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June 22, 2010

GIVEAWAY AHOY! Win Free Bon Jovi Tickets!

Picture 11The first concert I ever saw live was Bon Jovi and Cinderella at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1987. At that point in my life it was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. When my 15 year old self saw Jon Bon Jovi strut out in the same jacket he wore in the "Livin' on a Prayer" video I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed like it was the Beatles. I knew then that I could die happy.


March 10, 2010

Howard Stern Is Vile Regarding Gabourey Sidibe, And I Yawn

Stern  I am neither a Howard Stern apologist, nor am I one who wants him burned in effigy. I am a celebrator of free speech, even when it is idiotic, but I have a few things to say regarding Howard Stern's comments regarding Gabourey Sidibe's weight and her future in Hollywood, which he made clear on his Sirius radio program yesterday. 


February 12, 2010

The Billboard Top 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time: My YouTube Rendition of "Copa Cabana" Isn't On It

1cyndiJust in time for Valentine's Day, Billboard is laying out the sexiest songs of all time and I'm going to make a mix tape.

You're dying to know what the #1 sexiest song of all time is, aren't you?  Would it shock you if I said the sexiest song ever was performed by Barbra Streisand?  It should.  If it doesn't surprise you, then your concept of sexy music frightens me.

There were some other surprises, though.  For me, some BIG ones.


January 13, 2010

Top Five Reality TV Clichés That Make Me Want To Throw My Remote

Friends  Reality television stars, listen up. If you utter any of the following phrases anymore, I may have to hurt you or someone you love:


January 04, 2010

Top-Played Songs of the '00s Paints a Bleak Musical Picture

Staind  Most people I know sort of shrug their shoulders about popular music. Some of it is okay, very little of it is really good, most of it is lowest-common-denominator crap deemed fit for human consumption, like so much Grade D beef. A necessary evil of sorts.


August 25, 2009

And I Know God Because of KRS-One

Krs-one-gospel-hip-hop Do you like your religions fresh?  Do you like the word of God dropped? What did you think of R.E.M.'s Radio Song?

If you answered any of the above questions then you are in luck.  KRS-One is starting a new religion and it's both hip and hop. Introducing The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, coming soon to a hotel dresser near you.

The tome is 600 pages about the divinity and spirituality of hip-hop, and according to Rev. One, "I'm suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth."


August 21, 2009

Dolly Parton's New Video Should Be Enjoyed Only On the Radio

Dolly-parton-change-it-video Dolly Parton has a new video out and it's absolutely awful. It's for a song called 'Change It' which is exactly what you'll want to do to your TV channel if this video ever comes across your screen.

Look, I'm not hatin' on Dolly, I just think she deserves better. Although I'm not a fan, I know she's got a gazillion of them out there and they should all be hootin' and hollerin' mad that Dolly's record company decided to spend only $15 making this video. At least that's what it looks like. Well, make that $16.95 because it appears they may have sprung for a couple of new wigs for the 'Queen of Country Music.'

Besides the fact that the entire thing takes place in that most-overused of video shoot locations, a photo studio (I'm guessing the local 'real-life recording studio' was booked, as well as the 'empty, gritty warehouse') it contains a number of bizarre costume changes and, inexplicably, a segment where Dolly shaves a guy's head. Hee haw!


April 23, 2009

Auto Tune: Everything Sounds Better!

Auto-tune There may be nothing more grating than Auto Tune as its recently been deployed -- nay, applied to the listening public's collective skullcase with a sledgehammer -- in hip-hop and pop music lately. GRANTED. But I for one welcome the LOLs now being generated by the Auto Tune backlash and it's fine video products. Join me for a sampling of teh funneh after the jump, won't you?


April 13, 2009

Perry Farrell Turns 50 In Las Vegas

Perry farrell billy idolPerry Farrell celebrated his 50th birthday on April 11th in a way only he could. By partying down at the Mirage in Las Vegas, hosting what he'd dubbed Perrypalooza. Joining him on stage were all the members of both Porno For Pyros and Jane's Addiction.

