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March 27, 2009

Arbitration Hearing Set for Jeremy Piven's Broadway Exit

Jeremy_piven I don't watch Entourage, but I know that other MamaPopers (did I just make that up?) are fans.  And I've heard nothing but great things about the show.  And Jeremy Piven's character is a total ass.

And it may not be typecasting.

Over the summer Jeremy was headlining a Broadway revival of David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow.  He pulled out ten weeks early, which left the show with no big name star, due to "high levels of mercury in his blood."  At the time Jeremy claimed his doctor said he had mercury levels that were six times higher than an allowable level and he could suffer severe medical problems, including a heart attack, if he did not rest.

There was some speculation that his abrupt departure had more to do with some not so favorable reviews.  Jeremy basically shrugged his shoulders and said hey, I eat a lot of fish.      

The producers filed a grievance against Jeremy with Actors' Equity, which was heard in February. Jeremy avoided any union penalties and the producers of the show decided to take their case to arbitration.  The arbitration will be heard in New York on June 8-9.  


January 27, 2009

When Jazz Hands Become Bad Hands: The Thriller Musical


Picture it, Broadway! You're failing. The economy is in the toilet, no one is coming to see Broadway shows because the prices are so outrageous that brilliant shows are closing by the handful every day. You need a pick-me-up, something that could never fail in a million years! A cash cow like no other!

Do you go to Stephen Sondheim? Andrew Lloyd Webber? A tried and true show that is ripe for a rejuvenation? NO! You go to...A video by Michael Jackson?

Bravo, Broadway. Take a freaking bow.


January 08, 2009

Will Ferrell to Channel W One Last Time


I am not a HUGE fan of Will Ferrell and I'm REALLY not a fan of George W. Bush. But as the Bush years finally (FINALLY) come to a close, I find myself looking back on W's daffiness with some degree of fond remembrance. Not in a, "What a great President that dude was," but in more of a, "Holy shit, that dude was President. Twice. Just look at him doing that...not giving a fuck thing he does. We elected that dude. Drugs!" And I will genuinely miss Ferrell's dead-on impersonation of the dude. Ferrell was born to play him and he will get one last chance to don the camel-toe-inducing flight suit and trip over words with more than 1.5 syllables.


December 24, 2008

South Park Creators Coming To Broadway With "Mormon Musical"

Treyparker_mattstone It appears that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are done lampooning the Church of Scientology and will soon be focusing their finely-tuned satiristic powers on an altogether different faith -- namely the Church of the Latter Day Saints -- by way of a Broadway show aptly titled Mormon Musical.

Yeah, this oughta be interesting.


December 19, 2008

7 Things That Made Me Nothing But Happy In 2008

Yeah, I know it's not my normal "beat" but hey, everyone else around here is doing it.

And I may be a lawyer but I'm also as much as pop culture junkie as the next MamaPop writer.  So, after the jump, my picks for the things I loved in 2008.  And I will warn you, quite a few of these are very puffy pink heart girlie fluffy.  I work in child abuse, and sometimes, I just need some things in my life that do nothing but make me smile.


October 02, 2008

Will Spiderman Still be able to Spin a Web with "Jazz Hands?"


Could Spiderman’s latest nemesis be Theater Critic Man?

It’s looking like your friendly neighborhood Spiderman will be swinging onto "The Great White Way" in Spiderman: The Musical sometime next year.

There hasn’t been news this surprising about the Spiderman franchise since they tapped Tobey Maguire (seriously?) to play the role back in 2002. Sure, his physique eventually grew to fill out the spandex suit, but his voice remains as thin as ever.

Before we write off the idea of a musical interpretation of Spidey as a complete train wreck you should consider the following:


September 25, 2008

American Psycho the Musical?


So apparently there is a Broadway adaptation of American Psycho now? Whatever. I'm no Andrew Lloyd Weber, but if I were asked to compile a list of books and movies that would be terrible musical adaptations, I'm pretty sure American Psycho would break my top ten. But then, what do I know about musical theater? I did three years of community theater and had supporting roles in high school musicals, which hardly makes me producer material. I also must concede that Stephen Sondheim made a decent musical about presidential assassins, and Sweeney Todd (stage musical, not movie) is pretty much a masterpiece despite its grim subject matter.


September 09, 2008

The Seasons of Love End: Rent Says Goodbye to the Big White Way


And although I've seen the show 10 times, I never saw it on Broadway.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a huge dork for musicals, but especially for Rent.  I remember the first time I heard the music, lying in the dark on the floor of my college apartment.  It felt like they were speaking to me, singing about me.  Yes, me, in my posh small New England college, who grew up privileged outside of Washington DC, actually thought a musical about starving artists in the village of NYC whose main characters had AIDS was about ME.  Yes, I was a little self involved.


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