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June 07, 2010

From The Bad Moms Club: Tassles For Your Toddler? This Is How The World Ends, People

Feminist1  Parents? For that matter, humanity in general? The Bad Moms Club presents to you the death of feminism as we know it. 


June 01, 2010

Lee DeWyze Loves Him Some Marilyn Manson

Lee-dewyze-american-idol-marilyn-manson-bj-nowak Is Lee DeWyze, latest American Idol winner, going to the dark side?


May 27, 2010

Rage Against the Baby Bump Watch

Halle-berry-baby-bump1 You know what pisses me off? The baby bump watch.


May 07, 2010

For $16,000 You Can Look Like Jessica Rabbit - Sort Of

Annette-jessica_rabbit_makeover Annette Edwards has always loved Jessica Rabbit. Okay, maybe not always, but certainly since 1988.

What do you do when you adore and admire a cartoon character? Get a tattoo? Buy an original drawing? Oh, hell no. That is weak. You get plastic surgery to look like her. Duh.


April 29, 2010

FOX and ABC Still Hate Plus-Sized People

Lane-bryant-ashley-graham-bra-ad-underwear-lingerieFOX and ABC got caught being prejudiced again. The last time I wrote about them it was about how they wouldn't run a gay dating commercial. This time, ABC refused to air a Lane Bryant commercial because it showed too much cleavage.

(commercial after the jump)


February 10, 2010

John Mayer Doesn't Know When to Shut Up

John-mayer John Mayer just did a pretty personal interview (as far as Hollywood interviews go) for Rolling Stone where he talked about masturbating and Jennifer Aniston, not in the same sentence but fairly close together. I thought, "Well, hope he got all that out in the open and goes back to just tweeting his stupid thoughts." Apparently not. He has since done an interview with Playboy where he he goes on and on and on about things he perhaps should not be going on and on and on about.


February 01, 2010


Brittany_murphy Brittany Murphy's stupid widower, Simon Monjack, is popping off at the mouth about filing a wrongful-death lawsuit against Warner Brothers. See, Warner Bros. fired her from the Happy Feet sequel two weeks before she died so she had a heart attack. "They killed her." he says. "You're clearly a moron." I reply. "I'll trade you some magic beans for your cow."


January 14, 2010

Spider-Man Musical Might Still Happen

Spiderman-musical[1] Well, the Spider-Man movies may have hit a snag of utter turmoil and confusion but the musical, thought dead, may be back on track! Now, keep in mind this is a musical that will cost around $50 million to produce. A &50 million dollar musical. Of Spider-Man. Stop laughing. Or don't.


Let's Talk About Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vagazzling. You Heard Me Right. Vagazzling.

Day_i_shot_cupid Oh, I wish I were kidding, but I am very much not. Neither is Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's so not kidding about vagazzling that she included a whole chapter about it in her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid, due out in March. What does "vagazzling" even mean, you wonder?



Gettin' Hitched? Consider a Go-Go for the Ceremony.

Picture 25 Are you getting married soon? Are you in the market for an officiant? Why not consider Reverend Sister Jane "Hush My Darling Don't You Cry" Wiedlin?

No really, she does weddings now.


December 29, 2009

Top Ten Pop Culture Stories I Wish Had Happened in 2009

6a00d8341c5d9653ef0120a6bb3543970b-100wi[1]The more you hang around watching what passes for popular culture ebb and flow the more you simply want certain things to happen. Sure it may be seen as controlling, or needy, but I like to define it as a goal-oriented mindset. I have to find things to write about in this sea of crazy so I have an ever evolving list of things I want to happen. They didn't happen. Here are the ten I wanted to happen the most, in no particular order:


December 28, 2009

22 People Who Died In 2009 & A Couple Who Didn't

Skull For a lot of people who started out alive in January, 2009 sucked because they died. I guess we made out pretty good, didn't we? Being not dead is the way to be. So here's a list of the best people who died in 2009. That sounded awkward. I don't know how else to say it. If you're dead and didn't make the cut, I'm sorry you're dead. I'm serious. It sucks that you died.


December 23, 2009

2009 Was Ass-tastic!

2009-sucks-temp The year is almost over and it wouldn't be proper to let 2009 slip away without identifying some of its most hideous trends, colossal mishaps and biggest disappointments. I'm pretty passionate about my list, so look away if you're in a good mood. Without further adieu, let the suckage begin.


Snoopy Named Most Popular Dog

23438_WrenSite_DancingSnoopy[1]For the American Kennel Club's 125th anniversary they held an online poll to determine the number one dog in pop culture. To no one's surprise, Snoopy won. Now keep in mind that the American Kennel Club chose all the potential winners. You didn't nominate someone yourself. They came up with a huge list and people went to a website to vote. The Top Ten in the poll are below:


November 30, 2009

The Biggest Loser Trainers Have Boundary Issues

Jillian_michaels There was no Grey's Anatomy this week, so we interrupt this weekly recap to bitch about The Biggest Loser. Shut the hell up, Jillian.


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