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June 24, 2010

The Transcredible Exploits of Futurama!

Futurama_characters_small Finally. After years of waitin' and hopin', Futurama returns to the TV-O-Matic on Comedy Central tonight. But will the series be able to keep up the funny? A spoiler-free review of the first two episodes after the jump!


SyFy Challenges Viewers to Create Their Own Movie

Syfy-logo You guys. This is it. This is our big chance. Last night, DinoShark appeared before me, awash in heavenly light, and said, "Raaaahhh!" And because I operate on a higher plane of existence, one where DinoShark and I dish, I knew that that meant, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their made-for-TV cinema!"


Tupac and R.E.M. are Officially History

Tupac-afeni-shakur  You may know you're getting up in years when the music that had a major impact on your generation and your own little life is deemed historically significant. 

That's what the Library of Congress is saying about Tupac and R.E.M. So thanks, Library of Congress. Because you know this is really all about my mortality. 


June 23, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris To Regain His Glory: Confirmed for Harold and Kumar 3

Neil_patrick_harris_unicorn_wwnphd_01 I was ready to banish Neil Patrick Harris to the land of wind and ghosts for introducing that vomit-making Smurfs trailer ("Hi guys, here's a few seconds of some complete shit we made and it only cost us the state budget of California"). But things are now all better between me and NPH, because he'll be in the third Harold And Kumar movie.


From The Bad Moms Club: You'll Never Look At Toy Story The Same Way Again

Toy-story  OH THE HUMANITY. Um, I haven't seen the new Toy Story movie, but this parody, found for us by our sisters at The Bad Moms Club, proves that I'll never look at Buzz and Woody the same way again. Check it. 


June 22, 2010

GIVEAWAY AHOY! Win Free Bon Jovi Tickets!

Picture 11The first concert I ever saw live was Bon Jovi and Cinderella at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1987. At that point in my life it was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. When my 15 year old self saw Jon Bon Jovi strut out in the same jacket he wore in the "Livin' on a Prayer" video I thought I was going to pass out. I screamed like it was the Beatles. I knew then that I could die happy.


June 21, 2010

For Your Next Next Fancy Dinner Party: Whitesnake Wine

Whitesnake-wine  Yes. Whitesnake. As in the band, from the 80s, with the hair. And yes. Wine. As in the stuff that gets you drunk. I bet it goes really well with cheese.


Toy Story 3. They're Just Rubbing Our Noses In It Now.

Toy_Story_3D  Alright Pixar. We get it. Enough already. We KNOW you make films with impeccable quality and wonderful story that play with us while at the same time redefining our understanding of what an animated film can be. We've been with you THE WHOLE TIME. Making Toy Story 3 that good, is just showing off. Think about poor Fox Studios. They just released Marmaduke. How Do you think this makes THEM feel? 


June 18, 2010

This Week At The Bad Moms Club

Bmc_button  So what did we learn from our beloved sister site this week? LOADS of stuff, bullet-pointed and linked for your convenience! 


June 17, 2010

Top Chef DC Recap: Episode 1, The First One


Yes, I am excited. Of course the first episode is always a cluster you-know-what with 17 chefs to introduce us to and trying to get as many shots with the Capitol in the background as humanly possible.

Shut up. I can be cynical about Washington D.C. landmarks if I feel like it. I live here.

*spoiler alert*


June 16, 2010

Splice's Delphine Chanéac Is Way Hot

Delphine-chaneac-thumb There is this French actress, see? And I saw a picture of her sometime this last week in which she was looking so freaking cool and like I should completely fall in love with her in a totally devoted but non-creepy way.

Shut up. I'm not creepy.

And so I asked Who is that woman?, and I was told that it was none other than Delphine Chanéac from the movie Splice, and so I decided to devote today to her beautiful visage, because it is important to have beautiful things to look at.


The Slo-Mo Walk: A Good Thing?

Robert-pattinson I've been watching a lot of Twilight lately. I've forbidden my husband from deleting it off the DVR and I've put a secret lock code on it because I don't trust him. The thing is, I don't really like Twilight that much. I think it's an extremely so-so movie with poor acting, laughable dialogue, and a distracting blue wash over the film that does a terrible job convincing me that sunny Oregon is actually rainy Forks. Why do I watch it then? I'm obsessed with the slo-mo walk.


June 15, 2010

In The Land of Lego, Walk Softly And Carry A Big Gun

LegoI remember when we were younger, our parents got us a pile of little gifts for Christmas and one big thing.  Some years, when times were good, it was "big" in the sense of dollar value.  Some years dictated a tighter budget and our "big" gift was simply large in size.  Others, it was both.  But one year, my gift was a giant, 25 gallon Rubbermaid container filled with LEGO.  It was the greatest gift in history. 


Review: The Karate Kid

Karate-kid-2010 Movie remakes are a tricky thing. Good intentions may be behind all of them, to recreate something classic as an homage to the original, but often egos and misguided artistic visions pervert things along the way.


June 11, 2010

Dogtooth. A Film For Crazies.

Dogtooth  Dogtooth is a film from Greece that won some award at Cannes that I could totally read if I cared what French people had to say ever. And from what I can gather from the trailer, everyone in Greece is huffing paint fumes and doing 8-balls of cocaine pretty much all the time. 


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