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March 11, 2010

This Week in Sparkle Motion

Mamapop2  If you haven't yet found the truth, the light, and the way by joining the cult that is our new MamaPop Community, Sparkle Motion, here is some of the content you've missed:

Jason does interpretive dances to some of the Best Picture nominees, edited by the incomparable Palinode

Steff makes a shocking observation about Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's Mad Hatter

Adam gets some coffee laced with meth and shares his drug-addled ponderings

Harpy Lee posts a video I'm not even gonna TRY to describe, but that I assure you is totally cool

Laurie reports on a woman in China who started growing a UNICORN HORN!! FROM HER HEAD!

COKE_KITTY exposes the evil cult of MamaPop with some incriminating legal documents

There's more fun to be had at Sparkle Motion. It takes just seconds to register and the Kool-Aid and glitter are FREE FREE FREE! See you there.

March 04, 2010

One of Us! One of Us!

It's alive! Our brand-new community blog-thing, powered by the PEOPLE. Of the WORLD. And MAMAPOP.

Join us at Sparkle Motion and start posting your own funny pictures, videos, links, and thoughts on badly-dressed celebrities and television and other vitally important issues. See what's making the Mamapop writers and your fellow readers slack off at work today, or just what in sam hill Lady Gaga is wearing NOW, OMG.

What are you waiting for? Clickity!

June 16, 2009

MamaPopRocks! II: A Sparklecorn Extravaganza THE REVENGE

[Taps microphone] Hello? Is this thing on? Ahem.

We the people of the Sovereign State Of MamaPop, again cordially invite all you fabulous betches and bestards to come get down with us at what will beyond a shadow of doubt be the most awesometastic and glitterlicious party of the year in all of Blogland (I know things you don't -- you're just going to have to trust me on this).


June 09, 2009

MamaPopRocks!: A Sparklecorn Extravaganza

[NOTE: This post contains information about the event, but RSVPing is closed on this post. Provided spots are still available, you can now RSVP for the party HERE.]

Friends of MamaPop, I bring you tidings of great joy. Great sparkly, glitter-drenched joy.


June 03, 2009

Guilty? Perhaps. But Never Convicted.*

Friends of MamaPop, I come to you with a request. MamaPop has been nominated for an award. And with your help we can CRUSH ALL CHALLENGERS!1!!!

2009 BlogLuxe Awards(Except Schmutzie, who is one of us, and we love her. But otherwise KILL KILL KILL!!!!) (I mean, not literally kill. Just, you know, metaphorically. Helter Skelter noooo!) (I'm really just digging this hole deeper, aren't I? Shutting up now.)

<--Hey look at this button! (please to be clicking)

So if you love MamaPop, and I know you do, please drop in and throw a vote our way. You can vote once PER DAY in each category, so keep on voting between now and the end of July! Much obliged.

*credit where due to the brilliant/funny/cute Whit.

May 27, 2009

RSS Feeds And Site Polls And Bears, Oh My!

Good morning, children! I come to you with two bits of site-related housekeeping that must be taken care of for the greater good of all MamaPopdom. So sit back, relax, and let the site bidness flow around you, enveloping you in the warm, freshly-peed-in-pool feeling of serenity that only interweb administration BS can bring:

1. Our MamaPop Spring 2009 opinion poll is now FINIS. You the people have spoken, and what's clear is that, on average, you want A WHOLE LOT MORE Celebrity News & Gossip, a bit more TV News & Recaps and Books & Print related coverage, and that you secondarily have a fair amount of interest in Movies and Current Affairs. But CELEBRITY NEWS & GOSSIP!!!! We hear you. And we will begin steering the good ship MamaPop to be more aligned with the wants and needs of you, the MamaPop reading public. BECAUSE WE LOVE.

2. You may have noticed (and been annoyed by!) MamaPop's recent RSS feed conversion from full to partial content. Sigh. There's a reason for this. Last week it was brought to our attention that at least one site -- a fairly prominent one at that -- was running MamaPop's full feed as content on their site without our permission. It's called "scraping," and as obviously wrong as it may seem, it's unfortunately very difficult to prosecute when the scraper gives credit to the site of origin (in this case, the offending site had a small button version of our logo and a link to our homepage at the bottom of each post, just before the comments, though individual author bylines were omitted. Regardless, we'd never seen any hits from the site, and the comments sections on our posts there were very active -- clearly readers weren't recognizing or didn't care that these posts came from somewhere else, and were responding to them as though they were original content generated by that site. And UGH.).

Needless to say, this left all of us at MamaPop a bit peeved. All the MamaPop writers work really hard to bring fresh, smart, funny, interesting content to our site, and they deserve attribution and recognition for that hard work. The only way to ensure that scrapers can't continue doing this -- stealing our original content and posting it as their own -- is to go partial feed. And I know it sucks. And believe me, I agonized about doing it. But for now it's the only solution, and we have no other viable option at this point to protect ourselves. Sorry, dudes.

So that's all the haps. As always, if you have any questions about MamaPop, or suggestions for us, feel free to shoot us an email anytime at [email protected]

Thank you come again!

