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So You Think You Can Dance Archive

May 27, 2010

I Have A Beef With Dancing With the Stars

Dancing-with-the-stars  I have long held silent on this, but after this last season finale I will hold my tongue no longer.


May 11, 2010

New So You Think You Can Dance Judges Are Old SYTYCD Judges

So-you-think-you-can-dance The seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance is wrought with changes.  This season, which begins on May 27th, will be an All-Star version and there are a couple of flashy new judges, replacing one of our old favourites.


August 07, 2009

She has the title, but not the Zah: SYTYCD's Winner Announced!


Authored by super special SYTYCD recapper Megan of An Acorn Dreaming

 Ah, well.  I suppose I can live with Jeanine.  She is, after all, a solid, versatile and talented dancer.  She is a safe, sensible, good choice.

I just don't find her to be special.  I think there are other dancers who can do what Jeanine can do.  She does everything well, but it's missing that special something.  I took a stage combat workshop once with Paddy Crean.  He was a renowned fight choreographer and Erroll Flynn's stunt double. When I met him, he was this ancient Englishman in a purple ascot.  He would watch us sword fight (yes, I can use a rapier. I have many hidden talents.) and then say, "You need more Zah, darlings.  It's nothing without the Zah."  He was talking about that spark, that special indefinable something that sets an artist apart.


August 06, 2009

You Spoke, We Listened: So You Think You Can Dance Recaps! Just In Time For The Finale!

So_you_think_you_can_dance It has come to our attention, of late, that a great many of you luuuurve So You Think You Can Dance. So! We decided that we should do recaps! Just in time for the finale! DON'T SAY WE NEVER GIVE YOU ANYTHING.

Meet Megan. Megan blogs at Acorn Dreaming, and she's an Irish Dancer. She is also, she says, a TCRG, which is an acronym of something unpronounceable in Gaelic and stands for Teacher of Irish Dance. In Megan's own words: It doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about with other dance forms though. Mostly I'm just fan of dance.  I've been watching and loving SYTYCD from the first season and bemoaning my old age and inability to get up there and shake my moneymaker with the rest of them.  As soon as they decide to do So You Think Your Mama Can Dance, I'm auditioning.

And with that, we leave you and your fancy-dance dreams in Megan's capable hands...


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