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Teh Sex Archive

May 19, 2010

Roman Polanski Is Accused of More Child Sexual Abuse; Woody Allen Continues to Defend Him

Woody-allen Amid new allegations that rapist Roman Polanski sexually abused another teenage girl, Woody Allen leaps to his defence with the words "[he is] an artist and is a nice person."


May 13, 2010

Victoria's Secret Sexiest 2010 List, My Name Mysteriously Missing

Lea-michele For the past five years, Victoria Secret, the leading name in sexy underthings, has released a What Is Sexy? list.  This is The Year of The Bombshell.


April 07, 2010

Bristol Palin Wants Poor Girls to Know That They Shouldn't Have Sex Like She Did Because They're Poor

Bristol-palin Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, former Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008, and public face of wealthy teen motherhood, wants you to know something: 

It's okay for girls with money and famous mothers to have baby's outside of wedlock, but if you're poor and unknown, you had better think twice, or "pause before you play", as she terms it in a recent PSA.


April 05, 2010

Jesse James Quits Teh Sex Rehab

Jesse-james-leaves-rehab I guess Jesse James took The Donald's relationship advice to heart. He reportedly left sex rehab (it sounds sexy, but isn't!) over the weekend after a one-week stay. A moving van was spotted outside Sandra Bullock's home on the same day. Other stuff in the world happened, but screw it. Let's continue to devote valuable brainspace to this jackass...


April 01, 2010

Tiger and Elin v. Jesse and Sandra: Dr. Drew Plays Judge

Dr. Drew Pinsky  Dr. Drew Pinsky has concluded that the Tiger Woods situation is completely different than the Jesse James situation.  Of course it is.  Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers women.  Jesse James cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers painted ladies.  Completely different.  But that's not Dr. Drew's point; that's just mine.


March 31, 2010

FTBC and the Sexification of Breast Cancer

Claudia Schiffer Fashion Targets Breast Cancer FTBC UK campaignFashion Targets Breast Cancer is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds in support of breast cancer research, education, and patient care whose beginning in 1994 was sparked by Ralph Lauren's loss of his friend Nina Hyde to the disease. FTBC is touted as "...the worldwide fashion community's singular and most successful response to breast cancer."

Yay for them. I still hate how they promote it.


March 24, 2010

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: A Handy Guide to the Worst Person in the World

Michelle Bombshell McGee  Okay, so usually I think it's gross when everybody gangs up on the "other woman" when a guy cheats on someone we generally like, but in this case: Jesse Goddamn James, what in the hell were you thinking? This woman is truly terrible. Objectively awful. Let's have a look at a few things we've learned so far since she delightfully appeared on our collective consciousness:


March 18, 2010

Jesse James Apologizes to Wife Sandra Bullock Through Open Letter to People Magazine.

Jesse James Sandra Bullock When the going gets tough in a marriage, the tough get douche-y.  And cheat on their seemingly delightful spouses with tattoo artists with names like "Bombshell," who pencil in eyebrows with a fresh Sharpie and who have tattoos that read “Pray For Us Sinners" on their forehead.


March 15, 2010

National Geographic Gives the Lowly Sperm Its Due

Sizing_up_sperm1 We all know a highly fertile couple or two. You know, the folks who spout such lovely gems as, "I get pregnant if my husband looks at me." Funny, perhaps obnoxious, but obviously a gross exaggeration. National Geographic has set out to break down just how big of a chance it is to successfully conceive with their new special, Sizing Up Sperm.


March 03, 2010

Best Sex Writing 2010: Sex Writing Is Sexy, And Reading Sex Writing Is Pretty Sexy, Too

Bettie_page_bondage I am going to admit something that I find personally quite embarrassing: until recently, I had not been able to make it through an entire book in well over a year. There. I said it.

So, when I was sent a copy of Best Sex Writing 2010 for review, it was a tall order, given my recent inability to finish a book, but I thought that whether or not I was able to read the whole thing would stand as a barometer for its ability to engage me.

Guess what: sexual content is engaging, and I READ THE WHOLE THING.


February 10, 2010

John Mayer Doesn't Know When to Shut Up

John-mayer John Mayer just did a pretty personal interview (as far as Hollywood interviews go) for Rolling Stone where he talked about masturbating and Jennifer Aniston, not in the same sentence but fairly close together. I thought, "Well, hope he got all that out in the open and goes back to just tweeting his stupid thoughts." Apparently not. He has since done an interview with Playboy where he he goes on and on and on about things he perhaps should not be going on and on and on about.


February 04, 2010

Bad News for Fans of Mad Men's Sal

Mad_men_sal Grr. Today I am more petulant than usual because it looks like Salvatore Romano's dismissal from Sterling Cooper was also a dismissal from Mad Men for Sal actor Bryan Batt. Word is that when the call to return to work went out, Batt's phone was silent.


February 01, 2010

CBS Can't Handle Gay Dating Commercial

Cbs_sucks_teddy_bear CBS, who has decided to run Tim Tebow's anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl has rejected an ad from a gay dating site called Man Crunch because it "does not meet broadcast standards".

I think it is kind of funny. Watch for yourself.


January 26, 2010

Teen Mom Finale Tonight! And 16 and Pregnant Season 2 Beginning Soon!

Teen_mom_dr_drew Teen Mom, MTV's spin-off of their groundbreaking documentary series 16 and Pregnant, airs its finale tonight, giving us a glimpse of Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Farrah as they venture further into parenthood and adulthood.


January 18, 2010

Tiger Woods: Sex Addict

Tiger Woods muscle nike I know you guys are sick to death of him, but just one more quick thing about Tiger Woods. Last Monday Tiger checked into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Mississippi for sex addiction.

I swear to Lemmy I didn't even know sex addiction existed until I read "Choke" in 2004.


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