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March 25, 2010

Madame Tussaud's Unveils RPattz Wax Figure

Rpattz63  Okay, I psyched you guys out that one time with the Renee Zellweger thing, but this time it really is a wax figure. Did they capture his.. je ne sais quoi?


January 29, 2010

Dear Kate Moss: Consider Pants

Kate-moss-thumbnail  If I can see the part of your leg where your thigh becomes a butt cheek? You might want to consider whether your dress is not, in fact, a long shirt.


January 20, 2010

Photo in Search of a Caption: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay-lohan-dogbutt Hit us up with some of that patented Mamapop comment-section brilliance, dawgs.


January 05, 2010

Hey, Kim Kardashian? The 80s Called...

Kim_kardashian_thumbnail  ...And I thought they were going to ask for that dress back, but even the 80s don't want that hot mess:


January 04, 2010

There Oughtta Be A Law Against Sharon Stone's Winter Coat

Sharon-stone-thumbnail  Sharon Stone is already high up on my list of people who are on notice, and she finds herself there for many reasons. You can count this fug coat she's wearing among them:


December 31, 2009

Hot or Not: Jared Leto, Super Hipster

Jared-leto-thumbnail  Here is a snapshot of actor-cum-emo-rocker Jared Leto on a beach in his hipster regalia. Do you want to lick him all over or bury him in a sand dune?


December 28, 2009

JLo and Marc Anthony Hit the Orange Carpet at Dolphins Game

Jennifer-lopez-thumbnail  Apparently the Miami Dolphins have an orange carpet for the celebrities who come to watch them fail. And apparently JLo's idea of football attire is a blue suede jumpsuit?


December 23, 2009

Deliver Us From Paris Hilton's Wild Kingdom of Hell

Paris_hilton_thumbnail Paris has discovered a new animal hybrid. It's like if you spliced together a cheetah, leopard, tiger and giraffes. Truly, I think we need to get Jack Hanna on the horn:


December 22, 2009

Olsen Twins at the 'Nine' Premiere

Olsen-twins  Oh, hey, Mary-Kate and Ashley. You guys...still here? Oh. That's cool. Say, where did you get those outfits?    


December 17, 2009

Holy Jumpsuit, Kate Hudson.

Kate-Hudson-thumbnail  I almost needed an exorcism after I saw this, for realsies. Please prepare for your retinas to be lasered by the ugly:    


December 16, 2009

Madonna's Dolce & Gabbana Campaign

Madonna0Is Madonna the ultimate "MILF"? (A term I hate by the way, but I live under the mob rule of pop culture, doncha know.) The brains (or whatever) behind the new print Dolce & Gabbana campaign seen in this week's Italian Vanity Fair certainly seem to think so.


December 08, 2009

Leighton Meester: Please Relieve Us Of Your Onslaught

Leighton_meester_thumbnail  I don't even watch Gossip Girl and I already hate Blair Waldorf, because she is played by Leighton Meester, who won't stop until all the cows of the world have been made into Fashion Crimes Against Humanity:


December 07, 2009

The Recession Is Worse Than We Feared

Ashley_olsen_thumbnail  It appears even multimillionaire media mogul (say that three times fast) Ashley Olsen has been affected by the economic downturn. It's bad, kids...


December 03, 2009

What Holiday Season is Complete Without A Miserable Kate Bosworth Under The Tree?

Kate_bosworth_thumb  Happy Holidays, poppets! I got you Kate Bosworth for Christmas. Please to enjoy my gift wrapping prowess:


December 02, 2009

Brangelina Pic! Whither Your Hot Couple Now, America?

Brangelinathumb  Normally I'm as hot and bothered by both Brad and Angelina as the next pop culture writer, but there's something to be said for clothes (and facial hair) making the woman or man.


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