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October 28, 2008

Fallout 3 Review


Authored by super special guest contributor and honorary MamaPop Bestard, Plaid Horse

Post-apocalyptic games are as pervasive as the end-times rumors saturating Washington these days; the financial mess quickly escalated from passive kerfuffle to flat-out doomsday and everyone from Warren Buffet to Jim Kunstler (The Long Emergency) are predicting bread lines. Times are bleak. People are suffering and the snow hasn't even started to fall. A real Cold War style cloud seems to be settling over America as we realize we will be a much poorer nation than the last two decades promised.

We feel a little bit alone. We might have to fight our way out of this crisis, and in a Camus kinda way we're unable to understand or empathize with the ugliness of the world. In three weeks time, just as many games use similar scenarios as their plot driver – Dead Space, Gears of War 2, and the topic of this review, Fallout 3.


August 08, 2008

Soul Caliber IV Review


Authored by super special guest contributor and honorary MamaPop Bestard, Bad Horse

Holy Moses! The fourth installment of the Soul Caliber franchise doesn't hesitate to pull out all the stops; it's a berserk amalgamation of hyper rendered fighting of the first class. I'll admit, viewing screen shots and concept illustrations of the characters during the lead up of the release made me weary – does the world really need another spectacular thumb grinder whose side story focuses less on character development than boob lionization? Is the gaming community, both online and solo-rollin', clamoring for another insanely over-the-top fighter filled with scantily clad femme fatals and mutant muscle ninjas? Prolly not. Further inspection proved that Soul Caliber IV has little to do with necessity and everything to do with awesome.


July 30, 2008

DiCE Realizes Women Can Kick Ass in Video Games, Too


The past week has been utterly dominated by nerds. First, Comic Con in San Diego, and then E3, the yearly hajj for game developers and hardcore gamers. While I am merely a casual gamer myself, I have been following news about the new EA game, Mirror's Edge, for some time now, mostly because my husband won't shut up about it.

The game is intriguing to me on many levels. Digital Solutions CE (DiCE), makers of the Battlefield series, apparently grew bored of games with big men shooting the crap out of each other, and sought to develop a first person action game virtually without guns, and with a female lead. And it looks cool as hell, y'all.


March 11, 2008

Playing "Rock Band" Does Not Equal Being In A Rock Band

And that seems to be stating the obvious, right? Well, apparently not.

Three dudes in Washington DC (holla, homies!) recently decided to take their virtual jamming to the streets of our nation's capital, documenting it all on video to hilarious effect:

Umm... Freebird? (tentatively raises lighter)

Their "Rock Band" band also has a website. Because this joke cannot be taken too far, OH GOD NO.

February 29, 2008

I Praise You: Steve Wiebe


I don't know how many of y'all betches are arcade game dorks*, but if you are, you've probably seen The King of Kong, and you know exactly what I'm going to say. Maybe you'll say it with me.

I love Steve Wiebe. Because of who he is, because of what he accomplishes, and because he's a totally perfect palate-cleanser for your blackhearted election-year, celeb-gossip cynicism. Netflix his movie, like, yesterday.


February 20, 2008

Start Your Christmas Shopping Early!


Better yet, my birthday is in August.  Flag Day is even earlier than that!


February 12, 2008

Spielberg's Video Game: Awesome Because It Has "Boom" in the Title

Boomblox265459 Steven Spielberg collaborated with video game company EA to create the new game Boom Blox. It's for the Wii and apparently the main point is knock/blast blocks over...hence the complex title, Boom Blox (the -cks abbreviated to x to save time so you can get to knocking stuff over and not waste time speaking all those consonants and shit).

Personally, I can't wait. And I think the Hulk will like it. We can trade Miis, Hulk. Call me.

August 02, 2007

New Wii Accessories! (Accessoriis?)


I never thought it would happen, but after months and months of pining for one, my family and I were lucky enough to become the new owners of the elusive Wii. I'm a PlayStation devotee but the Wii is definitely my new crack.* It is ridiculously fun and has really opened up the world of gaming to a whole new audience.


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