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April 30, 2010

First Meow-Worthy Soundbites From Conan's 60 Minutes Interview

Jay Leno Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show 2003  I was super-jazzed to hear about Conan's return to television, even if it was on 60 Minutes. I only watch 60 Minutes when a sporting event preempts Amazing Race and my TiVo records 20 minutes of Andy Rooney ranting about staplers or God knows what, leading to me fumbling frantically with the remote to extrend the recording time while boggling over the fact that Andy Rooney is still on 60 Minutes, and looks exactly like he did when my dad watched 60 Minutes. (Back in 1984. Before it got too "liberal" for his tastes.)



April 08, 2010

Oprah Taking the Brett Favre Approach to Retirement

Oprah-winfrey I don't think anyone really believed that Oprah would permanently retire her conversation-inducing armchairs once her daytime talk show ends next year. And it seemed likely that she would carve some time for herself at her new network, appropriately named OWN. Today it is confirmed that she will begin hosting a night-time talk show called Oprah's Next Chapter.


March 17, 2010

Oprah Winfrey Has To Defend Defamation Suit

Oprah A judge denied Oprah's motion to dismiss, and now she is forced to be in Philadelphia for a two week defamation case brought against her by a former headmistress of her school in South Africa.  The case is set to begin on March 29th.  I wonder if this means reruns of the Oprah Winfrey Show, or if she will broadcast from Philly like she did when she was sued in Texas by the cattle ranchers.  And that trial brought us the likes of Dr. Phil.  I wonder what crazy characters she can pick up in Philly?


March 12, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson: Plaster Caster of BOOBS

Kendra-Wilkinson-boobs  Kendra Wilkinson has some big ol' boobs. In fact, after having a baby her boobs are so big that she is considering having a breast reduction.

But not before she makes a cast of the old rack.


January 29, 2010

Leno Discusses Conan and Letterman On Oprah. I Saw Some Of It.

1lenoBlaaaaahhhhhhh.  I'm so tired of hearing about the Jay Leno/Conan/Letterman talk show wars. I would watch them if they were actual wars with spies, ballistic missiles pointed at one another, the very real threat of mutually assured destruction and so on. 

Yes, guys, you're all pretty funny.  I'll even go as far to say you're almost as funny as many marginally successful comedians. However, this isn't 1994.  I've got 400 channels now. If I want to laugh or be entertained at 11:30, my options are endless.  You're not even on the long list anymore. 


January 21, 2010

Brittany Murphy's Widower Goes on "Today Show": Now I Have Even More Questions

_monjack-murphy- Brittany Murphy's mother and her widower, director Simon Monjack, were on The Today Show this morning  discussing the death of the young actress and the rumors about her demise. Monjack (who I keep wanted to call Montag and that is making me very uncomfortable) told Matt Lauer that rumors had ruined his wife's career.

That is the normal part.


January 15, 2010

But... What Does George Clooney Think About The Jay Leno And Conan O'Brien Mess?

George_clooney1 As I was searching for inspirado on my first post for MamaPop, I found myself unable to think of anything other than Dennis Franz's naked man-butt.  You see, I was originally going to relive one of the most disturbing moments in TV history, but as that's not exactly top-of- mind (to anyone other than I and perhaps David Caruso,)  I flipped on Access Hollywood just in time to see Dr. George Clooney's invaluable perspective on the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien debacle...


January 14, 2010

Let's Talk About Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vagazzling. You Heard Me Right. Vagazzling.

Day_i_shot_cupid Oh, I wish I were kidding, but I am very much not. Neither is Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's so not kidding about vagazzling that she included a whole chapter about it in her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid, due out in March. What does "vagazzling" even mean, you wonder?



January 13, 2010

Conan O'Brien: Class Clown, Class Act

Teamcoco  Conan O'Brien, one of the funnier people on television these days, has had enough. He's not playing second fiddle anymore, and he's taking his frustrations to the press in his own eloquent and tongue in cheek  way. And to this, I say Bravo.


January 11, 2010

NBC Cancels Jay Leno's Show and I Know There's Someone Out There Who's Sad

Jay-leno-show-cancelled So it's official: NBC has pulled the plug on Jay Leno's primetime show. I can't really give you an informed opinion on his 10pm variety hour because I've never seen it. In fact, here's the strange thing - I don't know anyone, not a single soul, who has actually seen his show.  I know, weird!


January 06, 2010

Might We Get to Say Goodbye to Jay Leno? We Might! This Is Like Waiting for Christmas.

Jay_leno Might we get to say goodbye to The Jay Leno Show? Oh, might we? Might we bid adieu to Jay Leno, his inappropriate gay humour, and his self-satisfied yet smarmy demeanor?

I think this excites me in a way about television that I haven't been excited since one of those weirdly titillating, oversized muppets from the Muppet Show, Sweetums, broke into my budding consciousness in the mid-1970s.

Before that icky bit of personal history sinks in too deeply, let's run headlong into the good news, shall we?


December 30, 2009

Tyra Banks Show To End

6a0105349ca980970c0120a5b2ef6f970c-320wi[1]So it seems that Tyra Banks is pulling the plug on her own show. After five years the show's last episode is scheduled for the spring of 2010. That's it folks. You won't have Tyra Banks to kick around anymore! On her own show! Only in other places like ANTM, which she won't be leaving.


December 01, 2009

Barbara Walters, The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, And Their Coordinating Wardrobes

Barbara_walters_thumb  This year's end of year, soft-focus Barbara Walters special featuring the 10 most fascinating people of 2009 hasn't aired yet, but wait until you see who she's interviewing and what they're wearing:


November 19, 2009

Sofía Vergara Makes a Rape Joke On The View, Crickets Ensue

Sofia_vergaraSofía Vergara, 37, was on ABC's The View yesterday morning to talk about her job with the show Modern Family and ended up further entrenching my belief that The View and its guests are in need of some sensitivity training when it comes to rape. First, we had the whole rape-rape/Roman Polanski/Whoopi debacle, and now we have Vergara, our normally beautiful and ever so endearing Vergara, joking about her son being the product of her rape at 13.


November 18, 2009

Oprah Teaches Us All About This New Thing Called "Porn"

Mudflapgirl Yes. Oprah, yet again, with the help of "investigative reporter" Lisa Ling, teaches us about a completely new phenomenon. It's called PORN.


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