the prices being hiked by the original publisher, Bloomsbury.  (Waaaah. Walmart.  Waaaaah!)


July 10, 2007

Pop Britannia: Soon with more Authentic UK Flavour...

The 1.2 of you who might also be readers of my (very spotty) personal blog will know that I am currently a Brit living (of all places) Michigan.  In the next two months, this is to change, as we are moving to merry old Enger-land. 


This, of course, means I have some serious homework to do to establish authentic Britishness by summer's end (as opposed to this inauthentic crud I've been ramming down your throats these last few months). 

So. What's the typical Brit-gal about Old Blighty Town wearing, eating, and watching these days?

Apparently, if Sienna Miller is anything to go by, seriously serious eyebrows are all the rage.  Especially those which are drawn in with a Sharpie.


Those, I believe, might well be a work of art.  And well worth the many many news headlines devoted to them.  Absolutely.


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