The concerts were open to the public, but with just 400 tickets sold at $100 a piece (pretty reasonable, considering), not many people got to experience the event.

Farrell did bring out all of his celebrity friends, however. The likes of Billy Idol, Juliette Lewis, Rosanna Arquette, Dave Navarro and more were on hand to rock out with the birthday boy.

And those of us with old P4P tapes just died a little more inside at the reminder of just how old we truly are.

April 08, 2009

File Under: Oh Sure, Why The Hell Not - Franz Ferdinand Covers Britney Spears' "Womanizer"

Thus proving that Franz Ferdinand can make any song sound EXACTLY like Franz Ferdinand:

Someone should give them some death metal, see if they can Ferdinandize THAT.

Twas recorded for the BBC Live Lounge program. And sure, it's a bit messy in parts, but overall I deem it to be filled with gratuitous amounts o' win.

ETA: The MP3 sounds even better!

February 13, 2009

Yep, Chris Brown Still a Giant Douchebag


Cops are now investigating whether or not Rihanna's eye injury - for which she wore the rhinestone-encrusted eyepatch above at an MTV Music Awards performance - is due to a previous bust up with woman-beater Chris Brown.

Speaking of Brown, the singer made his first statement since the incident with the same class shown to his girlfriend.


December 31, 2008

Billy Bob Thornton Throws a Tantrum

Billy_bob_thornton Does anyone seriously care about this be-goated, freeze-dried wart?

Billy Bob Thornton was on Canadian radio yesterday and because CBC radio host introduced Thornton as an actor before discussing the music stuff - which Thornton had apparently asked the DJ, Jian Ghomeshi, not to do - Thornton threw a kitten fit in studio because he felt that Ghomeshi suggested that his music was a hobby. Instead of the most greatest awesome band in the Milk Way, apparently.

Watch the freeze-dried action after the jump.


December 15, 2008

Please Stop with the Robot Voice

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

Also, this chick, Lady Sovereign, sucks. I really wanted to post this video which is nothing more than a wretched, messy amalgam of "Beat It" and "Thriller" mixed in with Bratz Doll, heinous choreography, and football makeup.

But then I heard her robot voice and it got me to thinking. The robot voice is courtesy of Auto-Tune, a pitch-correcting plug-in producers use when their artists sing like crap and can't stay on key. Cher first abused Auto-Tune with "If You Believe in Life After Love" when she used Auto-Tune on her vocals throughout the entire song. (It wasn't Devo, as some have blasphemed; they used a vocoder, not Auto-Tune; anyway, Mark Mothersbaugh is a god who needs not to abuse such sonic tools.)

For whatever reason, a bunch of musicians heard this and, instead of recoiling from the radio and clutching their ears in pain as I did, they thought "WELL GOL-LEE, can I get this fancy technology on my next album?"


December 02, 2008

Which is More Hilarious? The Fact that Paris Made Another Album or That No One Wants to Release it?


Wow, Paris Hilton has just finished her second album. Man, it feels like just yesterday that I was not buying her first.

After selling only 180,000 copies of her self-titled debut album, which frankly is about 179,900 more than I would have expected (what, she has at least a hundred people on her payroll), Warner Bros. Records and Paris decided to “take some time apart.” Then Warner Bros. immediately changed their phone number and moved.

In a recent interview Paris revealed that her new album is “very dance (did they make that an adjective and nobody told me?), like Kylie Minogue. I wrote all the songs,” Paris proclaimed proudly.

I know! That’s incredible! Paris can write?

The first single off her next album is “My BFF” which, coincidentally, is also the theme song for her MTV show “My New BFF.” 

Song and lyrics, after the jump--see ya there...


October 23, 2008

Cougars of the World Rejoice! David Cook's Debut Album "Drops" Next Month


What is it about David Cook that makes women (of a certain age) swoon? I believe we’re called “Cougars.” Guilty as mmmrrrreoooowww charged.

I mean it’s not his looks per se. He’s cute, but in a baby chic sort of way. I think it’s his quiet confidence, his subtle sexuality and his awesome set of pipes. His voice can range from sweet as a lullaby to as hard edged as an ax. I dig that.


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