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November 06, 2008

Amazon Seeks to Reduce "Wrap Rage"


Amazon has heard the howls of frustrated parents and shoppers everywhere and launched their Frustration-Free Packaging Initiative.


October 29, 2008

Fellow Nerds Rejoice! It's the MST3K 20th Anniversary!


Y'all hold on to your butts, because I am about to nerd out on you HARDCORE.

Picture it. Minneapolis, 1988. Some guys who love bad movies make a bunch of puppets, sit down in silouette, and create what will be one of the greatest pop culture phenomenons of the last two decades.

I am speaking, of course, of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and put your letters to Santa away, because all your gift giving (and receiving) needs will be taken care of with the 4-disc 20th Anniversary Edition of MST3K.

Let's hop on the Satellite of Love and take a trip down memory lane, shall we?


October 21, 2008

Chevy Women Have Puzzling Reaction to Horrific Weather Conditions


Chevy recently unveiled their new crossover SUV, the Traverse. It looks like a sporty little vehicle, great safety ratings, all of the GPS and bells and whistles that you want or need, seats eight, lots of cargo space. In other words, it's perfect for people with families and Chevy is marketing it to moms. And that's totally cool.


October 07, 2008

You've Qualified for Free Super Earth-Saver Shipping!

So...okay. I fully admit that I am stretching the definition of "pop culture" to ridiculous lengths here -- basically shoving that wacky, new-fangled "going green" trend under the pop culture umbrella, and keeping it there by threatening to poke you in the eye with said umbrella if you dare question me.


With a new baby on the way and a older child who just had a birthday, we've been getting a LOT of gifts. So nice! I love gifts! And nobody tells you that gifts for your kids can be just as awesome as gifts for yourself, because you can totally play with that bitching firetruck and build really cool Lego McMansions while your kids take naps. Suckers.

Most of these gifts arrive in the mail. Mostly through Amazon or various third-party sellers/partners of Amazon. And here is where I finally get to my damn point:


Any guesses as to what came in this box?


July 22, 2008

The Most Important Pop Culture Development of the Weekend, According to My Husband

So what with the crazy frenetic pace of traveling cross country to the Blogher conference and then many solid hours of the "Wait, I know you, OMG! HUG!" routine as I met blogger after blogger, I went a loooooong time without talking to my family back at home. When I finally got a moment alone to call home and find out how everybody was holding up sans Wife and Mama, he had but one thing -- and one thing only -- to report:



July 15, 2008

Hypercolor Is Back!


I've been thinking recently that I would really like to recreate my freshman year of high school. I'll need to get some ill-advised bangs (which I will sloppily trim at home), some braces, and lose what little social abilities I have, but I'll also need to cull all of the totally rad fashion trends from 1992.


July 10, 2008

This Week In Covetousness

Wecovet125_3 Behold, the Covet-worthy Covet-stuff of Covetopia!

Memetastic T-Shirt We Covet - Be the meme.

We Covet New Ways To Enjoy Liquor - This tin-heart flask says, I love drinking, but not so much that I ever forget to be cute! Which, you know, is really what we're all aiming for, right?

Vintage 1970s Lighting We Covet - You will long to buy this and flick the light switch on and off while singing "Macho Macho Duck."

We Covet Notecards That Get Straight To The Point - Because we all know a douchebag or two.

We Covet Things That We Can Usually ONLY Covet - Things that make us lick the Tiffany's window. Cue 'Moon River.'

June 06, 2008

This Week In Covetousness

Wecovet125 You've been partaking of the awesomeness that is We Covet, right? Because if you're not, you are SO MISSING OUT. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. You really are missing out.

For example:

We Covet Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes: I don't care if you hate princesses and frilly bows and are actively pushing tomboyism on your daughter (I certainly am) - everybody loves a little girl in a crisp white spring frock. Accept it.

We Covet New Uses For Trees: Woodgrain desk accessories make filing fun! Really!

Vegan Bag We Covet:  "Bungalow 360 Barbie Whales Vegan Canvas Bag." You will buy it just for the

We Covet Grobals: not a testicular enhancement cream. You'll have to click through to find out more.

We Covet Sex and the City: You know you love it. Get the book here, for free! For reals!

February 20, 2008

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early!


Better yet, my birthday is in August.  Flag Day is even earlier than that!


November 27, 2007

I Need Some New Underwear, Anyway


You know who my hero was when I was little? Wonder Woman. She was the epitome of Bad Ass Chick and I tried to emulate all of her moves. I fashioned a Golden Lasso out of a jump rope to get evildoers to tell the truth and would spin around with my arms extended hoping to magically transform into my hot costume that consisted of star-spangled granny panties and a Bedazzled corset (don't forget the earrings!). Not surprisingly, my results were less than stellar. I nearly choked myself with my Lasso and spinning resulted in some nausea and a bump on my head when I collided with my dresser.

However, I did have something important...something magical...


Bargain Basement Bossy: Hazy with a Chance of Jazz.

Fans of the Weather Channel may recognize that what distinguishes their local forecast—Local on the 8s—from their other weather features is the loop of music meant to draw your attention to the TV six times an hour to find out if that umbrella or ice scraper or sun visor is really a good idea after all.

Well. Apparently over the years many Weather Channel fans got all jazzed-up about these musical selections, phoning and emailing the station to find out more about the specific artists and song titles. And so the station began to make their playlist available to these fans, and the next thing you know musicians are sending their recordings to the Weather Channel’s musical director, and the next thing you know—well, guess.


November 23, 2007

And now, buy stuff

Black_friday_2Come with me, gentle reader, as we enter the Holiday Season of Your Choice. They all begin with Black Friday.

We used to commemorate Buy Nothing Day. Now we celebrate something more like Buy Nothing Stupid Day, which is quite similar, actually, to all the other days, as well. Essentials are fine: beer, food, cleaning products, two-milligram nicotine replacement gum, deodorant, insurance premiums, and chocolate. We have accepted our place in a demographic for whom really awesome things are invented and mass-produced on a quarterly basis; yet we cannot afford these things, and surely we would drop and break them even if we could.

I decided to make a Wish List this year anyway. I think you should, too. Get to know yourself a little better by figuring out what you want. Share yours in comments--if you, uh, wish.


October 11, 2007

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee - Takes 3 Hours to Brew and Then Doesn't Make Any Sense When You Drink It

Coffeeweb1_02 Over the weekend, the husband and I watched David Lynch's latest feature, Inland Empire. It's about...uh...well, there's this woman...and...uh...that's all we really know for sure...I think.

Anyway, the liner notes of the DVD contained a little pamphlet for David Lynch's signature line of coffees.

Yes, you read that correctly. David Lynch has his own coffee brand.


October 02, 2007

Bargain Basement Bossy: the ISIS.


Sharper Image asks, “Can you unlock the most difficult puzzle ever?” Which begs the question, “What does Sharper Image know about Britney’s custody battle?” Turns out, nothing.

But the specialty retail chain does know about the ISIS, a one-pound aluminum alloy puzzle sphere consisting of rotating bands, each etched with hieroglyphics. The idea is to decipher clues that help you align the symbols in a precise one-of-a-kind combination to unlock your orb. Help, Bossy has fallen and she can’t get up.


September 03, 2007

Get a D*ck in a Box with Your Morning Latte*


Last Tuesday, Starbucks became the exclusive retailer for the brand-new Saturday Night Live: Best of '06/'07 Season DVD, which is packed with great moments from last season including---yes, that's right---the now iconic "D*ck in a Box" video. More info after the jump...


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