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June 17, 2009

Make Mine a Montage

Penguins_stanley_cup For the second time this year, a sports team in my home city, Pittsburgh, won a major championship and provided me with at least a week of sports-related good mood when the Pittsburgh Penguins brought home the Stanley Cup. Of course, the win itself was awesome and capped off a truly exciting season and getting to celebrate has been terrific. But one of the best parts of a big sports event are the montages. I. Love. Montages.


June 08, 2009

Hammer Pants Flash Mob FTW

Hammer_pants The early 90s were a weird time in the U.S. We were emerging from the ickiness of the 80s and the 90s spread in front of us, full of possibility and the promise of a new millennium. The optimism of the that time was a breeding ground for trends like Hypercolor (why have a shirt that's just one color when it can be multiple colors depending on who's fondling your boobs?), wearing clothes backwards (Reagan's gone! I'm totally Krossed out!), and, of course, Hammer pants (it's the 90s! Let's get billowy!).

Hammer pants were brought to us by super-positive rapper MC Hammer, whose career became a cautionary tale of quick fortunes when, just six years after the mind-boggling international success of his album Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, he filed bankruptcy due to being $13 million in debt.


April 27, 2009

Robert Rodriguez Reviving Predator and Machete

Robert_rodriguez Here is some news I'm not too sure how to feel about: director Robert Rodriguez is said to be reviving the Predator franchise and is already working on a full-length feature of Machete, which was one of the fake trailers in between Planet Terror and Death Proof in the theatrical release of Grindhouse.


March 10, 2009

The Ethics of Foie Gras

Afflac We here are MamaPop are definitely foodies. At our dinner in Las Vegas, Schmutzie and Palinode shared a piece of cheese with a thick layer of ash running through it, eyes rolling back into their heads in ecstasy. KDiddy dined on trout, unfazed by the head that was still attached. Miss Banshee savored duck paté and duck breast to match. I raved over escargot served with puff pastry.

We watch Top Chef like some people watch porn. WE LIKEY FOOD.

But are some foods just...not okay? As despicable as PETA can often be, they have in the past produced compelling video evidence that some foods are just beyond cruel. Veal penning was a big hot topic a decade ago, and now, perhaps the trendiest of trendy foods, foie gras, is the focus. But is foie gras cruel?


February 27, 2009

Hollywood Hellbent On Re-Making My Childhood

Falkor You know what was super-keen? Growing up in the early/mid 80s. We had ridiculous music, even more ridiculous clothes (Osh Kosh represent!) and we had movies. Oooooooh we had movies. Weird movies! Movies that we saw in the theaters that gave us nightmares, but we lied! To our parents! And told them those movies DIDN'T give us nightmares, we were FINE, we weren't staying up all night under the covers with a flashlight because the Skeksis were in the closet, noooooooo!

Movies like The Dark Crystal, The Star Wars trilogy (I, uh, don't need to specify which ones, do I? Okay, good,) Labyrinth, Legend...All those cheesy and beloved fantasy movies from the 1980's, man. They were the best. So what's Hollywood doing today?

They're re-making The NeverEnding Story, y'all, and there is NO WAY this will end well.


December 15, 2008

Please Stop with the Robot Voice

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

Also, this chick, Lady Sovereign, sucks. I really wanted to post this video which is nothing more than a wretched, messy amalgam of "Beat It" and "Thriller" mixed in with Bratz Doll, heinous choreography, and football makeup.

But then I heard her robot voice and it got me to thinking. The robot voice is courtesy of Auto-Tune, a pitch-correcting plug-in producers use when their artists sing like crap and can't stay on key. Cher first abused Auto-Tune with "If You Believe in Life After Love" when she used Auto-Tune on her vocals throughout the entire song. (It wasn't Devo, as some have blasphemed; they used a vocoder, not Auto-Tune; anyway, Mark Mothersbaugh is a god who needs not to abuse such sonic tools.)

For whatever reason, a bunch of musicians heard this and, instead of recoiling from the radio and clutching their ears in pain as I did, they thought "WELL GOL-LEE, can I get this fancy technology on my next album?"


November 25, 2008

The Possible SAG Strike: What Will This Mean


Okay, so I've been slogging through union jargon all day, trying to figure out what a strike from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) would mean for the masses. I now present you with a helpful guide as to what this would mean for all us slaves to the screen, why there is the threat of the strike, and the difficulties involved. All here for you in a handy dandy list, so the shrieks of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" and "WHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!!!!" that were sonic booming when the writers went on strike last year can be a little better informed, if not less frantic. And keep breathing, they ain't on strike just yet.


October 14, 2008

Paris Is Burning--Did John Travolta's Next Movie Just go up in Smoke?


Mon dieu! Filming was suspended on John Travolta’s latest movie, From Paris With Love, because 10 cars were set aflame by unknown arsonists on location outside Paris.

For those of you who think Paris is just about pretension and jaunty scarves think again. There are some housing projects that are so seriously terrifying they put some of our worst “hoods” to shame. This incident took place in one of the worst of the worst.


October 09, 2008

It's no Mystery Why Robert Downey Jr. is Going to Make a Great Sherlock Holmes


Robert Downey Jr. is a recovering drug addict. Enough said.

Now, can we move on to the fact that he may just be the best actor of our generation?

Anyone who saw him in Chaplin will back me up. His ability to embody any character he plays is as evident in that film as it was in Tropic Thunder. “What do you mean YOU people?”

Let us now worship at the feet of Jon Favereau, the director of a little summer Indie called Iron Man, for casting Robert Downey Jr., against many protests by the studio. I think we can all agree that turned out ok.

Legend has it that Downey Jr. all but paid to be in the movie on account of the fact that he was virtually uninsurable.

And now, he is in the position that he so richly deserves, Hollywood Golden Boy, with the keys to the proverbial castle. And the castle he has chosen -- Sherlock Holmes, with Guy Richie directing.


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