February 24, 2009

Help Team MamaPop Speak at BlogHer '09!

Picture_2 So, look. We've gone and submitted a conference session proposal to the folks at BlogHer to talk about pop culture writing (and reading) on the web, and whether we're all just gossipy harpies who should be ashamed of ourselves...or if we're all changing the very face of pop culture one Botox-laden post at a time. Or. Something. Catherine wrote it, and made it all smart. I'm just here to pimp it.

GO HERE to check out our pitch and please to click on the little link under the post title that says "I would be interested in attending this session." (You'll need a BlogHer.com login to do so, but you don't actually have to be registered for the conference or anything -- this is all a vague, squooshy process that just requires us to prove that people are interested in our idea. AND OF COURSE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OUR IDEA. Our ideas are magic. Like unicorns. Magic, sparkly unicorns. With butterfly tramp stamps.)

Catherine, Tracey and I would be leading the discussion, but gobs of other MamaPop writers will be there and present and participating. GOBS! I guess maybe I should learn their names.

Meanwhile, furious behind-the-scenes discussion about our team uniform for the session will continue. Some of the options we're currently kicking around, after the jump:


October 02, 2008

Vote MamaPop!

MamaPop hasn't just been nominated for two Blogger's Choice Awards, noooooo. Now we've been nominated for a "Love This Site" award! You can vote for us by clicking here:

We'd be ever so grateful for the support. Thanks, betches.

September 23, 2008

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

Dontpanic A wee site bidness aside for you all: Yes, we are aware that the past few months worth of comments are gone. POOF! Actually, they're not gone, they're (we hope) being prepared to be imported back into TypePad (God willing), following a sordid debacle involving the external comments system we were, until this afternoon, using on MamaPop (and rather than getting into all the pointless details, let me assure you that the upshot of what happened can be neatly distilled as follows: COMMENTS GO BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOOM! AIEEEE!).


All of this to say: Please to comment, and we will be getting the old archived comments back up as soon as possible.

Thank you come again.


September 13, 2008

So I Guess This Means We're Not *Total* F*%k-Ups, Huh?

It has been brought to our attention that we've been nominated for some awards-type thingies.

My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog! My site was nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog!

If you're into that sort of thing, click the badges above and put in a good word for us, won't you?

August 20, 2008

We May Or May Not Be Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Dontpanic_2 Oh, hai! We're doing some behind-the-scenes technical wrangling this morning here on MamaPop, so if you see any wonkyness -- particularly in comments (like, oh, them not existing for a few minutes or, you know, whatever) -- rest assured we are on the case!

Thanks for your patience!

June 21, 2008

HALP, MamaPop Writers Hungry!

Ohalp Become an Awesome Sponsor Of MamaPop, and help keep us in the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed (read: retaining daily access to shelter, food, and innernets)!

Support MamaPop with the flat rate ad of your choice this summer, and get 5% off your order with the coupon codes mamapop-summer08 (for a Square Button) and mamapop-08summer (for a Text Ad) at checkout! Because we love!

It's easy! It's fun! It's helping to feed our writers and keep MamaPop alive! YAY!

Think of the children, won't you?

(Note: Please email contact at mamapop.com if you have questions, homeboys and girls! kthxbai!)

March 07, 2008

MamaPop Nominated For Logo Design Award, Soon To Rule World

Logoawardsheader We promise to be nice supreme overlords, though. We'll have a bingo night and everything! BYO Ink Dotter!

Okay, so how fabulous is this: MamaPop has been nominated for Best Entertainment Blog Logo in the Logo Design Love Awards! I KNOW! Little ol' us! Baby's all grownz up!

Now would be the appropriate time to shower our logo designer, Bill Colgrove of Threespot, with love and praise, as he so clearly deserves buckets of the stuff. Dude, you rule and we so heart you. MWAH!

Now please to scurry off to the Awards comment page to cast your vote for MamaPop (comment there to vote)! Remember: a vote for MamaPop means cookies for everyone! Yipee!

February 15, 2008

Yes, it can be survey timez nao

This important survey comes from our new advertising partner FM, who will soon be providing MamaPop with delicious sponsors and funding, allowing us to keep on doing what we do the way we do it. Therefore, I beseech you: please to enjoy this oven-fresh survey. Your time and energy will be repaid with a bounty of continuing MamaPop goodness each and every day. That's a fair bargain, right?

Thanks in advance for your support, mah betches.

January 14, 2008

Feel The MamaPop Love

Because you love MamaPop, and because MamaPop loves you right the f*%k back, we're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. Ready? OKAY!

Become an official MamaPop Awesome Betch by proudly displaying the MamaPop Widget, available here, on your website or blog. Send us an email with your URL, letting us know you've installed the widget, and we'll put a link to your site in our Awesome Betches Blogroll, visible in the sidebar on every freakin' page of this site! WOOT!

C'mon, you know you wanna.

Also! Please to be made aware of MamaPop's need for your love and affection elsewhere:

And, finally, be sure to check out the fine MamaPop gear available for your purchasing pleasure:

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